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Thumping good afternoon!

Posted by Fen End Pit , 22 April 2018 - - - - - - · 45 views

On Saturday 21st Hastings Diesels tours arranged a tour from Hastings, via London and Cambridge to Ely and King's Lynn. Billed as 'The West Norfolk Wanderer' it was intended that folk would travel to Ely and King's Lynn for a fine day out and included a quick run out and back on the Middleton Towers freight line. My enterprising brother (he has his uses a...


What's holding Fen End Pit up?

Posted by Fen End Pit , 16 April 2018 - - - - - - · 287 views

This is not one of those blog entries about 'lost modeling mojo' or real life getting in the way but rather, hopefully, some useful ideas on layout support. Many years ago a company called IKEA introduced Britain to the delights of IVAR shelving. This simple system used pine uprights and pine shelves, and to keep everything upright steel cross-braces...


Fen End Pit - Slater's Simplex - more progress and some new projects

Posted by Fen End Pit , 08 April 2018 - - - - - - · 375 views

We had a busy week on Fen End Pit, the Easter break meant additional assistance was available from my Son so we managed to complete the cutting and fixing of backscenes and the revisions to the layout legs to better support the boards. 
Friday evening meant another night out and a chance to work on the Slater's Simplex. It is convenient to have a pro...


Fen End Pit - Washer plant completed - and another 'announcement'

Posted by Fen End Pit , 28 March 2018 - * * * * * · 404 views

I managed to get some more work done on Fen End Pit's washing plant over the last couple of days. The 3D printed steps got installed and the power up to the washer motor got routed into a conduit. Overall I'm pleased with the result. 
Now 'An announcement' 
Fen End Pit was booked to appear at the Ely MRC's show on 19th May 2018....


Fen End Pit - Slater's Simplex - making the fan grill removable

Posted by Fen End Pit , 25 March 2018 - * * * * * · 433 views

As I mentioned in my previous blog posting I was concerned about the design of the fan and fan grill for the Slater's Simplex. As the kit doesn't provide for the fan to be driven the grill around the radiator would prevent the fan and the belt driving it from being removed ever being replaced. 
I decided to see if, rather than just gluing the radiato...


Fen End Pit - Slater's Simplex - more progress

Posted by Fen End Pit , 24 March 2018 - - - - - - · 364 views

An enjoyable night out yesterday gave a chance to stick more beautiful castings on the Simplex. Getting the bearing for the fan into the radiator meant I could try out the drive for the radiator fan. Very satisfyingly the motor drive works, I had to reduce the 'dimming' on the accessory output (to increase the power to the fan motor) which had the benefit...


Fen End Pit - Update and new project

Posted by Fen End Pit , 21 March 2018 - - - - - - · 476 views

So I thought I'd better explain briefly why I'm having various changes of plan and different projects going on. Bottom line is that I had a rather unpleasant diagnosis in February and 'the future' is now more uncertain than I might have hoped. I'm not intending to turn this blog into some kind of medical record, but I'm currently into my second cycle of C...


Fen End Pit - Slater's Simplex - running chassis and fan

Posted by Fen End Pit , 18 March 2018 - - - - - - · 405 views

The Zimo decoder and the stay-alive capacitors fitted well into the chassis, with both parts fitting within the brass frame. I have fitted a molex plug and socket to the speaker so that it can be disconnected and threaded through the main chassis casting.   I've now attached the fan motor cradle with epoxy to the main motor. The key thing in all...


Fen End Pit - Slater's Simplex - Chassis drive(s)

Posted by Fen End Pit , 11 March 2018 - - - - - - · 372 views

Progress on the Simplex continues, the parts supplied with the kit fitted together superbly and getting the bearings and axles, motor, wheels, gears and delrin chain was very straight-forward. 
The supplied sprung pick-ups have been inserted into the frames with the wires just lose pending wiring to the DCC chip. The quality of the molded parts...


Fen End Pit - Slater's Simplex - Chassis

Posted by Fen End Pit , 07 March 2018 - * * * * * · 546 views

I made a start on the etched chassis for the Slater's simplex. The etch is quite thick material so a little filing needed to remove tabs and cusp. Very pleased with how well the parts fitted. A fair amount of heat was needed to get the solder to flow but the resulting chassis is strong and square.   The horn guides are cleverly made from the etc...

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