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Aren't weeks brilliant!

Sylvian Tennant



Well last week was for me. Alot of good stuff happened and left me really happy.


A basic highlight of them were, practical completion of my pugbash.






Painting it up and adding the final details before weathering. I gave the cab some details too such as copper wire for piping.








However, one would like to know as to weather one should give the little blighter some lining. I was thinking LNWR colours as they are the only ones I have available.






In the larger scales I have been plodding on with my tram loco for 16mm scale, finally finishing the chassis and making a start on the lower body....



... then she arrived!





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The pug really has character. I especially like the cab floor and the backhead, they have that robust nature of real things.


The backhead could be mistaken for an alien as it sits there outside the loco :-)

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The Pugbash does indeed look the part, a very nice model. On a loco like this coal would have been carried in the cab in bunkers either side of the firebox.


On painting - a coat of varnish should help blend in the re-touching. Red paint doesn't cover well - it would have been worth painting the bufferbeams first after priming (I'd use red oxide), then masking them off before painting the rest of the loco. (See, we do read your blog).



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Cheers chaps, I thought I replied here... 

must not have worked. 


Yeah, I was debating adding a bunker or not but decided against it as I'd quite like to see some coal in the cab sides. I have added some side sheets to the reverser doesn't jam with the coal.


Oh cool, I'll varnish her once the transfers are added but she's been set aside as 16mm is my main priority atm. 


Sweet, cheers for the tip there halfwit. I'm going to be doing the same for the big tram loco red buffer beams) but as it's larger, I might just look for some car body spray, but for my smaller engines that's a great piece of advice; and Thanks for reassuring me, I've understood to have been a little paranoid when putting myself out there. 

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