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Manage to do a little more. I have carried on with the two sets of frames, the inner set will be painted very shortly and set up to be run in.



First up the castings were added to the front, they went to gether quite well, no major problems. The one buffer looks droopy in the photo so I need to checj that. You can now see how the small angle holds the sandpipe.








At the rear the brake cross shaft, bearings and cylinders have been added, there are the fuel tank filler pipes etc still to be added. The buffers are ones I had in the scrap box, as only three were in the parts, not a bad thing as these are better than the kit ones. There was still a lot of cleaning out to get working. I have also managed to make the pull rods from the brakes to the cross shaft. Thes are now detachable after an earlier error. bit tricky to fit as the go between the sand pipe and it's bracket, not a lot of room for wriggling it about to attach both ends. For some reason they were camera shy.







I thought I ought to have a look at how the axle boxes and springs fit. The instructions say that if you use Slaters cranks the axleboxes need to be adjusted. Well I have got new slaters cranks with the square for quartering. I do not know how much adjustment is required for the old D ended.

But after reaming out the hole so the crank could enter. I found I still needed to find over a millimetre to get both cranks to sit on there squares. Time to experiment. After taking the photos I cut a pair of axle boxes from their springs. I then sanded the backs off on some aluminium oxide paper, turning regularly. They are now 3.4mm rather than the 4.1mm they started life at. A little adjustment on the spings and there is about 0.5 mm of end float, on the fixed axle at least. I am hoping that this will be enough on the two that move. Photos of these next time. I may have the wheels fitted to a painted frame. when I fit the axle boxes to ensure it all has enough room.



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Thanks pannier.

I have found it a really awkward set of frames to build. Not sure if it is because it is not designed very well or because it is a diesel under frame.

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