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Silhouette Coach - WIP-2




After the diversion caused by the arrival of my CB09 blade holder, which works very well, I have returned to exploring how to construct a laminated coach side.


After preparing the drawings for the framing, described previously, it proved to be relatively simple to create the other layers - merely a matter of deleting unwanted elements from the original drawing.


The outer layer is, of course, the framing, then the main body side that only has the window cut-outs and, finally, the inner layer with cut-outs for the drop-lights. I show these three layers, together with a montage of all three, on the AutoSketch screen-shot below




After cutting these out on a single sheet of card, I could not resist painting the layers and assembling them as a 'proof of principle'. I coloured the layers individually, which was very easy to do - no need to work carefully around the edges, as on a moulded kit!


The photo below shows the laminated side, mounted against a side of my Low Siphon, to show how a finished model might look.




The opposite side is, largely, just a mirror-image of this one, which is a simple command in the AutoSketch software, but there is a trap for the unwary! The doors are still 'hung' the same way round so, after flipping the entire drawing, I selected each door individually and 'flipped' it back to the original orientation. Some coach designs will, of course, not be symmetrical, so separate drawings would be needed for each side.


Having sorted out the basics and learned how to 'drive' the software and the cutting machine, it's now time to get on with some proper modelling.


I intend to use 10 thou plastic card and will try the scheme suggested by uax6, in his thread at http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/79446-coach-bodging/?p=1272768 , to achieve the 'tumble-home' in the sides.


For the chassis, I will use a simple brass sheet, folded at the edges, while the undergear will use a 'Brassmasters' Cleminson assembly.


Next Post


p.s. as a target to aim for. see MikeTrice's 6-wheel coach construction at http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/79025-a-guide-to-using-the-silhouette-cameo-cutter/?p=1278380


I shall be pleased if I get anywhere close :)

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Hi Mike,


Another big step forward it seems. And your point about painting the different layers is also very interesting. This really is an extraordinary development.


One other thing that I like is that it's all plastic - so for hamfisted solderers like me it's an opportunity to build decent quality coaches.

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Another big step forward it seems. And your point about painting the different layers is also very interesting. This really is an extraordinary development.


These cutting machines do seem to be opening up new possibilities in the modelling world! 


As my next post shows, there may even be no need for painting at all, since the Silhouette machine can align the cuts with a printed image.



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