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I have done a little to this in the last couple of days, mainly metal bashing to get myself in to a place where I can start putting it together.


I made new cylinder front and back so I have something solid to work with when it comes to screwing it all together. The front of the frames where cut off, a new buffer beam was made as I ruined the original re riveting it. These will all be soldered to the front of the cylinders once they are assembled. You will see how the cylinder frame has altered, the two originals where soldered together first and made the same.





The front of the frames where shortened by the width of the cylinders. The cuts were mad at the angle they will sit. I now need a few spacers to build the cylinders around, that's the job for Monday. I have bade the parts for the compensation I just need to fit the front rocking beam and they should all fit nicely. The coupling rods were assembled and filed up but not cleaned or the hinge fitted, The new holes for the brakes and the rocking arms were drilled just need to fit the hangers and pivot points.







I even got to tack solder the basic frames together, will check all is square and finish them of later. But it is nice to make an actual start.





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Good progress there Peter. Looking forward to the next installment.

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Good progress there Peter. Looking forward to the next installment.


There seemed to be a lot of cutting before I could think about assembly considering it is a kit. Saying that it is 20 years old.

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