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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.
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classic stuff! was waiting for you to post this ! as i had seen the artwork before!

looking forward to seeing this one done.

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I'm almost there with all the pipework and detailing bits now. Need to buy some other 8BA screws at the ones I got at York were a little short to secure rear the loco to the chassis. I'm deciding how far I'll go with the cab, I might just add the stoker and some cab seats. 


Currently the idea is to have it corporate blue with yellow buffer beams and numbered 988 193.


I've also managed to rummage in my parents loft and found some old Hornby modern image wagons plus some I recently bought second hand. Two OAA's two TEA's and three TTA's which I'm deciding on how far I'll go into detailing those. 

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it will look rather cool in corporate blue me thinks i have an 8f like yours sitting around waiting for an upgrade you may have tempted me to doing it blue instead of black although i quite fancy a turkish 8f so will have too see, again i think your plans are very interesting.


i will update my blog at some point with new pics on the 8f but will be off line for the next 2 days while i have the new high speed internet installed!


anyway looking forward to seeing more!

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