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Network SouthEast 30 - Giving a station an NSE splash of colour

Andy Y


This month's BRM marks the coming thirtieth anniversary of the creation of Network SouthEast with an interview with Chris Green. There's some useful reference information in the article too and one of the pieces of the article was to show how easy it would be to give a fairly ordinary station the same sprucing up that the division started thirty years ago. The simple 'how-to' got squeezed just leaving a couple of images as part of the article so I thought it worth adding the rest here.








And after the bins were delivered, the digital clock fitted and the painters paid a visit with the tins of red paint.










The station buildings, digital clock, vending machines are courtesy of Bachmann Scenecraft, the platform lamps from Gaugemaster and the red is simply Humbrol Acrylic 'Buffer beam red'. Scalescenes produce a download pdf where your own station name can be added - http://scalescenes.com/product/r001a-station-signs-and-posterboards/.

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NSE was cool! They really livened up the station exteriors and platforms with the splash of colour. Nowadays, our station platform colours just look boring and bland.

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Very nice indeed. Network SouthEast certainly added a splash of colour to a railway scene that had been a little drab. The rebranding also gave a boost to staff morale for those of us who worked in the area at the time.

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And if I remember correctly, 21/06/1986 was


a: Our 11th Wedding Anniversary


b: NSE "Network Day" go anywhere for a couple of pounds. 


I was not very popular!

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Yesterday I went out and treated myself to Bachmann's 47 576 Kings Lynn.  Stunning model in it's original NSE livery.  I feel a layout makeover  looming!

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