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A Dunalastair 1 part 7, in service

Dave John


Well, it has taken a while but there it is. Number 729 is running and in service. As I have said I find painting and lining difficult but it does look reasonable from normal viewing distances. I am pleased with the way it runs, smooth and with quite sufficient tractive effort for my needs. Watching it in motion I think that the closed doors do make a difference, if I make another tender engine I will repeat that bit.


Anyway a few pictures .













A bit of video, rough but best I can manage.





Hello to everyone I met at the SECC  on Friday, interesting exhibition.




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Very nice. Very nice indeed.

“it has taken a while”

Really? I was amazed at your progress!


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Very impressive and aesthetic, both static and in motion.  Would very much like one.


Seeing it pootle along your layout with those coaches was appreciated.  Great job. :)

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Not intended for pootling, your Dunalastair. Just wait til she gets clear of the web of Glasgow junctions and out on the open road...

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Beautiful work Dave.  It looks grand against that backscene of yours (the effect of the latter is particularly good in the first shot, I thought you had made some new buildings in 3D!). 


I like the smooth flow of loco and train in the video. Looks like good track laying.

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That has turned out beautifully, what a very attractive locomotive!  I'm also very impressed by your layout's control panels, very smart!

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Thanks all. The front of cab lining was tricky , but I think adds to the whole thing Compound. I must polish the edges of the hornguides at some point. 


Well, full drawing are available from the CRA Knuckles. The cost of a scratchbuild like that is actually less than a comparable RTR these days . The coaches are all from etches by John Boyle. Still serviceable , but now showing a patina of age. with a bit of varnish yellowing. Mind you, the real ones did too. 


Not sure if my tracklaying is particularly good Mikkel though I do think a well compensated or sprung chassis makes a huge difference to the apparent stability of a model. I have a couple of old rigid chassis engines and they do jump about far more. 


Thanks Wenlock, I intend to replace the one labelled "signal box " with a proper lever frame type. One of these days. 


It wasn't going very fast in the video, give it 12 Volts and it flies along . Trouble is you then can't video it ..... 




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Your video is beautiful! What a superb scene, the running is smooth and there's a real feeling of taking a step-back-in-time ...

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On 24/02/2019 at 19:30, Portchullin Tatty said:

Wonderful locomotive (real and model!)




So much so that I was inspired to rejoin CRASoc!

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