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Just a brief note to say that I have passed on the "GWR Modelling" website to a new webmaster. This is none other than Russ Elliott, who is well-known here om RMweb (although under a different name) and in the modelling world more generally. I can't think of a better man to take over the site, and I'm sure I'm not alone in thanking him for doing so and for keeping the website going. Also a big word of thanks to those who helped facilitate the changeover in practical terms.


The transition is already complete and there is even a new update by Jim Champ on his "Beginner's Guide to Pannier Tanks". As usual, it's all at gwr.org.uk


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Excellent news, Mikkel :icon_thumbsup2: Good luck to Russ and long may it continue to inspire GWR modellers.



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Yes, it is indeed good news. Russ should also be applauded for taking on a site were the navigation structure and coding is a bit clunky, compared to some of the flashy stuff that's possible these days. But he is clearly more skilled at these things than I am, so he knows what he is doing (which I didn't always :D).


It's amazing how things have developed since I originally began the site. As I was saying to Russ, image download times was still a major issue back in 1999. I had a strict rule that no images should be larger than 16.000 KB :). These days here on RMweb, file sizes of 150.000 - 200.000 KB aren't unusual (although I still think it makes sense to keep file sizes to a reasonable level).

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Good news. I've really enjoyed this site and thanks to you, Mikkel for starting it, and good luck to Russ for taking it on, I await developments with anticipations



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