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Just in case you thought we were going off the Ouse Viaduct/Lewes idea ...




Not a bit of it - now that Scaleforum with Matford is out of the way, and having received some more laser cut goodies from York Model Making, John (Re6/6) and I had a productive day today towards turning all the bits into more of a kit of parts prior to assembly.


I got on with marking up the pier sections for the characteristic apertures of the Ouse Viaduct, which involved topographic profiles, Excel spreadsheets and some occasional reality checks. The apertures all start at the same top elevation but the bottom elevation is dependent on ground level and in the centre of the viaduct they extend into the plinth sections as well as the tapered upper piers.


blogentry-6669-062842000 1286737423_thumb.jpg


Here you can see the centre lines marked on some of the piers, together with top and bottom of the apertures and drill centre locations for the (41mm diameter) circular sections at the ends of the apertures.


blogentry-6669-058609000 1286737527_thumb.jpg


Meanwhile John was making jigs for batch assembly of the tapered piers


blogentry-6669-034540800 1286737578_thumb.jpg


And by the end of the day a trial cut for Pier 30 had been made


blogentry-6669-043690300 1286737841_thumb.jpg


This was our first real chance also to check on some of the latest pieces for the pavilions and refuges. Here you can see the two layers of 2mm MDF and some Rowmark 'frames' in order to represent the panelling relief on these concrete structures


blogentry-6669-015367800 1286737971_thumb.jpg


blogentry-6669-030367900 1286737990_thumb.jpg


Finally we were able to lay the whole trackbed length out with the arches and some of the detailed bits, and to put a train down on it - which was somewhat dwarfed!


blogentry-6669-058055500 1286739938_thumb.jpg


blogentry-6669-034605700 1286739955_thumb.jpg


But apart from the 'play' factor, this exercise was useful in spawning various ideas on construction, length of each section, joining, transportation, and so on.


And what about the rest of the project? Well, just to prevent too much inertia setting in, the bits and pieces for 'Lewes Phase 1' were purchased at Scaleforum, which covers most of this section of the station - the main junctions - and which is planned to occupy some of the oncoming winter evenings productively. Better than 'X Factor' or 'Strictly' any day! This by the way is a section of the whole Templot layout printed (rails only) on A3 sheets and loosely assembled.


blogentry-6669-037792700 1286740329_thumb.jpg



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Better than 'X Factor' or 'Strictly' any day!



That viaduct's going to have a bit of 'X' factor when it's done (provided you keep strictly to the prototype...) :rolleyes: :P

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What you guys are doing remains off the end of the plausible modelling scale. The fact that money has already been poured in to York, and time and effort into Templot etc, and the domestic authorities have seen fit to permit an initial laying out of components on the posh broadloom carpet, merely tells us this is serious! The pavilions look very promising. How do you intend to capture the brick facing of the arches? Please don't say you're gonna scribe every one!


The layout of Lewes Main Junction looks awesome, as the US contingent might say.


Your long Winter evenings are going to be the subject of continuing interest to some of us out here!

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do you intend to capture the brick facing of the arches? Please don't say you're gonna scribe every one!


We're not that potty Ian! We'll be cladding it with English bond plasticard and the hole surround brickwork will be etched.

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Hi Rod,


Great to see the viaduct even if its flat pack style at present.

Some interesting trackwork to be done as well it seems.

Any more on the trackwork plan?



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Thanks Mark,


What do you want to know about the trackwork? It's all variations on B8s and C10s including a couple of tandems in the middle, and there are some crossings in the 1:5 area where both tracks are curved. On Templot I've just done these with plain lines, I can mark out the actual rails and crossings from another template. The 'diamond' bottom left is actually a double slip of around 1:8. Lines at bottom to from left to right are parcel sidings, the London lines and the Brighton line platforms to the right. At the other end the left route goes to the Oxted lines and the right to Eastbourne and Newhaven.


Oh, and most of it will be third railed as well - although it would be relatively easy to work out the way the conductor rails would be arranged, there are many photographs of this place to assist.


Anything else, ask away :)

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Better than 'X Factor' or 'Strictly' any day!



That viaduct's going to have a bit of 'X' factor when it's done (provided you keep strictly to the prototype...) :rolleyes: :P


That is dreadful! :D (Has cheered me up mind!)





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