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Is this the real 'South Polden Light Railway' branch train?

Captain Kernow


This is the model of a passenger train of the South Polden Light Railway, seen here visiting Combwich at the High Wycombe show a few weeks ago (photo by Chris Nevard):


blogentry-57-069461600 1291237749_thumb.jpg


The moribund coaches and Peckett normally work occasional services between Burrowbridge and Bleakhouse Road...


Then, the other day, I found this ensemble at Buckfastleigh:


blogentry-57-056111300 1291237803_thumb.jpg


blogentry-57-066473500 1291237813_thumb.jpg


Clearly, someone felt the SPLR was worth preserving!! ;)

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Tut, tut Cap'n - either your loco is too tall or the coaches too short - just compare them to the prototype :lol:

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The rivets are wrong - honestly :rolleyes:


The little loco was snapped in the early 1970's by Ivan Locksmith's son Ivo, and is is captured here resting between duties on Old Quarry Wharf. Shortly after, it ended up as a stuffed tiger at a holiday camp near Weston super Mare until it was restored in 2009 by Maddocks Railway Engineering PLC a few miles north of Totnes.


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Hi Chris,


On rivets, a friend of mine did some voluntary work on the Ffestiniog railway, and they repaired the corroded side tanks on a double Fairlie by welding, then added some cosmetic rivets later.  You've guessed it, somebody came along, dutifully counted them and announced "You've got the wrong number".  Strangely he couldn't understand the hilarity with which his comment was greeted.  in LTC Rolt's Railway Adventure, he note similar problems with some volunteers on the Talyllyn Railway at an early stage.  Many new far more technical details about locomotives in general than he did, but that didn't mean they were any practical use at (say) doing a running repair on a damaged spring.

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