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Cordial Christmas Greetings from Captain Kernow!

Captain Kernow




A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Noble Realm of SWAG to all in RMWeb Land!


Some specific Christmas wishes:


- May we all contain ourselves successfully until one minute past Midnight tonight!

- May we all eat and drink as much as we need and perhaps even want over the Festive Season!

- May the weather front coming in on Sunday night bring rain, not more snow!!!



And as the flag of Swagonia bravely flutters on the top of Mount Snyeg outside Kernow Towers...




...my thoughts turn to what modelling I may get done over the holidays...



Well, there's just a little bit more work to do, to finish the lineside 'view-blocker' half-relief factory building (the more simple one, not the one with the awning), then there's the Midland Railway pattern signalbox, also for Callow Lane.


I doubt very much that 53806 will get weathered and put into service just yet, but I may put part of 'Engine Wood' up over the holidays, in order to measure up for a fiddle yard adaptor board that needs to be put on, before Railex in Aylesbury next May.


Of course, that may give me the chance for a bit of photography with a certain 7F!


Have a great Christmas, everyone! :D


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Cheers and Compliments of the Season to all Swaggonians from the cold dark hills of The Dark Peak (foothills division)

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Well, my 53806 is also still in pristine condition and sitting in the siding at Camerton* so I hope you'll be able to confirm a sighting a few miles to the east in the near future.


Happy Christmas,




*Camerton is only part built and its primary role at present is as a storage shelf for a very disparate range of S&D, GWR and European stock.

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Merry Christmas Tim and Maddy.


I do wonder what the neighbours think when you've been planting flags in piles of snow and taking snaps. Wonderful.

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Further to 'what modelling am I likely to get done over Christmas' - I hadn't anticipated spending best part of two hours reading and responding to the Hornby 2011 thread - but all very interesting, nonetheless!

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