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2mm MR van




Last night completed the body of a 2mm Association D353 van, for a break from track except I need to work out where the handles etc go.

Seemed to go together well apart from the roof seemed a tad small. The result is not too messy considering it is my first and it hasn't been cleaned up as yet.

Hope to tackle the chassis later.

It seems tiny compared to the NGS vans, though I guess its a different diagram.

Very nice though.





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What type of couplings are you going to use on this Chris? I see you have used the new cast buffers, what do you think of them? I was rather impressed compared to the old wm ones.

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Nice job Chris. Its tiny compaired to the N gauge society vans because they are horribly stretched in just about every direction.

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The N Soc. kit is an overscale model of a slightly longer van in a slightly larger scale, so don't worry - and don't use them together! :lol:

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The new buffers are fantastic - really well cast and a breeze to fit. I didn't actually realise they were new though!

I am using DG couplings.


Jerry - it looks small even against the association 5 plankers... even against the 1/160 Spinner model.


I must do a bit more research on MR wagons - I have forked out substantially on carriage books but nothing on the freight side of things.





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Fantastic job chris


Found these a bit of a pain when I first made one so well done, the dimensions of these kits check out fine against drawrings I have so don't worry just remember small is beutiful.



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