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Graham Farish Black 5




Hi all!


Until I visit the parents again in 3 weeks time, there won't be much progress on the boards. So in the meantime, here's a look at the Graham Farish Black 5 released last year.


The Mid Hants Railway have recently finished the restoration of Black 5 45379 to running condition (http://www.watercressline.co.uk/The-Works/Locos/14) so at the Doncaster show I managed to pick up a Farish example for a reasonable price. Eventually it will be renumbered to match the full size version.


As far as the model is concerned, it is another lovely product from Farish. Whilst it maybe doesn't have the wow factor of the 4MT or 3MT, it does have a high level of detail as you can see from the photos. Running was a little jerky to begin with but improved after I swapped one of the two sets of tender wheels fitted with traction tyres for the spare set without and will hopefully improve further once it's been run for a while. Some people have reported problems with pick ups on the engine not touching the wheels but on my example they are all fine out of the box. I did have to rearrange the wires in the tender as they were forcing the metal coal load up but long term I plan to replace this with 'real' coal once I find a way of adding additional weight inside the tender body.


One thing I did do right away was replace the couplings with short shank versions. It will still go around my unitrack loop with a rake of Mk.1s without buffer lock thanks to the close coupling mechanism on the coaches and it does bring the gap down to a more acceptable distance on straights.


I did also try fitting the replacement bogie with the scale wheels, however the metal link fitted was too short. I swapped this for the link fitted to the original bogie but the rear set of wheels would not turn as they were catching on the chassis. I can only assume Farish have included the wrong link on the replacement bogie? I’ll have to look into this as Ropley will allow for the scale wheel set to be used.


Anyway, enough rambling, to the photos:










Cheers all!





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Hi Tom,


Depending on how much of a stickler for accuracy you are, you might want to choose a different running number for this one ;). The body moulding is only accurate for the first 225 locos (45000-45224). Seems that Farish haven't done the later long firebox+domed boiler version yet. :(



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The large wheeled bogie is really only good for display as is. To get it to work on curves you need to remove the front brake blocks. Presonally I think the larger wheels are far better and more noticable than the missing blocks, so I took this route.


It'll go round some pretty tight curves in this config - around 9" IIRC (though I don't have any 9").



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<br>Hi Tom,<br>


Depending on how much of a stickler for accuracy you are, you might want to choose a different running number for this one <img src="http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif" class="bbc_emoticon" alt=";)">. The body moulding is only accurate for the first 225 locos (45000-45224). Seems that Farish haven't done the later long firebox+domed boiler version yet. <img src="http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif" class="bbc_emoticon" alt=":("><br>



<br><br><div>The first 124 (5000 - 5124) were built with riveted tenders, so unless you can find that one of these loco's changed to a welded tender then those are out as well. </div><div>Some of the locos also received a top feed cover that is not present on the model. <br><br>




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Excellent, will look out for your tender coal mod if you get around to it first, if it is the other way around, I will keep you posted!

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Tim & Chris, thank you for the information! I have to say that my knowledge of this sort of thing is not great, and until the layout is reaching the final stages of construction I'm happy to live with what’s available. Of course by then there is a slim chance Farish might have produced the correct version anyway!


Alan, Hopefully the curves on Ropley will allow the scale bogie to be fitted without modification to the chassis, but thank you for the info about the front brake blocks. That may have to be a last resort!


Hi Will, the plan is to attach the 'coal' to a flat piece of plastic as a direct replacement for the metal insert then glue lead on the underside of this and in any other available corner!


Cheers all,



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I've just got a present of a GF Black 5 but find it a poor runner. Pickup appears to be from the loco whees only. As the motor is in the tender should the tender run on its own. Mine will not. There appears to be no pickup from the tender wheels or am I missing something? Thanks in advance for some advice. Paddy B

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Hi Paddy. 


There are tender pick ups, but they are not particularly good! If you remove the tender top you'll be able to see how they sit on top of 4 of the tender wheels, and it may be that they just need bending down slightly so they actually make contact with the wheels. 



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