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State of Play - Overview of the Layouts



So far there are five layouts in the Farthing series, each depicting a section of the same overall station. The trackplans are simple affairs, but when linked to fiddle yards all contain a certain operational scope. The layouts so far are:



1. The Branch Bay. This was the first of the layouts and is complete. It shows the bay platform at Farthing ca. 1904-1908, and draws on features from the bays at Newbury station.






2. The Goods Depot. This layout is also complete. It shows part of a large goods depot, seen from the inside and looking out.  It mixes features from the old goods depots at Windsor, Reading and Hockley.






3. The Old Yard is complete. It focuses on the remains of the old N&SJR station at Farthing, long since swallowed up by the GWR and converted to a secondary good yard. The layout was inspired by the history and goods operations of Stratford on Avon, Witney Goods and Gloucester Old Yard.






4. The Stables is complete. It provides a roadside view of the stable block and surrounding sidings at Farthing during the early 1900s. It  is inspired by the stable blocks at Park Royal and Slough, and the tree-lined perimeters of Vastern Road Yard in Reading.




5. The Station is underway. This is a scenic module that will later be joined by three other modules and fiddle yards to make up the main station building, platforms and running lines at Farthing. The main structure is a model of the station building at Newbury.


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Hi Jon, thanks. I hope we'll see some of your fantastic work over there soon!

"The Old Yard" was prompted by reading an article in the GWR Journal about Gloucester Old Yard, which had some notes about shunting loco coal wagons - a type of wagon that I have a "thing" for. (Not sure why some particular styles of wagon tend to capture our imagination?). Must remember to finish "The depot" first though biggrin.gif.

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Hi Dave, been pondering that over Christmas. There are three options on the shortlist:


* A cattle market and adjoining livestock pens, inspired by arrangements at Truro and Gloucester

* A grain and wool warehouse with associated sidings, based on the prototype at Kidderminster (built 1878)

* Farthing's main station building and one or more of the through platforms


The latter is tempting but will require 2-3 modules and more space than I normally have. There may be a solution to that though.

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