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Some shots in the dark.

Dave John


It was gloomy yesterday so I turned the layout lights on and tried running a few trains in the dark. Daft, but oddly fun.


Anyway, a few random pics of variable quality. The station in general, I need to lightproof the roof more next time it is off.












This is a lucky pic. I cant really see the from of the station building so its just done by point the camera at the mirror on the end of the layout and hoping. The resultant image is then reversed in preview.





Through a window. Atmospheric, a bit.... 



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Definitely very atmospheric!  I’ve found that Aluminium kitchen foil is really good at masking out light leakage:)

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Good idea Wenlock. I have some of the self adhesive sort for vent systems, I will have a go at some point.

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Great photos Dave, very evocative. I especially like the last shot. They clearly kept their desks orderly on the CR!

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Great stuff Dave

The only thing missing is the rain!

Jim P

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Leerie, leerie, licht the lamps,

lang legged and crooked shanks!


The Glasgow that I used to ken.


Well, not quite but the Glasgow I would like to have kent.



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Lovely modelling, and so typical of the Caley in the west end of Glasgow.

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Really outstanding. But, rather than (or in addition to) light-proofing the roof, do you think that toning down the brightness (and a warmer light) might be more effective? I don't know whether gaslight would've given way to electric at this point, but either way it would be dimmer and more yellow.


Just a thought, not a criticism.

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Fair point Truffy. I can dim all the lighting by area, here is a pic of the lighting control panel for the left hand side of the layout. ( with the classic error of the photographers reflection ) It would be mainly gas lit, with some electricity coming in for difficult to get at areas.


The problem is that if I dim it all down so that it does go yellow to the eye then the camera just doesn’t want to take a photo with the aperture set small for depth of field. I continue to mess about with the camera though I suspect it needs a different lens and someone far more skilled than I am.






It has always vaguely surprised me that given the popularity of railway modelling in Japan that one of the camera manufacturers has not come up with a camera tailored for close long depth of field use. Perhaps they have and I have missed it ?

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Just catching up on "followed" threads here as I have been preoccupied elsewhere for a few weeks!

I must say it's lovely to see how this is progressing and the lighting project is an absolute delight!

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