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Bristol Barrow Road Jubilees



I have started to convert some of my Bachmann short firebox Jubilees to P4 in order to run them on my layout. This project had been stalled for a while as I pondered on the best way to do this, however a visit by Dave Holt, David Clarke and Steve Ridgeway in September gave me the necessary push to get on with it. My conversion replaces the wheels with an Alan Gibson 3mm axle set of drivers plus bogie and tender wheels. Replacement crankpins are Markits stainless steel products. The only other modification is to use a Dave Franks Stanier chassis kit on the tender.














Here is a youtube link to a video showing Bengal moving in the shed yard. Sorry but the media link refuses to work.



Seasons greetings to all readers of my blog.








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Thanks Tim.  I do have a small problem to resolve - the rivet at the expansion link/eccentric rod joint occasionally catches the connecting rod. It needs a little more clearance.


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Hi Michael,


These are the Crankpins I have used obtained from Roxey Mouldings. I consider the crank itself, although rather good looking, to be rather overscale so I have discarded it. However I did use the crankpin itself which I have modified to take the original Bachmann crank.



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I hope to model Barfleur and Trafalgar but both are long fire box engines and the later Bachmann Jubilees are of the short firebox version. I will need to do some work on the model to replace the firebox.



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