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RTR running in (P4)

Captain Kernow



I am currently running another RTR loco in, this time a Class 24 in P4, which is destined for use on 'Callow Lane'.


Although I do use a rolling road, I prefer, where possible, to undertake running in on actual track.


The P4 circuit is 7' 6" in diameter and is effectively a circle of 'P4 set track', made up from sections of C&L flexi track, curved and held in the correct radius by copper clad sleepers.


I wish I had a permanent space for this, but the dining room floor is currently the only location where I can set it up and close the door on it, to ensure that inquisitive felines don't get too interested!


Here's a bit of footage:



I've now given the Class 24 a rest and am running the Judith Edge Kitson in:



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I know lightweight baseboards are all the rage, but I think you've gone a bit too far!



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23 minutes ago, Tim V said:

Very smooth.

But not smooth enough at slow, shunting speeds, hence the running in!


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Just now, Tim V said:

What controller is that Captain?

Bog standard Gaugemaster on DC, TIm, but it exhibited the same characteristics with an AMR slow speed hand-held, also DC, obviously (the latter is the controller I use on all my layouts at shows and at home).


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Wonder if it's the EMF feedback affecting the slow running?


You know that DCC does mean you can tune the performance to each loco, just saying ...

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The supplier felt that the loco could simply have been a bit 'stiff' after a long journey from China and some time in storage.


So bog standard DC controllers, such as those from Gaugemaster, exhibit EMF feedback, then?


I have other locos (from the likes of Bachmann and Hornby, to say nothing of those with etched chassis and Mashima motors) that don't do this.


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