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  • RMweb Gold

According to my 1961/2 Ian Allan Combined Volume, I saw 4 of these ugly things, sadly not 92021. This model really does strike the right pose, though. Well done!

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  • RMweb Gold
That looks quite good. Which conversion?




I'd start on page 3 of this blog, about halfway down and work your way back wink.gif



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looking very good redgate! and guess what im producing another one! rebuilt version this time!

but I got a bit more work as it was one of chris`s broken ones!

anyway great looking crosti and the deltics looking top notch!

cheers ian.

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  • RMweb Gold

If it was a broken off front footplate etc I bet it was the one that arrived like that at my house laugh.gif

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I'd start on page 3 of this blog, about halfway down and work your way back wink.gif


Old Hornby tender drive 9F I presume? Wonder if Mr G Arrow will adapt his mould to newer loco driven model?

Thanks. Phil

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Hi Ian it was one with a broken rear foot plate!:D so had the fun of fixing it this afternoon! so its now all repacked up with bits of plastacard and super glue! and it had a broken cab roof! which again I have fixed but still needs alittle work!

a quick note to phil mallard60022 you can fit it on the new loco drive 9f as I have made one do that recently! but so far ive only done that on the rebuilt version.

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