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  1. Already looks impressive and that's without any ballast
  2. Great modelling what are the old 56s like for haulage capacity david
  3. Superb modelling david
  4. Not a fan of electrics personally but cracking picture of the tug david
  5. Coming along nicely it might just be that last picture but will there be sufficient clearance between the loft beam and the running line david
  6. Cheers for popping in Leon my plans have changed entirely since my last proper post I'm refraining from posting "updates" as there is nothing really to report apart from rolling stock purchases when I have anything worth posting I will David
  7. Plenty of brush beasts just the way I like it, looking great David
  8. Great glad to hear there are things going on in the background new acusitions look good david
  9. Any updates on this superb model david
  10. Loft is definitely a decent size and even 18x14 as a layout area is a good size
  11. Looking good and love the ews grid just picked up one myself david
  12. More great work narrowly missed out on one of these last week david
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