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  1. Cracking update really captured the essence and it's not even finished yet
  2. Superb update coming along nicely david
  3. These really look great david
  4. Cracking pictures to usher in the new year glad to hear your still progressing behind the scenes alway look forward to your updates david
  5. Fence looks about right to me any more it would be overkill david
  6. The 90s look like very nice but no knitting in my area so I'll won't be getting one myself, what livery is it going to be repainted into? david
  7. 2 more superb videos every time I see this layout it makes me want to bin the 00 and start 0 but alas I barley have the space for that so I will continue to watch from afar david
  8. Already looks impressive and that's without any ballast
  9. Great modelling what are the old 56s like for haulage capacity david
  10. Not a fan of electrics personally but cracking picture of the tug david
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