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  1. Cracking job you’ve done there david
  2. Your doing a cracking job keep it up david
  3. Yeah keeping busy I’ve still been working on the real railway so still been going to work david
  4. Ooo royal train. Hope your keeping well? I will continue to watch with interest david
  5. Station is coming on nicely. I think you have a point with the Bachmann 66 I never had any issues with them and in my opinion the only difference that bothered me was the dcc independent tail lights which can be done with a bit of know how anyway david
  6. More brilliant work can’t believe that a few days ago those were just a few paint pot lids definitely not messing about david
  7. I already follow you on YouTube will also be following here with interest david
  8. 37 looks great, how’s the grid going david
  9. He’s a good bloke, glad to see this is still progressing don’t envy you having all that to lay david
  10. Great pictures david
  11. Absolutely superb can’t really say much more apart from keep the updates coming when you can david
  12. Brilliant stuff, looking forward to seeing some more scenery work david
  13. I think that this thread has run its course I will still be about on here I’ve moved into O gauge. I will still have a few bits to sell on but not while this madness dies down
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