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  1. Jack this is an intervention I need you to say it with me .... I have too many dog boxes. I have a problem, it’s okay... nice collection bud
  2. I must say your rolling stock collection is really impressive keep the pictures coming
  3. Done By the end of the month I’ll hold you to that I don’t want delays and cancellations due to late running engineering work
  4. HAAs look smart I opted for scale couplings on mine david
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the live event and that 56 is an absolute monster really looking forward to getting mine will be having at least 2 david
  6. Hi long time lurker first time commenter love the layout. Please forgive my ignorance what is the issue with the nose grills can’t see any difference, could be me being blind? david
  7. @JackB95 RDW who have you been giving special cuddles to haha, I could do with some the new house keeps eating all my money. Keep up the good work bud
  8. Great work scenery is something I’ve never been brilliant at david
  9. Nothing like jumping in at the deep end nice job david
  10. nice job on the trackwork so far and a very suitable selection of rolling stock as well david
  11. Cracking job you’ve done there david
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