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  1. Thank you to Johnster and Becasse for the additional information. Becasse's point about the roundel's not being picked up in photographs is a particularly interesting one. Thanks again all.
  2. Hello Mike. Thank you for this. It's useful to know too as it indicates that refurbishment of pre-war stock was not always comprehensive after 1942. The lack of information about the longevity of the exterior shirtbutton is interesting. It may indicate that it disappeared from the outside of coaching stock very quickly after 1942 despite the circumstances.
  3. Good evening. Does anyone have any idea how long the GWR shirtbutton monogram lasted in service on passenger coaching stock after it stopped being applied in 1942 please? Photographic evidence seems scarce and no existing online threads seem to cover the point. Examples could be seen on brown stock for many years afterwards but I've drawn a blank with passenger coaches. Any information gratefully received - thank you.
  4. I remember this but I'm not sure it was on gwr.org - it may even have been on here. I recall that it was about backdating a 51XX/5101 large prairie to the original Churchward condition when they were still numbered in the 31XX series though, not a conversion to a large boiler 3150 or the 1938 Collett 31XX.
  5. Thank you everyone, this is all very useful to know. It came with a part built Cotswold/Nu-Cast 16xx with the old solid brass chassis. I'm building it with the original chassis so I know now that the motor will at least be powerful enough to move it around. Thank you again.
  6. Good evening. Does anyone know what type of motor this is please? It's 4cm long, 1.5 cm deep and 1cm wide. There are no identifying marks on it at all. Any advice gratefully received.
  7. Good afternoon. I found this photo on the Warwickshire Railways site: https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrc2261.htm I don't know much about coaches, but these look like BR Mk 1s to me and the I think the maroon coach is a brake composite of some kind. Can anyone confirm if I'm right/talking rubbish and perhaps identify the specific type of coach please? If the photo is correctly dated then I'm surprised to see a Mk1 still in chocolate and cream as late as 1964. Thank you in advance for any information.
  8. Very impressive. I enjoy seeing older models getting an upgrade.
  9. Great photos - thank you. I'd gone specifically to see 61264 and was very impressed. I agree it was a pity that the Caley failed - I was behind it when it failed on the Churnet Valley earlier this year but at least I'd already had a few runs with it already that day.
  10. Just got back from the GlosWarks Whitsun festival which was excellent - thoroughly recommended. Amongst others, they'd got the blue King from Didcot and Penninsular and Orient Line from their own fleet in service. Two 8Ps at work at a gala is new on me - has it happened often before?
  11. Just caught up with this thread. I'd definitely be up for a kit too.
  12. Good evening. I recently bought a photo of 7828 Odney Manor at Birmingham Snow Hill from the RS Carpenter collection. The picture is undated beyond 'c. 1957'. In the background, in the Wolverhampton and Stourbridge line bay, 2 passenger vehicles are partly visible, one of which has the number W50101. Was this a DMU or a coach? I have no coach or DMU reference books and an online search has drawn a blank. Thanks to anyone with any information on the point.
  13. Am I hallucinating? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Very-rare-MTK-BR-ex-GWR-rebuilt-Twin-Railcar-No-33-Buffet-No-38-Kit/323578094945?hash=item4b56c1e561:g:7BEAAOSwQXlcAvqh:rk:48:pf:0
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