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  1. Great photos - thank you. I'd gone specifically to see 61264 and was very impressed. I agree it was a pity that the Caley failed - I was behind it when it failed on the Churnet Valley earlier this year but at least I'd already had a few runs with it already that day.
  2. Just got back from the GlosWarks Whitsun festival which was excellent - thoroughly recommended. Amongst others, they'd got the blue King from Didcot and Penninsular and Orient Line from their own fleet in service. Two 8Ps at work at a gala is new on me - has it happened often before?
  3. Just caught up with this thread. I'd definitely be up for a kit too.
  4. Good evening. I recently bought a photo of 7828 Odney Manor at Birmingham Snow Hill from the RS Carpenter collection. The picture is undated beyond 'c. 1957'. In the background, in the Wolverhampton and Stourbridge line bay, 2 passenger vehicles are partly visible, one of which has the number W50101. Was this a DMU or a coach? I have no coach or DMU reference books and an online search has drawn a blank. Thanks to anyone with any information on the point.
  5. If you mean the 3150s, yes they were 2-6-2s. The 31xxs were rebuilds of 3150s with high pressure boilers and 5'3" wheels instead of 5'8".
  6. "All my moguls are K's and I a very happy with them, especially as I have inclines to consider. They are useful for other projects. I was given another once recently. As I do not need another mogul, I am in the process of retro converting back to a 3150 prairie tank, using spare castings from a K's 42XX for the tanks and bunker." COACH BOGIE: Just seen this. Sounds like a good way of getting a model of a useful prototype. Do you think a K's/Cotswold 42/72xx could be used with a Wills 41/51/61xx to produce a 1939 31xx?
  7. That's a lovely job.What did you do and how did you do it please? I've seen your 94xx, 97xx condensing pannier and twin car GWR unit adaptations and they've all been impressive.
  8. Sorry, just found this thread. They are definitely appropriate for a wharf layout, even in the middle of the country. Worcester had several examples and they would have been used on the truncated Butts branch down to the Severn waterfront up to its closure in 1957. They were also used profusely on the Vinegar branch which had a canal interchange too - see map at this link: http://www.miac.org.uk/vinegarmap.html They were also definitely used around Gloucester docks, although the only online photos at the location I found in a cursory search were of one of the spark arrester fitted locos. Gloucester and Lydney had quite a few 16xxs for working the Forest of Dean lines.
  9. There was quite a lot of GWR stuff. The County, Dean Single and Great Bear are mentioned above. There was also a Grange, a Star (designed to fit the original Airfix tender-drive Castle chassis) and 850 pannier and saddle tanks. I've got the latter 4 and given the age of the kits they still look ok.The 850s are particularly good and have etched chassis which still run very nicely. At the risk of sounding nosey, which ones have you been offered?
  10. Thanks for the links Rob - it's really impressive work.
  11. This is really impressive. It's a very striking model. Are you going to post about how you modified the Dublo N2s too?
  12. I think you'd be safe in painting your late GWR/early BR vans in brown without the red ends. I just can't envisage the bright red surviving wartime conditions. This photo of the Tyseley engineer's train isn't the best quality and the lighting is harsh, but the van ends are very dark. http://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrhj100a.htm They look like the former CSP Agenoria kits. I'd like to get the kit myself. The current owners of CSP tell me that it's been passed to David Geen, but I've had no luck contacting him so far.
  13. Hello all. I found an online supplier who produces a small range of 4mm 3D printed detailing parts for some of the minor variations in the Earl Class. I've never seen the large pattern top feed produced before. They're specifically designed for the Bachmann model but I don't see why they couldn't be used on the Nu-Cast version or the Duke class. I've ordered a top feed with a view to producing 9084 Mercury. Link for the supplier is below if anyone is interested. I'd never heard of this company before last night and have no connection with them: https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/product-category/detailing-components/locomotive-detailing/gwr/
  14. No problem at all. I've got an old Dapol County myself, so I'll certainly be interested to read more on your project. Also, Silver Sidelines of this forum has done some work on Counties which may be of interest: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blog/880/entry-15566-silk-purse-%E2%80%93-airfix-tender-drive-county/
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