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  1. Hello Dave As I come from a Quality Management background, I can detect many ways in which you and your company are striving forward. This is a well-deserved result for Dapol. Well done, and congratulations! Brian Macdermott
  2. Hello Karhedron Please accept our apologies - it has been missed. If you haven't already voted, there's no need to use one of your five 'suggestions for 2013'. We'll make sure it gets included. Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  3. Hello Stationmaster I have already started work on the dates! Whilst many do contain dates (eg GWR coaches listed by Dean era, Churchward era etc, and introduction dates on virtually all the LMS steam locos), I fully take the point that this information will be a valuable addition. We tended to focus more on the longevity of items. When I was a Quality Manager, the staff worked under the mantra: Better than we were yesterday - not as good as we will be tomorrow. The Poll Team works to the same. Regards Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  4. Hello Big Herb We're glad you found the voting easy. There wasn't an 'industrial section' - we had to trade that off against the overall wish for rationalisation. Regards Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  5. Hello Stationmaster Many thanks for your kind comments. If anyone can suggest some suitable wording for next year, we'd be glad to hear. Probably best to send that to us at our email address rather than here. ThePollTeam(at)gmail(dot)com Regards Brian
  6. Hello Ian We mentioned this stock in The Guide (under Bulleid 59ft Multi-door Stock) but didn't list it as a votable item. Rest assured that if you have noted it in the 'suggestions box', then it will be reviewed for 2013. Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  7. Hello Ozexpatriate Very many thanks for your clear comments. Much appreciated! When we were experimenting with different ways to run The Poll (and before Andy was involved), we tried having two boxes against each item - one for items 'wanted immediately' and one for items 'wanted - but not so immediately' (or words to that effect). We discounted it as it seemed to over-complicate the polling. Rest assured that your comments will get on the agenda for 2013 improvements. I'm sure we can at least add the dates of introduction for The Guide and add some explanation of abbreviations of company names to The Jargon Buster. Regards Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  8. The MREmag & RMweb Wishlist Poll 2012 – Questions & Answers Dear All Before The Poll ‘goes live’ tomorrow (Monday 19 March), we thought you might like to have some questions answered in advance. Andy York has OK’d publication here. Pat Hammond will publish the same thing tomorrow on MREmag. What is the background to The MREmag & RMweb Wishlist Poll? For nearly a decade, model railway historian and author Pat Hammond has run an annual model railway wishlist poll on his on-line modelling magazine, MREmag (www.mremag.com). In response to feedback from voters that they wanted to see ‘rationalisation’ in 2012, Pat asked a new team – comprising nine highly-experienced modellers – to overhaul the content. Who is in The Poll Team? We are (alphabetically): Neil Burgess, Robert Carroll, Chris Knowles-Thomas, John Lewis, Jeff Lynn, Brian Macdermott, Nick Stanbury, Ian Taylor and Glen Woods. We bring with us more than 400 years’ combined experience of railway modelling – and some members of the team are published book/magazine article authors; some have model trade experience; some are ex-BR staff; some are working on preserved railways Do you get paid? No. We are neither commercially sponsored, nor remunerated. What is the purpose of The Poll? It is to enable the railway modelling and collecting community to let the major ready-to-run manufacturers and those who commission models know which railway models they would like to see made from new tooling. It is intended to evaluate what participants would realistically buy – not what participants would like to see ‘win’. Who do you see as the ‘major’ manufacturers and those who commission models? We see the major ready-to-run manufacturers as: Bachmann, Dapol, Heljan, Hornby and Peco. We see those who commission models as: Hattons, Hornby Magazine, Ian Allan, Kernow Model Centre, Model Rail, Model Zone, NRM, Olivia’s Trains, Rail Exclusives, Rails of Sheffield, STEAM Museum (Swindon) and TMC. What will voters find when they first ‘click’ into The Poll? The title page gives some background as well as ‘links’ to our Jargon Buster, bibliography, list of websites and The Guide. However, there is no actual need to access these – if you are an experienced modeller who knows what you want, you can ‘dive straight in’ to the N or 00 Polls via the link at the foot of that page. For those who need a little reassurance, The Guide will help. Let’s say that you are a Southern Region modeller looking to broaden your range of green coaches but don’t know which of the three types of Tavern Car Sets would best suit your needs. Within The Guide you will find seven lines of text about each to help you put them in context. Some voters might find it useful to print out The Guide and study it at leisure prior to voting. It is listed in exactly the same order as the voting pages, so you can use it as a planner. What happens when voters ‘click’ into the actual voting link? They will find 29 voting categories covering the ‘Big Four’ and on up to the modern day. If you are only interested in, say, 00 GWR locos, all you need do is ‘click’ GWR – Steam Locos, and up will come a clear list of 46 locos by order of wheel arrangement, smallest to largest. BR running number ranges are stated (where appropriate). If you want to vote in any or all of the other 28 categories, simply ‘click’ on those you want, and up will come the relevant list(s). You will be able to ‘save’ your selections and come back later. It’s a good idea to do that to obviate any possibility of getting ‘timed out’. What about the other categories? A number of The Team come from editorial backgrounds, so we have not only considered what is listed, but how it is listed. We have ‘stylised’ the listings, which will make it easier to find specific items. For example, we have separated BR steam/diesel era freight vehicles from those of the TOPS era and have split the previous single listing of Quad/Quint Art sets into two (viz. Quad Arts GN Section, and Quint Arts GE Section). General Railway Service vehicles are in a separate category. Are voters still restricted to 10 votes? No. Voters can now vote for whatever they would realistically like to see made and would realistically like to buy. Won’t you get lots of voters ticking all the items? We like to think that modellers and collectors are intelligent folk who will ‘play the game’ in the way it is intended. We did consider an ‘upper limit’, but felt that it wasn’t for us to decide – however, we do urge voters to only vote for what they would realistically like to see made and realistically buy. If you bought just one of every item listed you wouldn’t get much change out of £50,000. How have the lists been compiled? The Poll could easily show over 10,000 items if every loco and item of rolling stock that ever ran on the railways of this country was listed! Clearly, that’s not practical. The Poll Team has carefully re-viewed what voters said they wanted. We have balanced that against what is typically being made by the major manufacturers and those who commission such models. There were calls for the lists to be rationalised – how have you done that? We have excluded in general any item that has been produced since 1 January 2000 from new tooling; or has been announced since the 2011 Poll for future production from new tooling. Other examples of exclusions are: airport inter-terminal systems; dock, military and industrial systems; broad and narrow gauge stock; tram, metro and underground systems; and Thomas the Tank. What items have you deleted? We deleted several as a result of Hornby’s January announcements, and we have deleted a number subsequent to those of Bachmann on 13 March 2012. Interestingly, Hornby’s SR PP-sets, Van B, Thompson non-gangwayed stock and 42xx were top of the respective categories in 2011 – and the 72xx was second in GWR steam locos. Bachmann’s Compound, LMS Goods Brake Van, J11, Fish Van, PMV and Class 101 were all in the respective top tens. How will you know what eras and companies and/or BR regions are of greatest interest? We have provided a table based on Bachmann eras, and voters can tick whatever they like. That will show us which are the most popular, and we will be able to gauge company/BR regional interest through the overall results. All items are prefixed GWR, LMS, Class x etc – when you see the Top 50 list, voters’ preferences will be abundantly clear! Is the Poll just for locos, coaches and wagons? No. We have plenty of DMUs and EMUs as well as a category entitled ‘Other Items’ in which voters will find such diversity as signals, turntables, level crossings and pigeon baskets. Will there be anywhere for voters to say how many they want of any item? No. Please see ‘the purpose of The Poll’ above. Will there be anywhere for voters to vote on wheel standards or liveries? No. Please see ‘the purpose of The Poll’ above. (The purpose helps keep the good ship Wishlist on a very steady course!) A recently-published book says that around 200 liveries and variants have disappeared since 1994. With that in mind – and after much deliberation – we came to the conclusion that it was too vast a subject to contemplate. However, a correspondent suggested that we looked at it again, and we did – but that evaluation only served to bolster more firmly our original decision. Will you be showing photos of any or all of the items? No. We took the view that photos might turn The Poll into ‘a model supermarket’. Local/national elections and most polls assume voters to have made some prior effort in considering who or what they want to vote for. If voters do find they need help, we have mentioned earlier that The Guide, the Jargon Buster, the bibliography and the list of websites will all be sitting in the wings ready to help. You will find ‘links’ to photos in a number of places. Is the N data the same as that for 00? No. Naturally, there are many overlaps, but the two are materially different. Why aren’t you running an 0 gauge poll? We simply did not have the time or resources this year. Rest assured, though, that it will be an agenda item for 2013. What if a voter’s favourite item isn’t listed? Although the Poll Team has taken great care to include what voters said they wanted last year, there will almost certainly be some omissions. To overcome this, voters will find a box where they can suggest up to five items for inclusion in the 2013 Poll. Please note, though, that that is the only place where we will accept suggestions for future inclusion. If you don’t enter, we won’t take suggestions on board. That is because The Poll is ‘by the modeller, for the modeller’ and it would be unfair on participants to list anything suggested by a non-participant in the future. Do you ‘collect’ or ‘store’ voters’ email addresses? No. Andy York of RMweb has constructed the computer elements of The Poll, using text supplied by The Poll Team. Andy has fully assured us that whilst his system checks emails for double-voting etc, it does not ‘keep records’. (See also Andy’s postings Nos.98 and 112 on this thread.) When will the MREmag & RMweb Wishlist Poll 2012 ‘go live’? We ‘go live’ on Monday 19 March and run until Sunday 15 April. See RMweb’s home page on Monday 19 March. When will the results be published? We aim to publish the results by no later than Wednesday 25 April – but please watch MREmag and RMweb for details nearer the time. We know of at least two printed magazines who will also publish them. Does The Poll Team expect the ‘top’ items to be made? We have spoken to the manufacturers and assured them that The Poll results are ‘wishes’ – not ‘demands’. The manufacturers have to balance voters’ wishes against their current and proposed portfolios – as well as those of their competitors. To us, it’s a hobby; to them, it’s a matter of what contributes most to ‘the bottom line’. We have to appreciate that difference. What if voters have a query on the content of The MREmag & RMweb Wishlist Poll? Please email us at: ThePollTeam(at)gmail(dot)com. A reply will normally be sent within 24 hours. We will also answer queries here on RMweb. Bear in mind, though, that not every member of The Team is at their computer 24 hours a day, and it might take a few days for a full answer. What if voters have any technical difficulties whilst voting? Please email Andy York: info(at)rmweb.co.uk. Voters will see details on The Poll pages. Anything you want to add? We have been supported by all the model railway magazines and several other publications, shops and clubs – to them, we say many thanks. It is much appreciated! Our thanks also go to Pat Hammond and Andy York for their commitment to this project – again, much appreciated! We hope you all enjoy voting. The Poll Team
  9. Hello Ravenser The Poll text has, indeed, been updated to reflect the Bachmann announcements. In the 00 Poll, the D11/2 has been deleted, leaving the D11/1 in situ. All the items mentioned above are still listed in the N Poll (even though they may have been deleted/amended in the 00 Poll). Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  10. Hello Phil I can confirm that The MREmag & RMweb Wishlist Poll will show: 4-6-0 LSWR/SR S15 (30496-30515, 30823-30847) Traditionally, locos are normally shown as (eg) LSWR/SR S15 4-6-0 - ie with the wheel arrangement last. We have listed all steam locos with the wheel arrangement first - in order smallest to largest. When you see the list, it is very easy to follow. Regards Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  11. Thanks Neal and Andy Readers may like to have a look here late tomorrow afternoon (Sunday 18 March) when I will be posting a 'Questions & Answers' page about The Poll. Andy has OK'd this and Pat Hammond will be publishing it on Monday morning on MREmag. Brian Macdermott (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  12. Hello Ian I checked the MREmag Loco Database, but these locos do not appear to be listed. If you would like to check the list yourself, go to www.mremag.com, look to the left hand panel, and go into 'Articles'. Brian Macdermott
  13. Hello SR Man The Poll Team is neither commercially sponsored nor remunerated. We were very clear when contacting magazines that we define the word 'support' as the publication of our press release and/or the publication of the results. Brian Macdermott (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  14. Congratulations to Andy on this news! He has worked hard for the railway community and it's great to see him acknowledged in this way. Brian Macdermott
  15. Hello Gareth As one of the team of authors, I would like to thank you (and Stationmaster) for your kind comments. When the text was submitted to the magazine, it was in straightforward blocks of text including where any such vehicles were preserved. However, for valid design reasons, Model Rail chose to make a sub-heading of 'where to see' vehicles - and that has introduced the anomaly! Our text as supplied for the second line read: The body style of the last LMS design was also copied by BR for a few wagons built in 1950 and one of these (B891054) is preserved on the Severn Valley Railway (SVR). Hope this explains the situation. Brian
  16. Hello Stu Could this be The Old Pull 'n Push? It was shown in 1960 I believe. Brian
  17. Hello Pete I'm afraid I can't answer that question. Poll results are only one element of information taken into consideration by the manufacturers. They have to blend that in with all the other data they receive via individuals at shows; emails; feedback to reps by retailers; etc, etc. Generally speaking, makers do well by supplying what its customers want - but only the manufacturers have the full data upon which to make commercial decisions. Regards Brian Macdermott (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  18. Hello 'alancaster149' The MREmag & RMweb Wishlist Poll 2012 will show about 90 steam locos in the LNER/ER loco category. 14 of those are 'pure' NER design (so to speak). All the locos you mention are listed. Regards Brian Macdermott (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  19. Hello LNWR Modeller The purpose of The Poll (after much deliberation!) was set as focusing on what new models people would like to see made from new tooling by the major RTR manufacturers and those who commission models. We considered asking various 'supplementary questions', such as 'Do you use live or dead frogs', 'What magazines do you read', etc etc, but always came back to the purpose. Although we won't be asking about wheel standards, you may like to know that out of the 950 voters in 2011, 925 stated that they used current 00 RTR standards, with the remaining 25 spread over seven other standards. BRMSB (00 Finescale) was second with 19 voters, and P4 was third with 13 voters. In the LMS/LMR loco section, the LNWR Coal Tank (Nos.58880-58937) was in ninth position with15 votes (seen in context with the top LMS/LMR loco - the Garratt - at 37). The LNWR Webb Cauliflower was in 18th position with 9 votes. Regards Brian Macdermott (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  20. Dear All The MREmag & RMweb Wishlist Poll could well have ‘gone live’ by about now if we had wished. The difference is that we have deleted from our lists models which have been made from new tooling since around January 2000 and any that have been announced for future production. By 19 March – just after Bachmann announces its future programme – we will provide you with a highly succinct set of lists of models to choose from. That is what people said they wanted to see. Regards Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  21. Thanks Andy, I will just add that The Poll Team (as listed alphabetically on page 1 of this topic) is neither commercially sponsored nor receives remuneration. You will note that neither Pat nor Andy are mentioned in that list. That is because neither of them has any direct input to the content of The Poll. Yes, it's a shame that two polls are running close to each other, but all we ask is that if you vote in the first, then vote in The MREmag & RMweb Wishlist Poll from 19 March. You will be able to compare which you prefer. Oh no!!! Have I just started an idea for a poll to decide which is the best poll!!?? Aaaarrrrrgghhhhhh! Regards Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team - excluding the 'poll of polls idea!)
  22. Hello Stationmaster I hope the following will give a feel for what you are after (00 only given). Please only take it as representative - the data is rather like measuring shifting sand (only 10 votes per voter; how item was described; how many voters in each year; in which category an item was listed etc). The figures are 2009-2010-2011. I'm sorry that they look a bit like 'vital statistics'!! Notice that the number of voters has gone down - a trend that we hope to reverse in 2012. 2009 = 1154 voters; 2010 = 989 voters; 2011 = 950 voters Duke (71000): 56-43-71 Mk2 stock: 38-23-37 47xx: 49-36-42 Star: 47-49-50 Toplights: 68-58-66 B'ton Atlantic: 92-84-81 700 Class: 51-60-59 Birdcage sets: 52-46-58 Stanier Mogul: 43-34-28 Stanier Subs: 54-29-35 D11 Director: 164-128-81 J6: 160-143-70 J15: 74-68-82 J27: 91-73-50 J50: 63-58-44 P2: 77-110-66 Quad/Quint Arts: 35-31-38 Class 120: 53-32-42 Class 124: 32-23-33 Class 401 2BIL: 32-34-31 Signals: 67-48-53 Regards Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  23. Hello again, Dilbert I hope this goes some way to answering your query. It should be borne in mind that the emphasis on voting (with only 10 votes per voter) tended to focus on locos. I use the term 'high polling' below relative to that. Over the past three years, the following have been 'high polling' and have been made or announced. Bachmann: ROD, 90xx, SECR C, 3F, 7F, Blue Pullman, Derby Lightweight, Porthole stock, Stanier stock (N), Mk1 TPO, Mk1 Sleeper, Pillbox, LNER vans, Nuclear Flask (plus various buildings in Scenecraft). Dapol: Class 21/29, OHLE. Hattons: Beyer-Garratt, LMS Twins, Class 28. Heljan: Class 23, Lion, DP2. Hornby: 28xx, 42xx, 52xx, 72xx, B17, Class 67, Brighton Belle, Hawksworths, Gresleys, Maunsells, PP-sets, GWR Horsebox, Van B (plus various buildings in Skaledale). Kernow: O2, Beattie Well Tank, 10201/2/3, Gate Stock. NRM: MR Compound, City of Truro. Olivia's Trains: Class 76 TMC: Mk1 Horsebox. Another way of looking at the relative popularity of steam locos over the years is to go to www.mremag.com, look at the left-hand panel under Features, and click the link to 'Articles'. This brings up the MREmag Loco Database (compiled by Dennis Lovett wearing 'a modeller's hat' as opposed to in his professional capacity at Bachmann). You will soon see a correlation between those locos which have plenty of kit/rtr versions made over the years and those which have been made; are planned to be made; or have been 'high polling'. The only announced steam loco that has 'bucked the trend' (that I can see) is the Hornby O1. Last year, that scored 16 votes. To put that in context, the highest LNER was the J15 with 82. Some diesels/electrics have been made/announced which haven't 'polled high' (eg D6xx and Class 77). Regards Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  24. Hello Dilbert I'll look into that one and get back to you. I don't take it as 'extra work' - I always learn something when I do this kind of thing. Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  25. Dear All I’m pleased to be able to say that the MREmag & RMweb Wishlist Poll 2012 will ‘go live’ on Monday 19 March and run until Sunday 15 April. This may sound a tad premature to announce it already, but I wanted to let you know here (and on MREmag) before the announcement starts appearing in magazines. Regards Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
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