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  1. Page attached as mentioned in posting 29. Brian
  2. Hello Jon & Mike I will try to attach a page from the Winter 1959 (2.11.59-12.6.60) Arrival & Departure of Trains Book for Bristol Temple Meads to my immediately following posting. I'm not sure how it will look, so I'm posting this now. Brian
  3. Hello Jon A very small point (and I mean very small!) that you might like to consider is that some of the characters had the owning shed painted at the bottom left of the plate (in white, I guess). Certainly, Old Oak Common had some marked, but I can't say whether any other sheds did so. A look at the following will show you how small: 1. The Power of The Kings, page 41 lower pic. See under the figure '4'. Also see page 53, middle pic. Under all three characters. 2. The Power of The Castles, page 40 lower pic. See under first and third character. I know there is a very clear phot
  4. Hello Ben Thank you for posting the CADs. You may recall that the Wishlist Poll Team assisted with some outline notes for you last year. I approached Team Member, John Lewis (author of numerous GWR rolling stock books), on your behalf as he is not an RMweb member. He sent me the following notes for you, but has asked me to point out that these are not ‘criticisms’ – simply comments for consideration. Kind regards Brian Macdermott Notes from John Lewis I expect they have found the pictures in Russell GW Coaches AppendixVol 2, (RCA2 below) Figs 374 - 376 and GW Coaches Pa
  5. Hello Neil A book worth getting is: Scenes from the Past No.19 - Railways in and around Newton Abbot. (CR Potts - Foxline) I have a certain amount of other material that might help you - please feel free to PM me. Brian Macdermott
  6. Hello Tony The attached might be of interest. It is from a Special Train Arrangements booklet for Sunday 4 October 1953. Brian Macdermott
  7. Hello Tony I wonder if you might consider giving us some thoughts in the future on articulated stock; maybe Quad- and/or Quint-Arts as a starter? I'd love to see these made in rtr form, but wonder how they would go round 2nd radius curves. Easy enough to have them prototypically 'closed up' on the straight, but not so easy on curves, I would guess. Perhaps some form of ‘clever design’ would be needed?? This is probably not the right place to pose the question, but is there any photographic evidence of Quad-Arts running as 4-coach sets? An article I have seen states that the 4.
  8. Great news for Bachmann and the Bluebell! The Brighton Atlantic was in overall 17th position in the MREmag & RMweb Wishlist Poll 2013 (and 16th in 2012). Brian
  9. Dear All These are my photos as referred to in the above MREmag posting. An added bonus is that the coupler pockets now seem to align directly with Hornby stock. Many thanks to Brian Kirby for the advice on making the 2nd into an SLC - nice! Brian Macdermott
  10. Hello Chris Ex-SDRT Chairman (and now member of the Wishlist Poll Team) Neil Burgess certainly has a Warmley layout. I'll contact you directly. Brian
  11. Hello Tony Very many thanks indeed for the comprehensive reply (#311) to my posting about the 4F chimney. Much appreciated. I have the book you mention and have found the photo. I'm a bit of a pedant when it comes to running qualities of locos (and stock) and can assure you that the original tender-drive on this one is excellent. The term 'well-oiled sewing machine' springs to mind. I have live frog Code 75 diamond crossings and the loco falters not one iota when negotiating these - even at the slowest of speeds. Even though I have 'close-coupled' the loco to tender, I found yesterday
  12. Hello Tony Could you tell me what chimney you used for your 4F in posting #239, please? Is it by Alan Gibson? I'm working on my own 4F as result of your photo! I have made the tender closer-coupling to the loco by replacing the existing connection with a shorter one made from plasticard (as I'm not a 'metalworker' like you). The loco still goes round second radius no problem, but looks a lot more 'realistic'. Having fitted a fallplate (which hides the plasticard connector), it just awaits a crew and some weathering (apart from the chimney). Although I'm using the Hornby (China-
  13. I would like to add my compliments to all the others on Simon’s layout – a really ‘different’ idea that will surely be an attraction at any show. By coincidence, my son Andrew has recently started making ‘small houses’ as part of his pottery enterprise, and they are proving very popular. All are unique as they are handmade. The one in the picture is about the size of a large loaf of bread. I assure you it is pottery and not cake! Full details can be found on his website or Facebook page. http://www.andrewmacdermott.com http://www.facebook.com/AmPottery Brian
  14. Hello Gilbert With regard to Springside lamps, I always give mine a tiny dab of superglue on the jewel while they are still on the sprue and let that dry. When drilling the hole in the base, I hold the lamp upside down in a vice (with the jewel facing one of the open ends of course!) and aim slightly off-centre towards the rear of the lamp. Regards Brian
  15. Glad you're enjoying the trip - it's bringing back good memories for me! Brian
  16. Hello again, Ian I just checked YouTube, and there are a couple of clips there that you might want to see. Enter the following in the search bar. 2 trains at Southwest Dr in Cheyenne, WY 8-5-12 There are others. They haven't made it a 'quiet zone', as you will see/hear in the clips! Brian
  17. Hello Ian I haven't been to Cheyenne since 2006, but the following might help. Travel from Denver northbound up I-25 and exit at Cheyenne along Highway 30 eastbound (Lincoln Way). About a mile or so towards the town, you will find the junction of Lincoln Way and Southwest Drive on your right. This is a railroad grade crossing (level crossing) with lights and barriers. When I was there, there was plenty of room to park on 'solid ballast' out of the way of the road and railway, with excellent views of trains arriving/departing. Trains had to hoot the normal warning horn sounds at tha
  18. Thanks, Mike The other pacifics that we had listed were: GWR: Great Bear LMS: Princess and Duchess LNER: A1/1, A2/1, A2/2, A2/3 BR: Duke of Gloucester (two tender types) Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  19. A look at the 00 ‘High Pollers’ from a different angle Those of you who enjoy looking at the Wishlist Poll Results from different angles may like to have a look at the attached 2pp PDF in respect of the 00 steam era ‘high pollers’. It clearly shows where voters’ preferences lie with wheel arrangements etc. Notice how many named 4-6-2s are in that segment! Brian Macdermott (on behalf of The Poll Team) 00 Steam Era 'High Pollers' of The Wishlist 2013.pdf
  20. Dear All Combe Martin's post sums up nicely why we can't differentiate between 'modellers' and 'collectors' (or other such distinctions, along the lines of 'prototype modellers' and 'run what I like'). He has been able to say what he wants to see made and will buy, although he is neither an LNER modeller, nor 'collector' (in the multiple sense). The P2 was 5th in the LNER steam loco category and overall well inside The Top 50 in 2012 (and was announced by Hornby last December). Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  21. Hello Colin I forgot to mention that the full results are in PDFs within posting #8. Brian
  22. Many thanks, Matt Your work on the NGS Passenger Brake Van helped us to slightly revamp the GWR PBV section to good advantage. Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  23. Hello Btourer Many thanks for the kind comments. In 00, the V2 polled 118 votes (placing it in the 'middle polling' segment - albeit at the very top end). It is slightly higher in the LNER steam loco category than last year. Overall, it is in about the same place top-to-bottom compared to last year. The Poll has to appeal to modellers (of all levels of experience) and collectors. The 'combined volume' approach seems to work and we have had more voters this year. The Poll's simplicity is a virtue. We (as a Team) took a conscious decision to not have a box for 'I would buy ___ exampl
  24. Hello Oz I recently posted a breakdown of the Top 25 steam locos, and that showed a good spread. I have done the same with the other categories below: PCCS 9 - Mk1 5 - SR 4 - LMS 2 - LNER 2 - Mk2 2 - Mk3 1 - GWR NPCCS 9 - LNER 5 - GWR 5 - SR 4 - LMS 2 - BR Freight 8 - SR 6 - LNER 5 - BR 4 - TOPS-coded 1 - GWR 1 - LMS Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
  25. Hello Matt We had 'unlimited voting' last year, too. Brian (on behalf of The Poll Team)
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