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  1. Brother had a yellow mk3 complete with black vinyl roof, rusted pretty quick from memory needed serious attention to wings around 5 years old. Helluva job to match the paint.
  2. Big problem is storage space, Ely looks like it's been cleared of mk3s now, a line of power cars left and two lines of EMUs (313, don't know my unit types very well?). That's at the front anyway, no idea what's round the back. Worksop yard one side is full of new part finished (in many cases) units while the other side is mostly mk4s and DVTs along with 47715 which presumably is used to run the air con and systems occasionally. I'm guessing that the rows of HTAs which used to fill those sidings have either moved elsewhere or gone for scrap. Crown Point always seems to be full of new units whenever I pass by, I'd have expected most of them to be in use by now. One thing that irks is the fact that most of the mk3s going for scrap seem to have been debranded properly and cleaned before their final trip, unlike the 156s passed over to EMR. This one was typical of the 'standard', not the worst by any means, with most in dire need of heavy exams and a thorough cleaning inside as well as out, but they were pressed straight into service, passengers were less than impressed. But it seems they don't clean their new units much either
  3. The top lamp bracket was moved lower down due to problems with drifting smoke caused when headboards were fitted, according to Tony Wright's thread if I remember correctly. The LMR ones were moved to the side of the smokebox in response to the growing amount of electric string over the lines. At the same time the lower middle bracket was moved sideways so that a top above middle headlamp code would be correct. The growing amount of electrification also lead to the painting of yellow stripes on cabsides of certain locos due to their being overheight to work south of Crewe.
  4. Add this day, that day, some day and the other day, makes a week
  5. Maybe the printed ones are a touch undersize so they don't show around the etched ones if fitted? I seem to recall reading somewhere that a manufacturer had done that previously.
  6. Proper running brake test carried out well before the brakes were needed!
  7. Not only that but saying that old Mainline locos with their grotty little motors and poor detailing work well, as for actually filming the act and posting it on here Next you'll be saying is Lima pancake motors are wonderful........
  8. For what it's worth, the one in Great Yarmouth lasted barely a year.
  9. Not wanting to take the thread further off topic but my son is a self employed driving instructor. He only set up last year but can't get anything, despite being told initially he was eligible for assistance. To say he's p*****d off is something of an understatement
  10. Didn't think Cardiff was that bad
  11. Yeah but none of them will have the burble
  12. As far as I know he got an instant confirmation, certainly been driving the car around since. You should get an email, print that out, should be proof even if the computer record hasn't caught up?
  13. Not personally but my son bought this a few weeks ago http://topclassiccarsforsale.com/chevrolet/29688-1978-chevrolet-impala-station-wagon-rear-facing-back-seat-ready-to-go.html It already had the taxation class changed to historic vehicle which means taking the registration document into a post office. Once done you should be able to renew online in the future, he 'taxed' it at zero fee a couple of days after the previous owner delivered it.
  14. I've added up the cost of the bits listed on another post, comes to around £27 I think. It all depends what you want your locos to do, if they're for a small end to end depot layout or similar where slow running is required then perhaps it's worthwhile. If however you're looking for locos to work for a living stick with the Lima. Most of my class 76s for Deepcar use Lima western mechs with plenty of weight added. My dual fitted pairs only have one motor bogie, they can handle 20 odd original Hornby HAAs, with quite reasonable slow starting and stopping, they have had minimal servicing over the near 30 year exhibition life of the layout and still going strong. I also have some 87s (also weighted) used on our Carstairs layout, that had a steep slope into the fiddle yard, with 8or 9 MK2 or 3 coaches behind you could watch the traction tyres twisting on the wheels. One thing to be wary of is if you're using Lima locos to pull heavy trains always have the power bogie at the rear, that way the pull is directly on the power bogie otherwise you can get it tending to lift slightly causing stuttering.
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