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  1. Pure guesswork on my part as working through regularly since 2003 things get lost in time, but I reckon the signal was replaced around 5 years ago.
  2. Compare and contrast with the current scene taken today
  3. According to the couple of locoshed books I have 43108 was either a Colwick or Boston engine. It seems to have flitted between the two, between 1959 and 1963 at least. The next one I have is a 1965 which shows it had moved on to Canklow, probably around the time that most of the Colwick and Boston work was either taken over by DMUs or simply services withdrawn. Potted loco history here: http://www.brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=locodata&type=S&id=426002109&loco=43108
  4. Never mind the sparkie thing, what's the number of the Ozzie??
  5. No idea on particular loco I'm afraid unless Johnny 777 can read the numberplate? If you're thinking of getting a Bachmann one you'll need a single chimney variant with tablet catcher on the tender. They did 43106 and several in the 4315x number range which should be correct. I don't think they've made any of those for some years but I don't pay much attention to recent models now. They do turn up secondhand but there are far more of the 'ones you DON'T want' available, specially the double chimney variant! I have several including a Millholme kit built one from many years
  6. The loco is an Ivatt class 4 2-6-0, commonly known as flying pigs or, less so locally, as mucky ducks. 43106 on the Severn Valley is the only survivor. Almost certainly one of those displaced from the M&GN when that line was closed, I think there's a tablet catcher on the tender, mostly distributed between Boston and Colwick. Edit: definitely not the Heckington I'll be passing through on Thursday, well I think I've got a Skegness job, must check!
  7. During a wander around the area whilst on a break I came across some work being done under the tram bridge over Canal Street in Nottingham. Built on the alignment of the original GC viaduct, which it connects to on the other side of the road, some older foundations had been revealed. 
  8. There's a graphic description in, I think Main Line Lament by Colin Walker, describing a night time journey along the section including travelling alongside the, then, lightly used M1. I've also seen somewhere in a book a photo of a 9F on that bridge. Going to have a root around now, see if I can come up with definite references. Edit: Can't find the description at the moment but photos in Great Central Twilight. P136 Royal Scot 46122 running across the bridge with empty stock. P100 a 9F on freight with the M1 very much a construction site in May 1964 Also
  9. Only looking at this on my phone but D3159 looks like it could have new wheelsets and rods, whereas D2407 has the rods off. So is it possibly a works yard? The B1 in the background looks rather forlorn as well, either withdrawn or waiting works? More questions than answers I'm afraid but another avenue to explore?
  10. Probably mist rising from the river which was noted for being relatively warm due to the various power stations upstream, all closed now with the exception of Ratcliffe on Soar.
  11. Doesn't look like anything changed over the weekend, this is Lowdham box, well the last bits, a few minutes ago
  12. Not to mention the price to pay for the business which is mostly goodwill created by the retiring owner. Then there's the stock to buy, if someone needs a business loan to pay for it the repayments will be rather a lot. I did hear of one which closed not so long ago. Stock valuation somewhere around half a million I believe!!
  13. Since this thread often seems to gravitate towards girl bands I found this on YouTube. Absolutely awesome cover
  14. When I passed the one at Lowdham yesterday, Midland admittedly, it was just a skeleton. All windows removed so expect that's in it's last days as well.
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