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  1. Best place to get some idea is on Twitter using @eastmidrailway, I think that's right, if you view 'latest' comments.
  2. At the moment would be better employed working for EMR! If the Twitter comments are indicative of things currently
  3. Most of EMRs have already gone elsewhere, some in temporary use as additional vehicles by TFW. So long as they're coupled to a PRM compliant unit they can run for now but with the toilet locked out of use, renumbered as /9 sub class. 5 went to Ely initially but 4 were then forwarded to TFW I believe, others went direct to Wales. The other one, 153302, sat around for some time looking rather forelorn and eventually turned up at the Harry Needle facility at Worksop, still looking down at heel with the wheels chocked and door partially open. It has since disappeared but may be elsewhere amon
  4. ^^^ presumably making full use of the low ratio gearbox to get that lot moving!
  5. Not any sort of GWR loco expert but I don't think that's a 56xx, weren't they inside cylinder?
  6. J7949, the white painted signal sighting 'board' is still there albeit more faded.
  7. We almost always run into Attenborough station against a red signal with the barriers open, unless something is coming the other way. We then have to wait for the route proving to decide that there's enough clear track after the barriers have been lowered which usually means leaving late! The only time this changes is during leaf fall season when the barriers are lowered and signals cleared before we arrive.
  8. Just for interest, 158770 is currently between Ilkeston and Alfreton on it's way from Grantham to Manchester Piccadilly, paired with 158780. Services on the Norwich-Liverpool route are only running to Grantham today due to engineering work at Werrington junction north of Peterborough.
  9. It was 156503, full Scotrail refurbished one, ironing board seats and the lot! Anything Central/EMT/EMR over the last 15 years or more us likely to be found on Ryan's Flickr account.
  10. There were a couple parked at Grantham for years by the pway buildings. Both in faded rail blue I think but the memory can play tricks!
  11. Pretty much where I thought, now the car park where they usually hold the maritime festival.
  12. Been there this evening, moving books out of the library ready for replacement of the roof towards the end of next week. Work stopped when we found a bee's nest after pulling down most of the ceiling. Member looking into getting someone to move them
  13. Looks to be on the dockside, the houses in the background of the colour shot look familiar. I'm there again Saturday into Sunday so I'll see if I can tie the location down a bit more. No idea what it would be doing there I'm afraid. There's several scrapyards in. the area now, maybe they were there then as well?
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