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  1. The £multi millions they've had for consultations could have got half the job done by now, only in the UK
  2. I think it's showing the intention to throw it open to others, presumably Abellio will put in a bid although they're not particularly popular if you read some of the comments on the unofficial EMR Twitter feed.
  3. Wonder if this will affect any further electrification? https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/east-midlands-railway-prior-information-notice-corrigendum
  4. My mojo almost put in an appearance today, it would be the first I've seen of it for several years but things conspired again to send it scurrying back into it's hiding place. Spent yesterday cutting down some rather large trees and then cutting them into manageable pieces to dry for eventual use in the stove. By the time I'd done that pretty much all day I'd had enough. Took the wife to church this morning, then went to meet a friend. After collecting wife again I set to and cleared a lot of the bits and pieces left over from yesterday as well as loads of leaves. Decided then I'd tackle cleaning the portescap gearbox that is seized up on a bargain kit I bought some time ago. No chance, wife called me upstairs, can hear an odd noise coming from the airing cupboard, galvanized header tank has decided today is the day it springs a leak!! After some messing with that, the drip is now filling a bucket rather than the living room ceiling, phew! So tomorrow is taken care of with replacement of the header tank and now I'm back to can't be bothering with model stuff. There's other things going on as well that make any time I might find for modelling simply too much effort because I'm likely to get called away at a moments notice. Thinking I'll just give in to the inevitable, keep the stuff I have got as it will make a decent legacy for my son. Simply need to find some sort of calm in my life.
  5. I'm not sure that a full van would be required to supply a single mine, in a previous existence I had cause to visit one or two explosives stores at both collieries and quarries in the 1980s and 90s. While the building itself was the size of a decent shed, but obviously built of brick and concrete, the actual storage magazine was a small brick and concrete structure within. Wood lined and with a substantial steel door like a safe. It was usually a hands and knees or, at best, low crouch to get inside, probably little bigger than a typical latter-day garden store. The 'goods' being stored within wood cases so, in total, there wasn't that much on site at any given time. This was at the time of various 'troubles' so access to these things was strictly controlled and maybe in different times more would have been stored on site?
  6. From memory, Spook Erection also ran a Sunday market at the former NCB brickyards at Watnall. Alongside the M1 just north of junction 26, the chimneys stood for many years after the rest of the site was cleared, and made good hard standing for the market.
  7. A bit of both latterly, in the last couple of years one was an out and back from Derby. The other formed from a London-Nottingham service which did a Nottingham-Skegness and back while a Meridian went to London. On returning from Skegness it then reverted to it's London working. Something of a scramble to get it cleaned, after the Skegness passengers had (ab)used it, ready for going to London again. They loaded well, often near 500 on each train, there were never enough units to shift that many!
  8. Skegness had regular summer dated HST services until last year, definitely a branch line, initially from Firsby until most of the Lincolnshire lines closed around 1970, now a long branch line from the Nottingham-Grantham line at Allington junction near Grantham.
  9. We invested in a card machine for our show a few weeks ago. Most people still came armed with cash, I think, but it did also allow us to sell several items from the club sales stand which people didn't have enough cash for so a positive move in my view. We can also use it to take subs at the clubhouse should a member so desire, so cuts out the need to bank cheques.
  10. ^^^ What an utterly bizarre post in my opinion, unless I've missed the point. The absolute horror of that crash is used to reinforce personal likes and dislikes, giving little thought to all those affected by it. It happened the year before I was born and has had no effect on me personally but working on the railway I still feel some empathy with those who have been involved in such events.
  11. Not a kitbash as such but just WHY???? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334142523103
  12. We had a very enjoyable weekend, visitor numbers were a were a little on the low side but considering we only confirmed we were going ahead at the beginning of August a good result. Thanks to everyone who came, visitors, exhibitors and our wonderful catering team for their efforts, some lovely cakes on display and consumed. Talk among the club Whatsapp group is of a pleasant return to a semblance of normality, I couldn't agree more, hopefully it continues.
  13. Are the 1588xx the high numbered series created by SWT? All of ours up to and including 158813 only have one marker lit, but I'd have to check on 158889 which is ex SWT.
  14. Time to boot this topic back to the top of the pile (totally shameless I know!) but just as a reminder it's THIS WEEKEND!!!
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