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  1. Inspired to put a few pictures up of our new layout by Clem's thread about his O4/5 conversion.Not really sure where to put this, it's not so much a layout topic due to very slow progress. Especially at this time of year, maintenance work on the clubroom takes priorty. Anyway, various bridges on our Trent Lane layout, not my handiwork I'm afraid, but well worth a showing in my opinion. If the picture isn't top quality it's from my phone. Looking along the Midland line towards Newark with the Nottingham Suburban line bridge in the foreground, the GN line to Colwick was on the bridge behind Site of Colwick crossing with the GN bridge over the racecousre road in the background My current favourite shot, where the Suburban line crosses the Midland The Suburban line bridge over Colwick Road Trent Lane with the Midland on the bottom. GN above the level crossing and Suburban bridge behind Midland line looking towars Nottingham, crossing keepers house to the right. GN bridge first with the Suburban behind. GN line looking towards Trent Lane junction and onwards to Weekday Cross looking towards Newark, Suburban bridge first the the GN
  2. Hi Clem, Hope you don't mind a small thread hijack, but those interested in the locos of Colwick may be also be interested in our new layout. It's coming along rather slowly but various clubroom issues are having to take priority. Need to keep a roof over our heads! Really must get some more up to date pictures, the bridges look really impressive in my opinion. http://www.nottingham-modelrailway.org.uk/trentlane.htm
  3. Hope you don't mind but all this talk of Colwick and I've dug out a few photos of locos I've built as I remember them. 63770 picture taken, in Deepcar's fiddle yard, at Barnsley show a few years ago. Little engines kit. 90002, typically filthy Colwick ozzie, as we knew them. DJH kit built before the Bachmann one came out. 61766, K2 from a NuCast kit, I have two of these, one of which was actually a Boston engine (can't remeber which one though). I also picked up another kit at Derby show last year £35 including wheels!
  4. Ah yes, the Metropole! I was refused entry to see One Million Years BC starring Raquel Welch, too young at the time.
  5. Picture the past have this one, there may be others just need to search the site. http://www.picturethepast.org.uk/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;NCCS001548&pos=1&action=zoom&id=47901 There may also be something on the Nottstalgia forum. http://nottstalgia.com/forums/ Edit: Beaten to it!
  6. If I could understand what that meant I might have an opinion. I presume they're going to have a similar study to do with road vehicles
  7. Don't get many grid girlies in this motorsport!. Used to go a lot myself years ago, but like many other sports it's become 'tame' in my opinion. The cars are pretty much the same now and as for those huge 'spoilers' Time was when almost every car was unique built by it's driver and his team of mechanics. Edit to include the video, I forgot!
  8. I note that you're in Hull? Might be worth contacting Hull MRS, they also have several members on here. Perhaps they could give you advice having seen the items 'in the flesh'. They might even have members who would be interested for themselves.
  9. As far as I can figure out it's because they ask the 'system' for return tickets, the 'system' isn't set up for returns only single journeys. I had something similar a couple of years back. When they entered their journey requirements, it defaults to a single journey (one way), so my couple thought that was all they could buy and bought two singles when they could have bought CDRs on the day. Cost them nearly double. Mine were going from a large county town where the station is undergoing a few alterations to a seaside town somewhere between the Humber and the Wash.
  10. The BL dark purple was black tulip on early marinas, replaced by a lighter shade which I can't remember the name of. I still have a teal blue one under a tarpaulin for one day.......................
  11. Unless Broad Marsh have reduced their rents, the smaller units were around £100k per annum 20 years ago. Then there's rates, power, etc. Lot's of money needs to be taken.
  12. At the risk of getting a bit controversial, I'm not surprised and also not particularly sympathetic towards the company. All sympathy to the staff who face losing their jobs, having been in that situation myself in the past. The shop in Nottingham was one of the TMC ones originally, they did their best to take business from the various local shops, having their prices always at RRP or slightly above but with the 'offer' to undercut any other local shop. I have never bought anything from them, the closest I got was some plastic strip a few months back, went to the 'local' shop it was over £1 cheaper per pack. Having some idea what their premises cost in the Broad Marsh centre, which incidentally is now about 40% vacant, I have thought from day 1 that the costs would be unsustainable. Also having an idea of their profit margins having been a retailer myself for a while, I knew they would have to shift a heck of a lot of stuff to cover those costs. The shop was never that busy, and I was put off when it first opened by a member of staff telling me that kit/scratch builders were still using bits of dowel for loco chimneys and such like, not likely to make me think he had any idea whatsoever about what he was trying to sell! My business was sent under by a rival moving in on a relatively limited market, video rental, who used their other shops to support theirs until I could no longer keep going. Their prices then increased to the same level as mine had been. The whole concept of small video shops was then pretty much killed off by the film companies 'getting into bed' with Blockbuster and the big retailers, Tesco and such. They strangled the small shops by offering huge discounts to the big chains but nothing to the 'little guy'. I can't help but wonder if this wasn't heading down a similar road with Hornby supplying MZ to the exclusion of the smaller retailers?
  13. Radio 2 has it's moments, 22.00hrs Saturday, that's about all. The 'coat please' was in reference to the BS comment. Although I don't like the track in question it's impossible to deny their longevity. By the way where is M & M? I do know how it's spelled by the way.
  14. Been listening on and off, alternating with PR, for the last week or so while away in my 'holiday home'. Switched it on last Friday morning ( I think). They're playing M & M or however you spell it Switched it off straight away, no way does that belong on a rock station under any circumstances in my book. Not had it on that much, too much 'roaring' something I neither undertstand or like particularly. Happier with PR, it's more of what I want to hear, ads apart, except for that awful Black Sabbath durge. Coat please.
  15. No photo but a view I see regularly while eating my breakfast! Then out to face the passengers before Alfreton.
  16. It's a fairly standard way of handling stuff I reckon. A good many years ago, in a previous life as an alarm engineer, I was working at a certain Securiy company's parcels abuse handling depot. Parcels were to be transferred from one blue van to another. The two vans in question were placed back to back, with a gap so that people could walk between. The parcels were then thrown from one van to the other. To make sure that they were in the van, every one hit the bulkhead and landed on the floor, probably been trained like that to make sure they didn't fall out of the van thus minimising risk of damage! In another existence I had some video films delivered, I ran a video shop at the time. This one came courtesy of the green and yellow parcels company. A corner of the box was crushed and I refused to accept them, there was a clear tyre mark on the box Driver couldn't understand why I wouldn't take the parcel
  17. It's still there, well the slab is, just north of Little Eaton junction, located where the goods line would have been in past years. Only recently there were some PWay staff fastening a length of rail to it? I suspect some kind of training exercise. There's also a length of slab with different types of rail fixings and 'sleepers' just on the Grantham side of Radcliffe on Trent. I remember travelling over that when the down line was slewed onto it (in the 60s I think).
  18. EMT inherited two 153s (dogboxes) in the star livery, I think they were 311 and 313. I'm almost certain the relatively few 158s they had were in the star livery as well. Something says to me that a 309 was also done in that livery, probably my imagination though A flikr search for North Western trains comes up with quie a few, including a 309, but not sure it's in full 'star' livery. Edit to add flikr search comment
  19. Found this a couple of years ago, under a bush in Hemsby, probably still there. Absolutely no indication of where the railway ran, I suspect where the relatively new (compared to other buildings) row of shops is? Sorry it's a bit blurred, phone camera in bright sunshine, whatever that is!
  20. As we will be digging Deepcar out of storage I looked through a few pictures taken a couple of years ago. I don't think they're bad. Not sure how an iron ore tippler came to be here, maybe a cripple? Brooding Pennine sky, camera must have slipped a bit, the 'sky' is actually a green chalk board on our clubroom wall Even over 25 years after I put this pair together they're still my favourites
  21. Apparently there was some issue with the jacks or something. There was talk of it nearly coming off, lots of orange suits about very early one morning last week. Obviously keeping quiet about it.
  22. No picture I'm afraid but found reference to it here: http://semaphore.avonvalleyrailway.org/html/yatememart3.html About half way down, 9th July 1960.
  23. Missed it, did they mention the little 'incident' with the bridge last week?
  24. It may have been a bit camera-shy, but was quite well travelled. I remember as a youngster sitting at the end of platform 1 at Derby, a standard loco appears from under London Road bridge, presumably a 'Brit'. Not quite it was 72005! It had been on a bit of a wander apparently, the wanderings are documented somewhere on the net, I believe it got as far south as Bristol.
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