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  1. If you are having trouble logging in, click this link: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/login/ You should be able to see this post, even if not logged in (just tested it). Martin.
  2. Hi Dave, I test Templot in CrossOver, but on Ubuntu/Linux as I don't have (or want) any access to Apple products. I do try to make as much of Templot as possible work in CrossOver, even though it is really a Windows program. Most of it does work in CrossOver. One of the things which doesn't work, unless it's in a very good mood, is the Windows embedded browser for making map screenshots. That's because NLS have made changes to their web site recently. However, in the current versions of Templot you no longer need it for the historic maps from NLS, because you can now load their tiled maps instead, and that's working fine in CrossOver on Ubuntu (I just checked), so it ought to work on a Mac. To load a tiled map, see the instructions here: https://85a.uk/templot/club/index.php?threads/changes-in-templot-version-227.180/post-1548 Placing templates over the map should work fine, no problems here. If you get stuck, please ask about technical stuff on Templot Club rather than RMweb. cheers, Martin.
  3. I get it just fine. That's why I pay a subscription to the Gold/World of Railways thingy. I don't know exactly what it is, but I know the money goes to Warners. But I'm NOT going to have advertisers placing trackers on my computer if I can avoid it. Adverts on the screen, fine. Tracking no. Full stop. I'm not the only one who feels that way, otherwise Firefox wouldn't make it one simple click to block trackers in their browser. And note that I'm not blocking the advert, just the tracker. If advertisers want me to see their advert, they know what to do. Remove the tracker. Martin.
  4. There would be no problem with advertisements if that's what they were -- pictures and words which I can look at or ignore as I choose, just like the advertising in the printed copy of BRM. But they are not. They install trackers and other tricks on MY computer without asking, to track my browsing activity and harvest information about my interests. But it's easy to avoid them -- use Firefox as your browser and setting tracking protection to Strict. Hey presto, no adverts on RMweb. If RMweb loses out as a result, bad luck, it shouldn't have been up to such underhand tricks with MY computer in the first place. Martin.
  5. You had better not look at ModelRailForum. You might have a heart attack. It was recently sold to VerticalScope Inc. for the very purpose of making its new owners some money: https://www.modelrailforum.com But in fact, it's a pleasant site to visit. Martin.
  6. For the prototype, turnouts in a main running line would typically start around B-8 (trailing into yards), C-9 (low-speed double-junctions) or C-10 (low-speed crossovers) and go up to high-speed junctions at F-20 (or more in flat-bottom). The minimum for a running line is possibly a B-7.5 trailing, across a fixed-diamond or slip into a yard, in a curved running line -- which prevents the more usual 1:8 fixed-diamond used in straight track. Flatter angles than 1:8 must be a switch-diamond whether straight or curved. 1:7 or 1:7.5 turnouts might possibly be found in Y-shaped double-junctions, but they would likely have C-switches -- C-7 or C-7.5 . Shorter turnout sizes such as B-7 and below are found only in yards and sidings, or other low-speed locations such as a terminal run-round. On models we use these shorter sizes on running lines to fit the available space, in the same way we use very sharp curves in prototype terms. cheers, Martin.
  7. Third option (free): Use Firefox as your browser and set tracking protection to Strict. Martin.
  8. I don't see any advertising, even if I log out. Or on any other web site. I'm not having advertisers set their trackers on my computer. Use Firefox and set tracker blocking to strict, and you will be amazed how much nicer it is to use the internet. Martin.
  9. I have no problem with advertising. It's the tracker which they install which I object to. So -- use Firefox. Set the tracker blocking to strict, and hey presto no ads appear at all. It's the tracker which is being blocked, not the ad, but the ad disappears in the process. If RMweb want the income from advertising, fine by me, just show me the ad by itself -- there's no need to put a tracker with it. Martin.
  10. The EM and 00-SF templates match those from Templot. Just set 00-SF in Templot and print a B-7 template. For how to do that (just a few clicks) see this video: https://flashbackconnect.com/Default.aspx?id=hdIcVN9vvksNd4kwp6LaSw2 Martin.
  11. Press release today: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/collision-and-derailment-of-a-freight-train-at-kisby-user-worked-level-crossing
  12. I'd like to put on record that I'm happy to be dug up and replaced with a railway line.
  13. Hi Tony, Here you go. I haven't gone beyond the limits of the photo because I don't know what's there. The grid lines are 1ft apart: It seems to be doable in EM, all using short prototype straight switches. The checking is a bit tight in places, but just about works. The tandem relies on the V-crossings checking each other, which is normally only done in yards. I haven't done the timbering because it's a tedious task and as far as I know no-one is actually planning to build this. The tandem is a bit of a mess and if anyone is intending to build it the approach track would be worth re-aligning. It does demonstrate that if you build your own track you can cram quite a lot into a small space if you need to. cheers, Martin.
  14. It looks doable if you accept very short prototype turnouts. For example this is a very ordinary 9ft switch and 1:5 RAM generic V-crossing: That's using 18.2mm EM (I believe Buckingham is 18.0mm). I will have a go at doing the rest of it. I may be gone a little while. Martin.
  15. If it needs one detector, then the answer to "does it need any?" is clearly YES. Assuming a "sensor" and a "detector" are the same thing? It's no wonder folks are confused.
  16. I'm reading it. But I'm still struggling to understand what these systems are a model of? This is a forum about models of railways. Real railways do not stop trains to the nearest 3 inches (1mm in 00/EM/P4). Martin.
  17. Nowadays the prototype uses axle counters instead of track circuits. Is there a model system using axle counters? Martin.
  18. The word you added there was copy, which changes the entire meaning. Templot is a tool to use any way you wish. But if you are duplicating groups, don't get confused about which templates you are adjusting at a later date. Moving the page origin also "makes sure nothing gets moved and avoids any unintended consequences" -- no template is changed in any way. cheers, Martin.
  19. Just leave everything on the defaults and it works fine. Tracks fit better on the screen running left-to-right. And fit better on the printer pages running top-to-bottom. Make changes only if you know what you are doing. All explained here: https://85a.uk/templot/companion/template_pages.php from which: Martin.
  20. Yes, studs between the rails for power. My post was not intended to be taken seriously, sorry. UK readers would have twigged that. The more sensible question would be -- will it work for a garden railway in Gauge 1 over concrete viaducts and trackbed? Martin.
  21. I haven't added it. It's been there since the first public version of Templot 20+ years ago. If folks would just use the Templot Club forum a bit more, they would know all this. Don't group and move the templates, leave them where you intended them to be. Move the page origin instead. End-run (portrait) is not the least bit counter-intuitive -- look at the text on the printed template pages. This has all been explained at great length over the years on the Templot Club forum. Martin.
  22. Hi, Move the page origin to get the best fit on the pages: I would also suggest changing back to end-run (portrait) page orientation. The side-run option seldom fits track plans. cheers, Martin.
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