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  1. Enjoyed the video Andy. Nice to see how all the elements of the layout come together. Ray.
  2. Great stuff as usual Adrian. If you get a bit of spare time do you think you could post some overview shots of Ewer Street. All the best and stay safe, Ray.
  3. I just have one microswitch at the end of travel in one direction. I just run slowly up to this during startup and set position to zero. All other movements are then relative to this. I figure if 3d printers can run continuously for hours without loosing sync then a traverser should be a doodle. I've run the traverser back and forth all day after without loosing sync.
  4. Just found a mini review of the UWT-100 in the May 2020 edition of Hornby Magazine. The review states that 'Consisting (double heading) and CV programming are also both possible with the UWT-100 and we found the consisting process one of the simplest to use both in setup, operation and clearing double-headed formations.' However i can find nothing in the menus that suggest CV programming is possible. If anyone knows different I be glad to know how this is achieved. Ray.
  5. Looks like you just need to define another Nano pin for the direction.
  6. Many thanks Locoman, i'll give it a try later today.
  7. Yeh, you need to make sure you set it to Legacy Mode if using as a drop in replacement for the A4899 (same code). On the underside there should be a row of 3 solder pads. Make sure there are no links bridging these. V3.0 boards may have a link. This might be useful.
  8. Thanks, i'll have a look at that thread. I bought it from Locoman Sounds. I have a list of CV's for the volumes but the Brake function on F4 also slows the loco down rapidly. I want to move that function to F2 as this is the only momentary button on my throttle. I will then be able to control the brake just by dabbing F2 (like my other ESU and Zimo decoders)
  9. I have a Doehler & Haass Sound decoder and would like to swap around some of the Functions on the function keys. Specifically the Brake key currently on F4 and one of the Whistles currently on F2. I have done a similar thing on ESU and Zimo Sound decoders but i can't find any specific way to do this on the Doehler & Haass Decoder. I found a data sheet online but it's not very comprehensive unlike the ESU and Zimo equivalent. Any help appreciated.
  10. I don't think you can use an Arduino to output commands directly to the Track/Accessory bus as it would be in conflict with the DCC command Station. You could theoretically program an arduino to output commands to the Cab Bus though in response to an input, although you will probably need some sort of interface (RS485 maybe for the NCE system). I'm sure i've seen something along these lines somewhere. A quick google might bring up something. Try this: https://mrrwa.org/2019/05/25/nce-cab-bus-supported/
  11. Yeh, its a plug-in replacement for the A4988 apart from the direction which is reversed.
  12. Or better still (if you want it really quiet) use a stepper with toothed belt and a TMC2208 driver chip. A big improvement on my original post above with the old A4988 driver.
  13. To get power to the traverser tracks i found this useful miniature e-chain to run the wires through whilst allowing the traverser to move without any danger of the wires becoming trapped. (for some reason this is getting posted upside down) I also found a new driver chip for the stepper motor which has quietened it even further.
  14. I have the same problem with one of my 2-EPBs.
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