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  1. Hi George, I've looked at the Finney7 M7 kit many times when passing their stand at the various exhibitions they attended. But knowing me it would have been lot of money sitting on the shelf waiting to be built. Not sure of my ability to put it together either. I'm waiting for the Connoisseur O2 to come back in stock which looks a bit simpler. Good luck with the build, i'm sure it will be another superb Loco for you. Ray.
  2. That brings back some memories. Forgot to say Andy, just found your new thread. Another layout!
  3. Well done Andy. I was going to suggest the stepper.setCurrentPosition(0); command but you already sorted it before i got back to you. Ray.
  4. I think you need to change the stepper.moveTo(-3400) statements in the sensor routine to one that just moves the motor one step. As it stands the stepper.moveTo(-3400) in the while statement is just moving the motor to absolute position -3400 before it rechecks the status of the sensor. Try: stepper.moveTo(stepper.currentPosition()+1); Ray.
  5. I think you're missing the stepper.h library Have a look here for an example https://www.makerguides.com/28byj-48-stepper-motor-arduino-tutorial/ You will need to change the forwardstep2() commands to those used in the library. Look at the example on the maker guides website. Ray.
  6. Hi Andy Long time since i looked at this but i think you need something like this, taken from my original code on page 1. Put it at the end of your void setup() //configure pin3 as an input and enable the internal pull-up resistor pinMode(3, INPUT_PULLUP); //read the sensor (open collector type) value into a variable int sensorVal = digitalRead(3); // if near reference point move away sensorVal = digitalRead(3); while (sensorVal == LOW) { sensorVal = digitalRead(3); forwardstep2(); delay(50); } // step forward to sensor index
  7. Could you utilise the macros in the command station?
  8. Have a look at this topic. It's been done to death. There's several options from several contributors to the thread. My latest incarnation uses a Arduino Nano and A4988 driver.
  9. Thanks for that, i only got as far as reading the interface list on the website and NCE isn't listed. Having just downloaded the manual i see there is some support for NCE so i'll download a trial copy and give it a try although 2 months may not be enough. It's taken me several years to get where i am now with TC but I might get far enough to see if the change is worth considering. Ray.
  10. Having just about outgrown TC Silver V8 i was thinking of upgrading to TC Gold V9 but at £350 and all the negative talk regarding Mr Freiwald maybe not. iTrian Pro is about £315 at current rates but the only thing stopping me is that it doesn't support NCE, so i'd have to buy a new DCC system as well. That would mean rewiring all the sensors from the 3 NCE AIU's to whatever system i choose as well. Not an insignificant task.
  11. Hi George, What do you use to do the lining in 7mm? Looks superb.
  12. Found these on Amazon but their not cheap and come from overseas. Look the same as Scott's (Jukebox). https://www.amazon.com/Large-Thumb-Guard-Adult-Male/dp/B003373VXA?ref_=ast_sto_dp or you could buy rigger gloves and cut the thumb/fingers off for about £1.50 https://www.thesafetysupplycompany.co.uk/p/9295945/red-rigger-gloves---single-palm---conforms-to-en-388-cat-ii-4144---ht-redrigger.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwl4v4BRDaARIsAFjATPlyRS9bdp6Quti_lYYL8I76w7-5HlPhRx8O67do0m9MvWSlWjO7gdMaAsEfEALw_wcB
  13. Sig-na-Track do a single servo controller (IMP Digital Servo Controller DSI1001). DC or DCC operation, easy to setup the end points and speed of operation. Not cheap though. https://www.signatrak.co.uk/products/layout-automation-and-accessory-control/dsi1001-imp If I recall correctly the end points and speed can be setup with a knob and a few jumpers on the unit or by setting a few CV's if using DCC.
  14. All the exhibitions we normally go to have been cancelled right up to Christmas apart from maybe Manchester, not heard anything about that one yet.
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