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  1. Sorry to hear that Ian. If you have any boards left please PM me as I'm sure I can find a use for a few.
  2. Works fine for me with the default settings in both the Hornby H and M7. Although, as you say they can be a bit odd with some locos.
  3. You can change the direction by altering bit 1 of CV29.
  4. I fitted my H Class with a TCS DP2X-UK. I'm not sure a Lenz Silver+ Direct will fit as its still sitting on the shelf and would have been my preferred decoder.
  5. Did you increase the number of addresses in the line DCCAccessoryAddress gAddresses[4]; ?
  6. Sad News, our thoughts are with Gordon's family. Ray & Polly
  7. You could try a Tam Valley Startup Module. I had this on one of my layouts and it cured the problem. Quote: TurnOn Module - Soft Start Circuit For Large Inrush Currents of Sound Decoders and Stay Alive Decoders If you have a lot of sound decoders and decoders with stay alive circuits on the track, they can confuse the booster* when it starts up in to thinking there is a short because of the sudden current draw of all the capacitors. This circuit prevents that problem by putting a small resistance in to the circuit to slow the current rush and once the voltage gets up a 10 Amp relay bypasses the resistor so that there is a straight connection to the booster*. (If you have no idea what the previous explanation is about and you are not having any touble with starting your layout then you don't need the TurnOn.) *or Command Station https://www.tamvalleydepot.com/products/dccbooster.html Available from: https://www.coastaldcc.co.uk/products/tamvalley/power-management/
  8. I have one of these too, the chassis is complete and primed ready for a top coat but the body is yet to be started. 3 Dinorwig slate wagons are more or less complete. Theres a 5" Gauge version also sitting on the workshop floor waiting for lockdown restrictions to be lifted so we can get across to the Llandudno track for a steam up. Ray.
  9. Thanks Colin, I've now modified the code so i can operate the traverser by DCC commands or the keypad on the LCD panel. I've also put in code so it can be operated from a more traditional push button type control panel but i doubt i'll use this. The LCD panel/Keypad uses a I2C connection to the NANO. I'll try and post another video over weekend.
  10. There are a lot of LNWR Dioramas in the museum, not sure if they're by Jack Nelson but they've been there for years so i suspect they may well be.
  11. Thanks, i've just topped up my order.
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