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  1. Hi Ray


    I just wondered if you got my recent email posted on Sunday.


    I know when we last spoke you were having internet problems.


    Hope to hear from you.



  2. Hi Alan, Glad to see that some six years after my original post that this is still attracting interest. In answer to your questions. Q1. I can't think of any reason why this shouldn't work with your ECoS system. Q2. Once set up there shouldn't be any requirement to have a PC connected. My turntable has been working happily without a Pc for several years. Q3. I've not had any memory shortage problems with the Arduino Uno for this project. Good luck. Ray.
  3. Ah, cheers George, that's the sound i have in my Terrier. TBH i was a bit disappointed with it particularly as it has no light engine sounds to go with the light engine mode. It sounds pretty mediocre next to my SWD Pannier.
  4. Hi George, what sound file did you put in the terriers? I have one but I'm not overly impressed with the sound. Any chance of a video?
  5. Hi Jon. Here are the part numbers I used. MXL Plastic Pulley with insert teeth 20 Stock no.: 7784718 MXL Plastic Pulley teeth 80, bore 8mm Stock no.: 7784862 MXL Rubber Timing Belt W1/4, L 16.00 in. Stock no.: 7785098 I bought a few shorter timings belt later from the same range. Not sure which one I ended up using. MXL Rubber Timing Belt W1/4, L 12.80 in. Stock no.: 7785082 MXL Rubber Timing Belt W1/4, L 10.40 in. Stock no.: 7785070 Ray.
  6. Hi Jon, The drive belt and pulleys were from RS components. If you want the part numbers I'll dig them out for you. Ray.
  7. tender

    Bala Town

    I had my eye on one of them but SWMBO tells me it wasn't prototypical for the planned layout scenario so will have to wait for the 14xx.
  8. tender

    Bala Town

    Happy New Year ANDY. Thread found and followed. Ray.
  9. If you just want to store the layout you could just wrap it up in some sheet polythene (preferably in a room with very low humidity) and seal all the joins and edges with packing/duck tape before taking out to the shed. I store all sorts of stuff in my damp garage like this and none of it seems to deteriorate. When bringing it back indoors i just let it warm up to room temperature for a few hours before unwrapping.
  10. Thanks Iain, looks like i'll be stuck with TC for a bit longer but won't bother upgrading. Hopefully NCE support for iTrain won't be too far away. I could change system but that would also mean replacing (and rewiring) 48 block detection channels. As the layout is currently working with NCE equipment and TC it's not something i'd like to undertake at this stage.
  11. Im at a stage where i need either to upgrade my TC version or look at another system. In view of the recent TC pricing structure I'm inclined to call it a day and move on before investing any more in a product that's rapidly becoming poor value for money. I've had a quick look at iTrain but couldn't find out if it supports NCE equipment. I have both a PowerCab system and a PowerPro system. Any advice appreciated. Ray.
  12. Hi Peter, hope Wendy's knee injury isn't too serious and makes a quick recovery. Merry Christmas. Ray.
  13. Trouble with Insurance is you only find out if it's any good when you make a claim. If they're rubbish your stuffed, just like a Turkey. Hope you get it sorted soon Andy. Merry Christmas.
  14. The Scale Four Society do a nice lever frame kit or if you're feeling flush DCC Concepts do some nice Levers, both will operate the Tortoise Motors. I've got two of the Scale Four Lever Frames ready for my layout.
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