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  1. Hello, abit of a specific query; I recently bought the Hornby Maude but have no interest in retaining the chip, I removed it and the speaker and put a spare blanking plate in but now the loco will only run in one direction, IE it will run forwards and not backwards, but if I pick it up and turn it round it will go backwards and not forwards. Any help on the matter?
  2. So these were marshaled in sets of 4, were multiple sets put together depending on the service? I'm mainly interested in GC/GW joint line services and don't know a huge amount about GWR coaches!
  3. Has there been any confirmation about which livery Princess Elizabeth will be in? If it's postwar black I'm afraid I'll be waiting until they make a LMS Crimson one! Very pleased about this, however I thought it would have been done before the Duchesses, now if only we can get The Princess Royal as built at some point.
  4. Once upon a time folks it was stated that Hornby and Bachmann were going to try and do their best not to duplicate eachother And yet here we are! Seems just as ridiculous as the Adams Radials honestly, do we truly need 2 manufacturers working on Bulleid coaches?
  5. I don't think we need more specialist rolling stock, while the ex S&D saloon is a lovely vehicle it's rather limited, and the idea of a pack of GNR six wheelers is much more useful in my mind.
  6. It all depends really on the person who drew it, some drawings like F.J.Roche's are just ones that should not be touched, whereas anything by J N Maskelyne is of excellent quality. For works diagrams they can sometimes be iffy on details and accuracy, as some were really meant to just give a general idea, like those from a diagram book. As a side note adjustment in some photo editing software is usually required to make sure everything's on the level rather than slightly tilted!
  7. I would definitely recommend reading the Oakwood Press Biography on Robinson, most older publications seem to have much misinformation on Robinson's 4-6-0s and it seems to be as bad as publications on Edward Thompson; I'd say also look into the Yeadons and RCTS Green Books relating to class but be wary towards any information relating to performance!
  8. Being interested in the GCR, I too would very much appreciate an A5! Similar to the D11 in that you have two versions over 2 regions, would certainly be another type that would probably fit Bachmann's to do list well, but at this point I'm unsure if we'd see any other Great Central types, only reason we got a J11 was due to Bachmann wanting to use the tender tooling a third time.
  9. I have been quite surprised that Dapol haven't announced one within the last 2-3 years, but given the discussion here I can understand their hesitation. It does however seem a bit unfounded when you think about, given the age of the old Dapol/Hornby tooling not many people are going to be interested in more of that, even with a price reduction in the Railroad range (and more basic liveries to boot), in my mind aside from a handful of people looking for the cheap and cheerful option, there's nothing Dapol have to fear of going for the third scale with this prototype, seeing as this is definitely a type that people have been wanting an up to date version of.
  10. My only question is what would it take to be able to buy a couple!
  11. Rather dissapointed at it being a Southern version (with an LNER interest a GWR catering set would have been more use to me for instance), but saying that the fact we have an RTR catering set at all is a terrific step forward, hopefully this is the foot in the door for the rest of the big four, Gresley, Stanier and Collett alike.
  12. Mainly down to the livery, Butler Henderson is modeled as preserved are there are significant differences to how it was restored vs how it was when first turned out of Gorton, mainly the incorrect font and lack of polished trim.
  13. Well that's quite a bit of my money gone! Looks to be far more correct then Butler Henderson.
  14. After seeing this announcement I have a general inquiry relating to the Great Western and great central joint lines; I'm not sure I'd get one of moguls as they were mostly displaced by Halls on inter-regional workings to the GCR by the 30s (given the liveries being offered), now I know the 51xx's could be seen around the joint lines but I want some more solid information on this as the only photos I've seen of them relating to the GCR have been with Some of the inter regional workings over GWR territory! Can anyone provide info on this? Thanks.
  15. After finding out a Hornby J15 is a very close match to Smellie/Manson 0-6-0s this came about. It actually works pretty well!
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