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  1. Well I've pre-ordered the Coronation rake from a local retailer, after the fiasco with Hornby shipping the W1 direct I'm not keen on the idea of ordering from the horses mouth anymore. When the Coronation Scot was announced I had hoped we would see regular LMS versions of some of the diagrams that were made as such, mainly the catering core, but instead they're just making more of the streamlined liveries? Apparently too much to hope for.
  2. From Essery and Jenkinson's Locomotive Liveries of the LMS, it was apparently due to the fact that Crewe was in the middle of reorganization up until Crimson was dropped for classes like the Precedents in the late 20s, many engines were painted in the erecting shop and as a result got plain black; only four of the Precedents are confirmed as carrying Crimson, and it's interesting how few LNWR passenger engines gained the correct livery before the upheaval. The smokebox numberplates are another interesting point, after around 1928 the order was to remove them from all pre-grouping locos except Midland engines, this seemed to vary from works to works althought Crewe and St Rollox took up this mandate quite rapidly; Horwich for instance didn't seem to pay much attention, some engines lost their smokebox numberplates at one overhaul only to regain them a few years down the line.
  3. Given everything I've seen posted before about CooperCraft I'm not sure how much of the material that's there would even be useable, I believe it was mentioned the masters for much the Blacksmith range would need extensive restoration before they're fit for use again. I feel better waiting for hard facts in that regard, and am very thankful Isinglass have stepped up to the plate as regarding LNER coaches! I have one of the Coopercraft Quint Arts, barely made a start on it before realizing how much would need modification and replacement, seemingly only good for the body sides, ends and floor now.
  4. Ross pops appeared on these engines around the end of WW1, seems a rather annoying choice and hopefully the Ramsbottom type will be included for the GCR livery
  5. I generally assumed after the 9J/J11 that we would see no more GCR rtr, unless someone felt like doing an A5.....and here we are! I'm absolutely delighted with this and am hopeful we will see more GCR engines in the future; it certainly seems as if Bachmann are done with this particular railway. The GCR livery with the L&NER was worn I believe by the group built by the LNER in 1923, a very early transitional livery and like the Bachmann Precedent "Novelty" has been the first time this particular variation has been made in OO, another that can be done is GCR livery with L&NER but retaining the GC numberplate. 5045 in Black and White lining is something I can't recall seeing any mention of before, a rather odd look (can anyone provide more info?). John Quick discovered at least one painted GCR lined Black as mentioned in his livery book from Lightmoor Press, another Sonic may want to consider in the future. EDIT: have just noticed the artwork only includes ross pops, please tell me the GC liveries will have the appropriate Ramsbottom arrangement...!
  6. I'm hopeful someone can help me out with an inquiry; I've been a long purveyor of locomotive and rolling stock drawings, and I've come across both W.D.Stewart and Nick Campling's work multiple times, but only in certain capacities. As I understand it both men developed a large body of work over their lifetimes but I've been unable to get any sort of idea as to what exactly they did overall (Stewart's Scottish drawings are fairly easy to access along with Campling's work in the Historic Carriage Drawings series of books), researching on my own hasn't gotten me very far and there's only so much that I've been able to determine was published in magazines like Railway Modeller. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  7. I understand the sentiment from both sides, but I have to say at over $50 CAD a piece I'll probably stick to building kits. I appreciate the work that goes into such things but especially in regards to stock that was built in the hundreds of thousands and if looking for more then one or two vehicles, things start to add up rather drastically, good on Rapido for continuing to add to Pre-Grouping rtr but I'll have to pass. And yes, you can "Tick this off your bingo card" all you want, some jokes are a bit of a dead horse to be honest.
  8. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the whole reason why we haven't seen one in LMS Crimson until now solely down to Locomotion's model of No. 1000? At least that's what I've always assumed to be the case, and at any rate rather ridiculous.
  9. I apologize for being blunt but Hornby should have simply made Stroudley carriages, having a profile remain relatively distinctive to one company is not how you make a generic coach, in that way Hattons have done a much better job. These are only worthwhile in LBSCR colors, and should have been done entirely as LBSCR coaches rather then an attempt to undercut Hattons. I'm not sure who exactly this is supposed to please when the perspective from both sides of the equation (one wanting the exact diagrams and others wanting different liveries) are left with compromises.
  10. I'm hopeful the 2021 range will include some regular service versions of the vehicles that were used as such, very hopeful for a regular LMS catering core set!
  11. I should specify, the Class 5s carry the early crimson, what I mean by transitional is before they decided on how the lettering should be placed on the engine, IE the small LMS on the cabside
  12. Lovely thing to see, I had a feeling it might come to fruition and am very glad to see it! Sets a similar trend to the C1 and Brighton Atlantics in being the first of it's wheel arrangement RTR, let's hope there's more. One curiosity I had was to the LMS Crimson example, aside from what I believe is the first RTR example of this particular transitional livery, but I'm unsure if the wheels would have been fully painted? Was this typical of Crewe and/or the LMS prior to 1925/26?
  13. So are the A2/2s only being tooled up with the A1 boilers? If so I'll be put off buying these, only looking for LNER liveries and BR period only would really limit their scope on the market.
  14. The A2/2s I feel may have been kept as 2-8-2s if the issues with the Gresley pony truck had been resolved earlier on, but at any rate they became pacifics, one has to remember Thompson was simply doing his job, and at a time where he couldn't build much in the way of new engines he had to sort to mainly rebuilding. The P2s were a prime candidate for this treatment, Thompson had the right ideas with the pacifics, but it took until after he left to smooth them out properly, the equal connecting rods were not the wisest choice. I'm thrilled to see these at any rate, the A2/2s just have a sleek look that makes them one of my favorite types, especially in Apple Green. Suppose we may see an LNER or transitional livery a little later on?
  15. As with the last 2-3 years I'm quite happily surprised with Hornby's announcements, and whilst before it was with range diversity this year it seems to be entirely catered towards me! Never dreamed I'd see Thompson Pacifics RTR, and once more ruffling feathers but really for Gresley related reasons...! Let's give the poor man a break, please. Only thought I'd ever see an A2/3 from Bachmann, but also an A2/2? I must be dreaming I'm so happy, but if only one of the first releases was Apple Green (until there's more confirmation?). Hush Hush I thought would happen at some point, given Cock O The North, Hornby's always been one for high profile engines! Always wanted her in original guise. What I'm most intrigued by are the Stanier carriages, I'm not knowledgeable on the Coronation Scot rakes but how many of these diagrams can be done up as regular coaches? I'd be very pleased to more evenly round out a set of LMS stock. Well done Hornby!
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