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  1. Good Afternoon, I really like what you have done with backdating the J27, I quite fancy a go at this myself. Just out of interest who did you source the decals from and the etched plates? Cheers Benjamin
  2. Good Evening, Ill be keeping me ear to the ground on work of the Stirling service and with any luck it shall be 90 hauled. However in the meantime I'm tempted to do an ex gc 90 now for a liner service. It looks like getting Weaver Hill out again might be in the distant future though which is a shame.
  3. Be watching this with interest Bit of a fan with Royal Mail trains
  4. Cheers for the photos , brought back a few memories
  5. Hello ,Anymore photos from that location , Only asking spent a few weekends there . Cheers
  6. Hi, Thanks for getting back, typical after ordering the nameplates the other week. I shall drop him another e-mail this afternoon. Thank you. It's all good up here in Cheshire, however I am still admiring the work you manage to turn out and it's spurring me on to try and finish a few of my own project. I suppose with no shows to attend there is no real rush. The next project shall be to finish the tfw Class 175 from the 3d printed body shells, from your helpful pointer on the decals. I'll update the Weaver Hill, or home layout thread sooner or later. Cheers Benjamin
  7. Hi, As always you've quite an arsenal of products. I've been doing a 90227 and have been wondering on the best approach for the buffers. Like you in the past I've used the Hornby class 67 detailing packs but they are thin on the ground now. Your casting looks a worth replacement, If possible where did you get these from? I like the green door on 90047, before the Bachmann 90 I tarted up an old Hornby model in this guise. Cheers Benjamin
  8. Hi Jerry, I am after some of the Transport for Wales decals, where did you manage to acquire yours from please? Cheers Benjamin
  9. More scenary planning on the layout late night. The less is more approach is definitely being taken. However with all the planning there was the opportunity to run a few trains. The Class 90 being Squirrel Rail respray of this Parish and a lovely job it sits well on the Virgin service.
  10. Thanks for the comments PC re the Mainline Class 90, As soon as we have the opportunity to get the layout up again, even though it is slightly out of period I'll make sure I get a happy snap of it running. Even the garage layout has been Americanised at the moment so there is not a great deal of opportunity to run much.
  11. Hi, Are you using foxes orange band for the GNER 90? If so are you having to cobble the number together from a 91 numbering sheet? Cheers Benjamin
  12. Good Morning, The GNER ones looks great Jerry, looking forward to seeing them complete. Ben
  13. The final update for this evening. Another project for Weaver Hill is a GC Class 90 complete with stock. The MK4 have had the base coat of black along with the correct windows blanked off and are awaiting their organge strip. In the meantime the Class 90 is all finished. It is gutting we shall never see this service come to fruition however maybe we shall see something come of the proposed Stirling service.
  14. Also another project that's being worked on is Norton Bridge Signalbox. This was a laser cut by Phil Moreton. It's still in the early stages of painting but at the end it should look impressive.
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