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  1. Hi, After returning from Model Rail Scotland I asked Phil at the club to produce a few of the Scotrail barrel plan plots. Phil being a dab hand on Cad soon had some 4mm ones turned out for Ollie's layout and a few 7mm ones to add to the clubs news layout. They do look the part. Benjamin
  2. Good Morning, I know he has been doing a lot of the wiring and getting the point motors installed on the layout. Those who will do DCC :P. The layout is now as a compete circuit stage. I'll ask for some updated photos. As you say with lockdown I've not been able to get over to help. However there has been a little project on our workbench for the platforms. Benjamin
  3. Good Morning, Glad I have stumbled across this thread. I am looking forward to following the progress of your re-sprays. A lovely livery in my eyes. I have had a go at both the Anglia MK3 and MK2 buffets. A DBSO is on the to do list. However I don't think I shall be progressing as quickly as you. Benjamin Attached an Anglia feel on our layout.
  4. good job Steve Will see it soon !!!!! Rich
  5. Evening Ed Thanks for the reply . When i update the Hornby model i do use the class 67 Thanks
  6. Good Afternoon, I picked one of these signal boxes up. I have no real need for it but have always been a fan of the ARP style. Anyway the kit went together very well and very quickly. In fact it was a joy to build really. It is now inside ready to be painted and have an interior fitted. Benjamin
  7. Good Afternoon all, Weaver Hill is an exhibition only layout. It is a good feeling knowing that you have a show coming along knowing you'll be able to run your layout. However to be able to have it up at home would be great. It does mean you are able to work on the layout as a whole apart from the odd board in the front room or kitchen. We have also had to have some building work on the house done which does mean we have lost our other layout which was used to test and run stock in. It is always nice to have somewhere to run trains on. We have been without a layout for a few months now and really all you want to be able to do is run trains. The advantage of building an exhibition only layout is the lack of restrictions. As long as you don't go daft you have the ability to build a lot more than you would at home. I can see the pros and cons to both but the happy medium in my eyes is there always has to be something in the house so you can run trains. Unfortunately it looks like it is going to be a while until Weaver Hill is back out of storage and it shall need a little tlc I am sure after the downtime it has had. Benjamin
  8. Evening Steve Yes missed seeing your layout today , and playing trains myself . We will be back . Nice building work
  9. Good Morning, I've just come across this thread and an excellent layout. However the thing that really stands out for me is your representation of Aberdeen SC. You have really captured the look of it. I shall also add having worked Aberdeen SC what a lovely box it was but like the building unusual in the way the panel was a 90 degrees to the railway. Benjamin
  10. Morning This has now been postponed. Along with many others Thanks
  11. Good Evening, I've also sent my reply with continued support for this project. Good Luck Benjamin
  12. Good Morning All, I though I would start this new topic on my friends layout. He has moved into the dangerous world of women and house ownership. However that can not be seen as a bad thing with a loft space which was just crying out for a model railway. So job no1 was to turn this into the railway room. This now gives us a layout around 20ft x 10ft, with two spurs around the boiler. Heads were put together and a rough track plan created. The layout is to be a present day Scottish themed layout. However I've not twisted his arm to set it in the central belt and get the knitting up yet.......there is still time. The station shall be roughly modelled on Dundee. An island platform with 2 bays. Leaving the station there is an up/dn goods loop which shall lead off via a junction to a container terminal or other similar style of yard as yes to be decided. After my years in Aberdeen I am thinking something like Waterloo Goods would fit in perfect here. The opposite side of the layout shall have the fiddle yards and like all good layouts a depot of some description in the opposite spur around the boiler. Track laying is progressing very well. one side has been completely laid and the station is nearly there. We hope to have a continues loop down very soon so we can get trains running. I attach a sketch of the track plan (which has already altered....no middle siding in the bays). Then two photos showing the station area. I'll update with more photos when I can.
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