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  1. I'll go along with what most people are saying on here. In my eyes it's got to be a short lead time. Painted samples to show and the tooling is already underway etc. Back in the days where we had shows you could see an item announcey d and think ah I should have them ready for X show. The quality of your product is always worth the investment, and I am looking forward to running a rake of gbrf hoppers. However as it has been mentioned on here, we've waited for a 92 and now we are waiting again. It's a shame the mk5s have also slipped. When it
  2. The next task is signaling. I am going to have a crack at the signalling plan however if anyone else wished to have a go on here your advice and feedback shall be gratefully accepted.
  3. Good Evening All, I have neglected this topic for sometime now. The layout is still plodding along despite all the problems in the world. The club had been closed for sometime but has recently opened for it only close again this week. However the short term opening has allowed us all to be able to run some stock and progress the layout a little. There is still a long way to go with the scenery on the layout and what we are going to add. The station building has been painted. I've a few photos and shall add more when the club reopens.
  4. Steve Very good , like buildings
  5. Morning Now that is sad , one of the best weekends for watching big and small trains ,
  6. Hello Going to miss your old layout , inspirational ,good luck with the new one
  7. Morning Alsager railway exhibition in November has now been cancelled .
  8. Good Evening, Thank you for saying about the roof, looking at Town Green I guess the stove was moved at some point in its life for the chimney to end up at the front. The box is in its painting stage I shall update with a photo when I have added some fixing and fixtures. Benjamin
  9. Hello Sorry to be a pain , as quoted before , can we just keep it to cancellations , Not being horrible to anyone , even the list of cancellations has fallen by the wayside , what shows are on and whats off . Sorry again .
  10. Hi, After returning from Model Rail Scotland I asked Phil at the club to produce a few of the Scotrail barrel plan plots. Phil being a dab hand on Cad soon had some 4mm ones turned out for Ollie's layout and a few 7mm ones to add to the clubs news layout. They do look the part. Benjamin
  11. Good Morning, I know he has been doing a lot of the wiring and getting the point motors installed on the layout. Those who will do DCC :P. The layout is now as a compete circuit stage. I'll ask for some updated photos. As you say with lockdown I've not been able to get over to help. However there has been a little project on our workbench for the platforms. Benjamin
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