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  1. Duly purchased, shopping for a box file and bits this weekend :-)
  2. Personally a couple of reliveries would do me 57604 - Pendennis Castle in Brunswick Green 57603 - Tintagel Castle in GWR Green Just to complete my set :-) Happy New year to all Dan :-)
  3. Excellent, thanks for the help guys :-)
  4. Evening all A few quick queries for an ongoing project I have... 1) is the 4 wheel motor bogie from the O gauge SNCF diesel the same as the one used in the class 33? 2) as I'm new to the bigger scales, as far as reputation, general running qualities n that kind of thing go, is the Lima O gauge stuff on par with the OO gauge motors or are they totally different? 3) how easy is it to DCCify the O gauge motor? Cheers Dan :-)
  5. Evening all Thanks Ed for pointing that slide out. have had a good look at it n now more advice is sought :-) recent cessation of employment means saving for assorted books/slides/prints has slowed down a bit so I'm going to bother you guys in the mean time and see if I can find the answer... So, D6315... I'm modelling mine as pre August 64 (no yellow panels on mine) and a small detail I'm after, I can't see clearly if it's on the slide or not Shed plates! I've seen a picture of her in '69 with shed plates on the lower cabisde fairing on the drivers side so the questions for t
  6. That's a good point actually, it's kits that I'm looking to start with :-) n I have tried to do it on my own, I just seen to end up with 2 separate bits of metal n a blob of solder on one of them...
  7. Simon - I was looking at the Fred Phipps kit as well, not sure where I'd put one but I seem to be gathering a collection of 22's in assorted sizes N, OO and O gauge so far, maybe when I've finished the 2 kits I'll start saving for a bigger one :-p I've heard rumor that Steve Beattie is working on a gauge 3 one as well!...
  8. Thanks again for the additional info guys :-) Craig - I was actually looking at the website for the new build class 22 the other night, very much looking forward to seeing that progress! I will have to see if I can get hold of the books you've all mentioned :-) Definitely no eyebrow vents on my kit, n a pretty plain front end so will need to track down some decent pics for positioning of the assorted holes,lights, brackets, grab rails etc. Dan
  9. Morning all Out of curiosity, and if I asked really nicely, is there anyone in the Cheltenham area who would be able to spare a couple of hours over a weekend to teach a lemon how to solder? reading about it n watching YouTube videos doesn't help in the slightest, I learn much better with practical work! Tea and biscuits can be provided :-)
  10. As I'm struggling to find exact details, could anyone help with the following... I've got a kit of a Class 22, it's got the original/disc Headcode nose, and is going to be finished in green with no yellow panel... I'm hoping to number it as D6315 but the only pictures I can find show that loco with Headcode boxes, so did it ever run in the above condition n was just elusive, or did it have Headcode boxes from new? Cheers :-) Dan
  11. Good lord, has it really been that long?!?! Well, life n other distractions aside, I've done some more on the 07... Painting of the handrails, rods and air tanks done and varnishing done, still think the blue is a bit on the dark side but other than that I'm happy with it, just need to get some transfers n stick the windows in :-) probably going to use tension lock couplings for ease of playing on a shunting plank but we shall see...
  12. Thanks Ben :-) Either way I've now signed up for the NGS n it'll be the BP green one for me :-)
  13. Out of curiosity, is the BP green one going to be with Louise nameplates or without?
  14. While not 100% accurate, would some kind of bodgery using a chopped about caley pug body and a peckett chassis be feasible or is the caley pug substantially larger (width/height wise, in model form) than the peckett?
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