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  1. I bought a few of these to run as a modern charter train with 68s, but the bogey mounted couplings seem a retrograde step. I'd expected them to be similar in design to the Mk2a's but it looks like it's been a fresh start from the design team.
  2. Yup paid for mine yesterday too. Looking forward to these.
  3. I made a similar request on the Dapol Digest for the NMT coaches, but with the Gaugemaster announcement, I would say the prospect of Dapol doing them may be further away.
  4. Hi @Peter J, I have had exactly the same experience with the wagons, it's really disappointing. I want to run a rake of 21 wagons, but I can't seem to run more than 6 or 7 without the coupling being unreliable. @gedlee's post is interesting, but we shouldn't really have to be doing things like this to get them running well out of the box. I've swapped the Rapido couplings on mine for the Dapol dummy knuckles to close the gaps between the wagons and these usually sort some of the traditional coupling issues out. However it looks to be the design at fault in this case, th
  5. Shown out of stock at the moment though. Try an ebay Search for the above NEMCOUP
  6. Hi, I think @ChrisJM reached out to me via the YouTube video, so I hadn't seen this thread until now, but I'll copy my response in case it's of help to anybody. Cheers, Mark.
  7. Vonzack

    Dapol 142

    Are they basic shape errors, or are they design/cost limitations. I think what we see with the 142 is the later and maybe Dapol should have been upfront with people about what they were getting. Certainly seeing all the PCB through the windows didn't go down well either, but where else is it going to go in that model?
  8. Vonzack

    Dapol 142

    Well, I couldn't resist another Northern Rail one at £60 and as far as I can tell, nothing at all wrong with it apart from the outer Dapol card sleeve was missing. I ran one at the Lincoln show and there were allot of people pointing and saying oooh look a 142, I didn't hear anybody complain about the Tumblehome or windows. if it looks and quacks like a duck, well it's a duck.
  9. There is a thread in the Rapido section for these. Ben said on the 15th March that these were in production currently. Shouldn't be too long now. Cheers.
  10. Vonzack

    Dapol 142

    My Northern 142 runs very well and has already had it's first Exhibition outing for the Lincoln & District MRE.
  11. I can see me having a few of these to go in my RevolutioN TEAs.
  12. This is fantastic news, been hoping somebody would announce this in 2mm for years now. Where do I click? Would like to see a GNER liveried version, as it stayed on them for a long time.
  13. @bridgiesimon - Sorry no real update on the PXAs at the moment. I should have some time to pick all this stuff up now. I'll produce some of the brake gear, but will probably print it inside the wagon to keep the volume to a minimum. @Marbelup - I thought the ripples were support residue too when I got the print as I'd seen something similar on the FUD Binliner containers, but it can't be removed and it is the actual surface. Weirdly and I think you can see this from the pictures, the insides of the wagon are smooth as are the buffer details and the top lip of the wagon side. I thin
  14. Vonzack

    Dapol 142

    This may be a senior moment so bear with me, but I'm certain one of the reasons for the window heights was because of the chassis and interior fitment, ie if the windows went lower down you would see the chassis block. Didn't all of the EP's and livery samples we saw have interior's? Looking at the photo's on Hattons site and FB, looks like only pickups run through the couplings, so directional lighting would need a second decoder. I think you can make out a circuit board at each end, but difficult to say without a shot of both vehicles with the tops off. Also, Looks to be a big ga
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