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  1. Crompton48

    Class 07 Diesel

    Any more news on the 07 ?
  2. Thank you for your help just what I was looking for
  3. I bought a replacement chassis for 31270 I need help as I don't know where on the pcb board to reconnect the red and black wires for the headcode box lighting sorry if I have put the this in the enquiry in the wrong forum
  4. This would work well on the Heljan Hymek
  5. Is there any way to dim the headcode and marker lights on the Heljan class 14 I have a tcs H1 decoder fitted
  6. Thank you Charlie the 205 trailer arrived in the post yesterday
  7. Hi my friend dale 159 ordered a class 205 center coach for me 3 months ago a cheque was sent and cashed but still waiting for the kit he has sent several emails but he has no replies I understand there has been a fire but this is very poor customer service when are we likely to receive the kit ?
  8. Hello I have always wanted a 4TC for my Heljan 33/1 after reading some articles on the Forums i took the plnge and got most of the parts for the job but i cant find many pictures for the under frame details i have had a look on google images but not much luck can anyone help !
  9. What i wanted to do is a six or seven coach train about 1976/1977 on the Western Region as i was eight at the time i dont remember a lot at the time many thanks !
  10. Thanks very useful photo's i had no idea that the Mk3's were used from 1977 onwards.
  11. Hi i would like to model some royal train coaches from the 1970's-1985 which vehcles were used and are there any kits avalible for OO gauge ?
  12. I often pass the remaining pieces of trackbed from Ide onwards to Christow what a superb preserved railway the Teign Valley line would have made
  13. Matford Park and ride does exist now known as the Green park and ride service by Stagecoach Southwest from Exeter cattle market into the city centre
  14. Thank you Simon I looked on Google to try and find some roof shots but i couldn't find any useful photo's Many Thanks Andy
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