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  1. Oh, I see now... I was distracted by the two early 1958 Pullman Cars in the photos...Ruth and Anne. Ruth has a grey painted roof. Jane has lost two sets of wheels/ axles! Condition “used”. Not exactly the most detailed description, again!
  2. Which 3F.... R.52 0-6-0 tank loco, 3F “Jinty”. R.251 0-6-0 Tender loco, 3F “Deeley”.
  3. The TC crane wagon was a good use of existing parts. The crane body from the R.127 crane wagon. The bogie well wagon or, without buffers, the TC series depressed center car. The bolster and pins came from the original bolster wagon (used 2) and bogie bolster wagon (used 3). There was also a version of the crane wagon moulded in khaki plastic, and sold as a tank recovery car in the Battlespace range.
  4. Pat Hammond does cover the missing Series 5 track. System 6 was Series 5...the R. Numbers were actually issued, and were to start with a 5, in the same way as most System 6 starts with a 6. There were rumours it seems, of a new Tri-ang Hornby track system. To try and scotch the rumours, which may have led to a fall off of track sales while people waited to see the new system, Tri-ang Hornby issued adverts with tag lines like “5 reasons to use Tri-ang Hornby Super 4 track.” Hoping that the use of the 5 would suggest that this was the new 5th track system..l
  5. That would be the 1958 introduction of the black open sleeper base Series 3 track.Original Rovex grey based track being in effect Series 1. The Tri-ang “Universal “ track was, in effect, Series 2. It became known as “Standard Track” with the introduction of Series 3, which kept the same geometry. From 1962, arguably the best “toy” RTR track system so far released, Super 4 track took over as the main track system offered by Tri-ang Railways, and from 1965, Tri-ang Hornby. From around 1971 (this date always escapes me) System 6 track was introduced, which was in effe
  6. The listing has been updated a bit…
  7. Since when did Hornby offer DCC Ready Ringfield motored chassis? The link has a modified Hornby Class 25 chassis, with Ringfield motor bogie!
  8. Oh, I wonder who would win, if someone bought it as described, a Hornby loco... A nice Bit of Tri-ang Super 4 track there too...
  9. But not a blue one, though there was possibly one thought about...
  10. I believe that only the first batch of LOTI had smoke units fitted... Certainly, later ones don’t. The Caley Single was not factory fitted, but as the chassis could accept a smoke unit, some were probably fitted by the owner.
  11. It may be worth asking Peter’s Spares if they are likely to have some made....as they have the OO sized ones....
  12. Historically, Hornby (Meccano Ltd.) sold the tenders separately for their O gauge range, and initially also for the Hornby Dublo range. The first Dublo locomotives to come with the tender were those that used the tender for the pick ups (3-Rail). The 2-rail locomotives didn’t use the tender for pick ups, but did come complete with tenders. I can only think that there was a good reason for this practice. Possibly to make the locomotive price look lower, though most people can do simple addition in maths! Certainly, the practice also used, of quoting prices in
  13. Yes, a definite problem with these models... Someone could do some 3D printing? Fabrication using plastic card is probably possible? The other problem is the rivet/eyelet that the pick up wire loops around, and has the feed wire soldered to it. This can break away from the plastic base...
  14. Didn’t the original TT XT.60 motor have a single start worm, as was used in the Merchant Navy, and Britannia locos? I’m sure I read this somewhere... The OO gauge version was, I believe, the X.05, used in the two “Singles”, and had the same two start worm as used on the X.04 motors. The OO turntable that uses this motor also uses the same gear wheel used on the driving axle of most steam locos. Not the Steeple Cab or motor bogies. So the turntable worm must also be a two start worm, making the motor the X.05. The later X.04 type motor powere
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