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  1. Interestingly, the later R.50 Black Princess Victoria locos had a transfer overlay for the tender lining, that included the black area inside the lining, and the later BR crest, all in one piece. Earlier models had the lining and early, and some the late, BR crest as separate items. The transfers on these earlier models are more susceptible to damage, in part due to their having two edges to wear away, and catch on things. The tenders do get a lot of handling, right where the transfers are. Making the lining and inside, complete with BR crest, as one piece lessens the number of edges to wear, etc. It does seem to work as well. Black is probably an easier colour to match as well…as far as I know, Tri-ang Railways didn’t do the same with the lining and crests on the R.53 Green or R.258 Maroon Princess locos.
  2. Not such a bad idea…and the Kit Built 9F could be sold on, to recoup some of the costs…
  3. The main problem with lining transfers aimed at the ”scale” market, HMRS, Fox, etc. Is that they are a bit too fine to match Tri-ang / Hornby lining. And they have all the colours, a lot of the Tri-ang / Hornby locos have simplified lining, down to a single orange/ yellow line on later models.
  4. The top banner ad is covering the top of the menu drop down, notifications area! So I can’t access that list now… This is on an I pad tablet thingy….
  5. Late 3-rail tin and Diecast wagons fitted with plastic wheels came in the standard blue and white boxes, but with a small red label, with white lettering to say Suitable for 3 or 2 rail running. The first issues of the SD6 plastic bodied wagons, all were released with plastic wheels, came in blue and white striped boxes. There is a large panel on one side that explains about the plastic wheels. The red and white striped boxes came in with the official release of 2 Rail. After this, the SD6 wagons were released in red and white striped boxes. Later, all coaches and wagons fitted with plastic wheels came in red and white striped boxes. In the end, it was really only the track, locomotives, and the tpo set that were either 2 or 3 rail, not both.
  6. The poor thing. Looks like a Barry inmate! Please study photos well? Yes a good idea that. Excellent Box Condition?
  7. There are at least two Hornby Railways cradles to take a can motor for use in X.04 type chassis. There are two plastic versions. I also seem to remember a folded sheet steel version… There is also a cast metal bracket, but that is for the newer “Smokey Joe” type chassis. There are some in our spares collection… Plastic mounting brackets. There was also a version of the 57XX 8750 type GWR Pannier Tank loco made with a can motor in a mounting bracket, but that seems to have escaped a dedicated Service Sheet. The loco body had to be retooled inside to make room for the can motor… One less well know newer type motor to X.04 type chassis mounting is that used in the original China made versions of the LNER B12 4-6-0. The worm and gear are plastic, I think a different ratio of teeth to worm from the X.04, or the New Type X.03, motor/ gear set up. This uses a small open motor, of the type used in the 0-6-0 “Jinty” type chassis. The B12 chassis block retains the mounting slots for the X.04 type motor…but the cradle retaining screw is a smaller diameter and possibly thread to the old original 8BA screw Not to be confused with the more recent Super Detail B12!
  8. Not a bargain to be had? How about this one from the same seller? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284454371590?hash=item423acd4106:g:M-4AAOSwdwBhQ18o We paid around £30.00 for a new Railroad version of this loco….
  9. The best method of listing on eBay, in my opinion, is to use the auction mode, but start the item at the lowest price you would be prepared to sell for…in effect, a reserve, but not a secret one (eBay reserves have to be at least £50.00 I believe, so there is a clue!). Then everybody knows the lowest acceptable price, rather than putting in blind bids. There is then nothing stopping the price going higher…but it can’t go lower. Better than setting a Buy It Now price, which could be lower than that realised if two or more people bid on the item…. You can also use offers with auctions, if you really want to cover all bases.
  10. Ah yes, the E3001. I had forgotten that one, the only BR series loco to use the TC wheels, taking the Dock Shunter as a re livery of the TC Yard Switcher. It has the TC bogie frame, whereas the E3001 has its own design of bogie frame.
  11. Don’t forget that the TC, and therefore the Dock shunter whose chassis is a TC EMB (earlier pattern) motor bogie, have larger wheels than the BR pattern EMB motor bogies used on the DMU, EMU, and Blue Pullman. Late Dock Shunters and TC locos had smooth wheels from new, so late spares are out there for replacements, as well as those seen on eBay, etc. I think that late issue DMUs, especially those with the A7 headcode, also have smooth wheels. The LMB (later pattern) motor bogies were used on the EM2, A1A, EE type 3 (nominally 3 axles, the centre axle being a dummy), and the Hymek and TC Series Budd Railcar (2 axles).
  12. I do hope that this isn’t the barking type of Corgi? Does the Corgi Box contain Airfix kits? Oxford Diecast have also been offering mystery boxes….
  13. The loco seems to have Romford style driving wheels, in an old Tri-ang Railways pre 1961 “plate frame” chassis, with no motor. The tender drive looks to be Airfix or possibly Lima. All wheels have traction tyres, and are likely plastic, so pick ups must be from the loco…but no wires are fitted according to Rails experts…
  14. Hmmm…the “Features” seem to be a “let’s click on every item” listing! Not one of the indicated features applies!
  15. Though I haven’t read any of Christopher’s stories, I think that “Wilbert” is an Austerity Saddle Tank Loco on the Dean Forest Railway, that is named after his father, Rev. Wilbert Awdry.
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