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  1. I make this day three of no Hornby Forum... Oh well, it’s not that important I suppose...
  2. I have examples of Tri-ang Hornby small Synchrosmoke unit castings that have the impurity caused expansion and dismitigration... One was in a “Jinty” from the Railway Children set. The smoke unit casting had expanded, breaking apart the plastic body at the smokebox. That should date that example. Another that came loose in some parts is painted black, so probably from a BR B12 4-6-0... Possibly all from one faulty batch, or subcontracted manufacture?
  3. I agree, the Old Smoky locomotive is probably the first factory weathered locomotive. The weathering is mainly brown, and does vary from loco to loco in its application, some have more weathering than others. Photos from the internet, as our models are not available just now...
  4. Maybe the Hornby Railways Ivatt 2-6-0 loco compares badly in correct details with the much later Bachmann versions, but the X.03 (New type) motor is more easily maintained and spare parts common than a lot of the more recent models. There is less detail to fall off as well... As the production run of the two liveries, BR black and green, made (The proposed LMS black model was not actually released) wasn’t very long, there are possibly less of the Hornby ones around now... it all depends on your definition of well made...the Hornby loco is very resilient.
  5. The problem with the starter sets is mainly that they came too late. Most other model Railway manufacturers had cheaper starter sets for many years before Hornby Meccano decided to join in. I think that by the time of their release, taxation regulations had changed, so that there was no longer a sales tax incentive to market the power controllers and transformers separately from the train sets. Originally, there was less tax on the controllers if they were marketed as a separate range from the toy train sets, Toys having higher sales tax rates...
  6. The first type of plastic Hornby-Dublo couplings were introduced with the Super Detail Carriages in 1960. The later plastic coupling, the better looking and performing “Delrin” type, came in later... Around 1962-3? I too am away from the reference library...
  7. I thought that the Bachmann Dynamis DCC infra red controllers connected to a base station, which was connected to the track. So shouldn’t the line of sight be with the base station receiver rather than the locomotive? Or has there been a development, and Dynamis now connects directly to the locomotive?
  8. Note the star logo on the tank wagon...it’s the same as the star logo on the video... Also the name on the loco uses the same typeface, with the triangle for an A, as in the video title... No mention of being an adult set though on this one.
  9. Note: The Cola themed set descriptions stress that they are for Adult Collectors ... This is obviously to avoid the advertising to children connexion with an “unhealthy “ product... https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/the-coca-cola-christmas-train-set.html
  10. Hopefully, the top of the open wagons, which cannot be seen, is actually open, to allow loading....
  11. The Union Flag is properly only called the Union Jack when flown from the Jack Staff on a Royal Navy ship...The flag pole is the Jack Staff... In flag design, it is customary to separate any elements derived from other flags with a white border, which is why there is so much white space on the Union Flag. As has been stated above, the three countries that were joined by Acts of Union are represented, even though the largest part of the island of Ireland has since become a separate country, with a tricolour flag. I think that it would be a good idea to add a
  12. That will be “Stepney The Bluebell Engine”. Stepney talks about some of the other Bluebell locos, with illustrations...
  13. Some E2 locos had the extended tanks... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LB%26SCR_E2_class But the cab and bunker rails, and tank top details is pure Thomas from the TV series... Trix also made a model of an E2 loco...
  14. The Ertl (?) die cast model seen earlier is 323, Hornby have used 326...so did Hornby Copy the Ertl, and change the number?
  15. The blue, or the black Batmobile? Or both??
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