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  1. No idea I’m afraid, maybe it was painted in black during the war with GWR? I believe 1401 was an unintentional celebrity of the film, the producers rocked up at Westbury shed and saw the loco which fitted their bill for the film.
  2. I’m down for the 1401 limited edition loco, I reckon I’ll have a few standard issues as well - very nice loco !
  3. Could a Mod explain why my comment has been removed ?
  4. Thanks Gents the Greenwood product looks the bees knees !
  5. Would anyone know who produces the turntable please ?
  6. Looks like the HEA is all but dead sadly, I’ve asked Dapol a number of times but their response is silent. Gutted, if they’ve been cancelled I was really looking forward to the shorter coal trains they could built into.
  7. Arent most of the projects still looking for investors, even more so now a few have declared their out? Therefore everyone should be given information not just a “committed” few, as everyone is still a potential investor.
  8. If your not paying for the trip who cares if it’s expensive or not ?
  9. So he can answer a email which is “good news” as in a general query whilst he’s “out of the office” but can’t answer the 100s of people who are worried they’ll lose money. So was he out of the office, which you would reasonably assume he can’t answer communications as a result, or is it another mistruth/misrepresentation? This get stinkier by the day, where’s the Cook Report bloke when you need him.
  10. Maybe it’ll take legal letters landing on the doormat of DJ Towers to trigger some kind of resolution either way ?
  11. Wasn’t it last Friday he suggested he’d have some kind of news ? No press release on his website at the moment, another missed release date why am I not surprised. Whats stopping him just slipping away never to be seen or heard of again ?
  12. Has anyone heard anything, or have the eastern dragons eaten him ? What is it they say about politicians and seasons?
  13. Another winner, really looking forward to a 14 to join my panniers. Fantastic project guys !
  14. So if/when time is called a certain person can walk away with their personal finances unblemished ? Potentially to set up another limited company and start all over again, cowboy builder style ?
  15. A fool and his money are easily parted they say, pretty much a open cheque to potentially produce a model, or not with no come back if/when it doesn't happen. That reminds me, I must remember to send my $1000 money transfer to that nice Nigerian Prince, for my $1,000,000 prize !
  16. God is this where the money has gone, a blame everyone apart from DJM spokesman? Blame literally everyone or anything except his own inability to deliver many years on from the launch! You really couldn’t make this comment up !
  17. 107,000+ views about an announcement about an announcement, that wasn’t actually an announcement! A record ?
  18. Your welcome to ignore me if I’m so dull. For the record initially I was very supportive of various projects, I only turned when it was apparent things where going south.
  19. Okay, your welcome to your opinion - raise concern - equal troll. Typical.
  20. Okay, I’m going to wait and see if/what he says come the announced update date before making further comment.
  21. Any sensible businessman would knock the 92 project and refund as fair as possible any remaining monies, this might regain some faith in DJM as having any kind of ability to progress the remainder.
  22. Nothing, if you have a proven track record of delivering - trying, but just not quite getting there just sums up this firm sadly.
  23. Several thousand pounds have been sunk into DJM Ltd, those who have given money for a return ie, a model they have a right to know why: the project has gone wrong, where the money has gone - in detail, what has actually been delivered - anything that can be sold to return funds etc. it all seems very convenient how several crowdfunding schemes can all fail (in practice, not officially yet) with monies lost with zero recourse or explanation. Now the leading man declares himself out of office until mid May, with some vague hope of information when he returns. I've no personal dislike for DJ, I’ve not brought or invested in any of his schemes, my anger is how this has continued to bump along from drama to drama, missed deadline to missed deadline but people are still saying they’ve ordered models, continue to show faith and just shrug off losing their had earned money. Maybe these schemes should of been run through a 100% trustworthy platform which provided protection to the investor - or was that not that plan all along ?
  24. It appears DJM isn’t going to retire gracefully then, but drag out the bloody painful death as long as there is breath in his body. Im sure he’s not foolish enough to have any personal financial exposure, hence why he’s dragging it on and on. Someone mentioned that DJ Models is only owned 50% by DJ himself, any idea who this other investors is ?
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