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  1. This seems to boil down to RCH Records. Where does one go for that Archive? N
  2. An example was Writhlington Colliery wagons on SDJR, to run on GWR required a GWR number that they meet GWR standards. Does anyone know if GWR Records exist on the dates such numbers were issued etc. It must have been a practice elsewhere to run on GWR rails. Noel
  3. Re: "PS the IF part is a big if after yesterdays fail, I seem to be getting further away from a good print, but then again I have only had the machine for a couple of weeks." You seem to be taking on a lot with the learning curve for a new machine. I would love one too, in 4mm. I have posted elsewhere to file with Shapeways. Regards
  4. What authority do you have for Brown or Red Oxide

    Writhington Livery.?



    1. Miss Prism

      Miss Prism

      None. I merely referenced the colour applied to the Bachmann wagon, the colour applied to the Cambrian wagon, and compound made a reference to his thread.


  5. What colour are the older Writhlington Wagons?
    From WWI it looks like they were grey.
    I can find nothing written about this.

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    2. Dazzler Fan

      Dazzler Fan

      The pictures are only B&W, hence the question
      Is  there any eyeball reference

    3. Miss Prism
    4. Compound2632
  6. I thank you all for the replies. "The Picture" is genaerally attributed to 1903; which fits in with what is being reported. I have the Register assembled by the S&DJR Society that gives the Writhlington Numbers. Noel
  7. re. Your research in 2017 on Bratysdown Wagons.


    I am currently looking for series for Wagon Numbering.



    1. wagonman


      Hi Noel


      Here is the spreadsheet that will be published next year (I hope) in my next book. It references photos where they are known but otherwise you're on  your own when it comes to actual appearance. That said, the general proportions of the wagons seem similar, unsurprisingly. As for wagon colour, some people say red but I've not seen any official source so I'd plump for black.


  8. WRITHLINGTON 1928 Does anyone have details of the running numbers for the long gone Braysdown Colliery? The Writhlington picture accredited to 1903 shows wagons with Dumb-Buffers. My layout is for shunting operations and is designed for maybe 3 operators. I have room for the few lines in the foreground (not shown), that I have reproduced from old Track Plans. Noel
  9. Always seen Shapeways front-end Staff as "Artsy Fartsy" Business Approach; you have to dig deep to get definative answers. The problem of Conversion rates and how they present Invoices has always been a problem to understand the build-up, and how VAT features. It appears muddled to me. US Dollars are a good Currency to stick with and follow through to Charging. It is how most International Trade is conducted. N.
  10. This was inevitable. All the pointers were there for anyone who has seen this scenario before: Pity!
  11. I am looking for someone to fill and dispatch parts bags to go with 3Dmodels I supply. My current friend is now elderly and becoming infirmed. The tasks are sporadic and piecemeal. All parts, packing and Postage Float supplied. This would be suitable for someone already engaged. Please write:- [email protected]
  12. Hi, Nice to see the Pollens doing service Noel
  13. Andy,


    I am 78, a long time member since you appealed for funds to buy a new Server

    - I was flushed at the time and you hit lucky with me.


    I am lost on the new layout, and i feel I have lost a pleasure of a good read and exchanges

    on the site.


    Could you please consider going back to the previous format - the logic of the current defies me.





    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      Sorry, that is not possible. 

  14. LOL! Looks like this is what it is reduced to. N.
  15. Shapeways now print in HP Nylon and a Bevel Set is performing well with good feedback. N.
  16. My uncle was a wheelwright of the wood kind from the 1930's and restored old road vehicles at Goring-On-Thames into the 1970's when his collection was sold. Oval spokes, YES, hence the "SPOKE SHAVE." N My uncle was a wheelwright of the wood kind from the 1930's and restored old road vehicles at Goring-On-Thames into the 1970's when his collection was sold. Oval spokes, YES, hence the "SPOKE SHAVE." N
  17. The Pollen E frames are reputed salvaged from the Broad Gauge wagons. Guinness Book of Records list the Pollen E as to oldest commissioned wagons set in Service; that is before they were taken out of Service! Not only photos of detail by Castle, but also available NRM Drawings and those published in various of Tourret's books were used for the models They were produced to "Castle's Approval" - and with 84998 & 84999 opposing Brake Handles faithfully reproduced. WAS IT A BUILD MISTAKE, adding the Buffer Beam to the wrong and identical end of the second wagon - in place of making
  18. Chris The "Trap" points I interpret as the Catch Points on the incline, within the Colliery Gates, and on "Private Property" By Sidings, I refer to the Main Sidings alongside the Mainline - how far in were these Lever thrown. Noel
  19. Hi There is a pic' somewhere of a worker in Writhlington Sidings holding an old rag, maybe for operating brakes - but also point levers?. From when were the siding points rod operated from the Box, or has that always been the situation. Noel
  20. Tony Your Dad as a teacher was clearly more valuable to you than having him as the owner of a Pub. We have a rich boy in charge over here, whom I doubt knows anything about Agamemnon. Noel
  21. Hi! I have chosen 30" x 60" inch x 6" deep modules that are still comfortable to be handled by one person, and give problems like these more room. A 2280 x 1140 (8 x 4) provides all the additional support work. Noel
  22. Hattons replacing bad runners will ultimately degrade the offering. - what a way to go! Are all DJM models like this?
  23. + This page is so overprevailing the site should change its name ! Is this what rmweb has now been distilled down to? Noel
  24. Jamie, Have you tried an N20 motor with a gearbox ratio about 60 rpm with purpose designed bevel gears - the whole should sit within the 12mm of the frames See:- /topic/132105-n20-motors-railway-modeller-april-2018/
  25. Hi ! As stated above, current offerings do not meet the need. - these are bespoke for the purpose and affordable as a simple solution. The current eBay item is # 123215503408 (Relisted on trip with more than 10 sold !) Of course these are designed for N20's with the square brass gearboxes The N20 are high reving and 12v geared down to 60 rpm gives excellent torque for small OO locos. On the 0-4-2 SDJR 25a the assembly leaves the Cab free for detail. Noel
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