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  1. I came across this. https://www.guinntiques.com/stjamesgaterailway.aspx
  2. Mind you, I did love the Guinness clocks 😀
  3. Should you happen to see wasabi baked green peas under no circumstances buy them. They are completely addictive.
  4. Failing that a pointy stick with a hardened steel tip, or, you could suggest to the CEO how they might lower their payroll without skipping a beat 😀
  5. There wasn't a problem. We decided to sell it and we financed the loan to the buyer. Unfortunately they financed a better rate and bought us out 😀 (A major reason for buying the place was so that we could ski with my best-man from Paisley and he could use the place any time he and his wife liked.) He died from a heart-attack about a year later. He had not been feeling well and I've never forgiven the NHS.
  6. Eviction laws in the US vary a lot from sate to state. We had a small flat near Park City that we rented out for a few years but before we did I talked to a Utah solicitor to find out what Utah was like. Turned out it wasn't a problem there. He told me they'd be out in two weeks max 😀
  7. If the worm was internally splined sliding the shaft out does seem like the likely answer.
  8. Yes, I had the same thought as I was falling asleep last night.
  9. Beats me too. With that amount of mechanical advantage there is just too much friction for the gear to rotate the worm. Your model should confirm that.
  10. Yes, turning the worm will rotate the crankshaft, but I doubt the crankshaft could ever rotate the worm. What's odd is that there doesn't seem to be any way to disengage the worm.
  11. That makes sense. Absent some miraculous lubricant I don't see how the gear-wheel could ever make the worm rotate 😀
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