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  1. That's the slacking pipe which came off a valve in the cab side sheet. The following like shows it on a 28XX, but I believe it would be a similar arrangement on most GWR loco's. http://gwr2807.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/
  2. You know Jeff sometimes I nearly forget that you're actually building a model railway, not an epic diorama of a moor. Keep up the great work and stop apologising for posting photo's of your stunning scenic work.
  3. Agreed. Although at the time Lionheart and Dapol were separate companies and Lionheart had always been reliable in the past. Not that I'm too worried. The B set will most likely be the last rolling stock I will purchase in O gauge
  4. When I was contacted by Dapol I was asked how much deposit I'd paid. Although tempted to see if I could get away with saying I'd paid in full, I was honest and told them I'd paid the £50 deposit. Which they duly deducted from the balance.
  5. The stock list is so small is because it is not a very big place. The museum occupies the former Machine Shop R of the old railway works, which was a relatively small part of the works. Also quite a lot of the museum is given over to educational exhibits
  6. I can't quite work out why that might be a problem. But they do come in a Lionheart box.
  7. I found this thread a few days ago, and have very much enjoyed reading the Gauge 3 builds. It's very tempting!
  8. Must stop looking at Gauge 3.

    1. Tim V

      Tim V

      Then just stop!

    2. N15class


      It is tempting isn't it!

  9. Yep, I did a bit of work on one for a friend when I weathered it for him. The springs on the coupling hook are also far too soft and the chromed links are a pig to blacken.
  10. The JLTRT resin wagon kits do go together easily. But the buffers need a lot of fettling to get them to work. You may also want to check the buffer spacing. It's wrong on a lot of early JLTRT kits.
  11. Ah, the outside slip finally makes an appearance. I remember you tell me you were keen to incorporate one into the track plan.
  12. Dingleberries.

    1. 3 link

      3 link

      Frozen Dingleberries.

  13. Probably best to give Tower Models a call.
  14. Great progress Martyn. You must be inching ever closer to completing the circuit.
  15. The spring buffers from NMRS are very good. I've used them a number of times. There may well be something suitable in their range: http://www.nmrs-models.co.uk/ogauge/Buffers/Freight%20Buffers.html
  16. At the weekend a mate brought his newly purchased GWR green Terrier over for me to fit a sound chip into it. I should have got a photo really, but we had a little line up of the following loco's: Dapol Terrier, Lionheart 74XX Pannier Tank, Minerva Peckett, Scorpio 58XX painted by myself in Railmatch GWR green. All were different shades of green. I don't think that nowadays there's really a definitive GWR green. Even at Didcot all the loco's are different shades of green.
  17. Yes, she does: https://locoyard.com/heritage-railways/gallery/gallery-great-western-railway/#jp-carousel-1584
  18. Really. 1442 in Tiverton Museum: https://www.flickr.com/photos/crayzy_ray/4478924203 And 1450: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stuart166axe/18488875416
  19. It does if you want the model you're ordering to represent a particular engine as it was at a particular time.
  20. Quite surprised this hasn't been posted on here: https://www.minervamodelrailways.co.uk/uncategorized/pannier-specification-changes/
  21. I don't understand why Slaters can't just make their wheels out of nickel silver?
  22. Larry, You may also want to check which type of reverser is fitted in the cab. I remember reading that the Tower Bras 14XX has a lever reverser when it should be a screw type.
  23. Great choice of music Andy. Oh, and the layout is coming on nicely too
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