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  1. Its unfortunate to hear that Mainly Trains finally closed, but its not a surprise. I always had excellent service from them, and they were the only source for many parts and tools that I couldn't find here in the US. I also purchased a number of their wagon detailing etches throughout the years, which helped me complete multiple projects. The owner was always helpful, and friendly. I wonder if their etches and castings will become part of another range.
  2. I just received my kit today, the parts are nicely molded, and the chassis is one piece. Here is a quick photo I took of its contents:
  3. Adam, great job with the weathering, the Slope Side Mineral wagon and Strip Coil in particular. Nice detailing job with the Shunter's Truck, I actually have one of the Cambrian kits for these to build. Looking forward to seeing the finished 21T Hopper.
  4. Adam, I found your thread a month or so back, and have watched with great interest. You have put some incredible work into your wagons, and it has inspired me to get back into kit building. I look foward to seeing progress on the Coil R's and your current wagons, I didn't even realize they dated back to the steam era until now. What was the livery for these during your era? Also, great job with the Herring, what was the source of the brake gear etches? I might be after some for the two Herring kits I purchased this week. Regards.
  5. Hello, I am currently building a Cambrian Models GWR Hand Crane, and was looking for suitable running numbers and allocations for cranes based in Wales. I seem to recall hearing they would be seen at locations such as Aberystwyth and Machynlleth. Thank you.
  6. Sparrow_Hawk

    Hornby P2

    Purchased my "Regular Range" P2 from a main box shifter, and it arrived last week with a few points of damage. The loco's right hand buffer was broken off in the box, and the right hand plastic valve gear was snapped in three places. The engine's brake rods from the detail pack were also snapped in various places. I plan to replace the buffers with sprung types anyway, and I'll contact Hornby about obtaining a new detail pack, but I am fairly disappointed, as I haven't had problems with a Hornby product in a few years.
  7. Hello, I am currently building a Parkside O gauge kit for the LMS/LNER/BR design of unfitted gunpowder vans (D1685/D2093,1/260). Would anyone know of photographs of the vans in BR grey livery, prior to becoming vacuum brake fitted? I can only find photos of the fitted Diagram 1/260 and 1/261.Thanks in advance.
  8. Are there any updates on The Southern CCT/PMVs? Also, any confirmation on which variations are being produced? Thanks.
  9. That certainly is good news. I have one of the Midland Ballast Brakes in the "To-do" pile, seems pretty straightforward. Also looks like London Road accepts Paypal payments now, excellent for us overseas customers.
  10. I could not find these listed, which crests are on each one?
  11. This year's announcements were quite a shocker. As a modeler in the fields of Eastern and Southern territory, I'm quite satisfied with the announcement of all four engines. The K1 was an engine I imagined Hornby doing for a few years now, but now its finally coming out. We now have some East Anglian stars, and I couldn't ask for any better. The Blackmotor is an incredible surprise too. Well done Hornby. May this year's choices bring the company great success.
  12. Thought of one more, Gresley K2s in various forms. I also agree with the 15xx, it is difficult enough to find the kit, let alone actually building it. Plus it does have that unique appeal to it, I would certainly purchase one.
  13. How about some Southern based Tank engines such as the E1, B4, Adams Radial, or some sort of Brakedown Crane?
  14. Ordered a Beattie Tank and some wagons last year from Kernow. All I can say was I had excellent service and fast delivery. Very helpful staff as well. Hope to order from them again soon. As far as I know, they don't accept Paypal, as that was how I wanted to pay originally. But this was a year ago, so they may have changed that policy.
  15. Hello, I have been doing research for The NER Diagram 171 Luggage Brake Vans. I am trying to model one during the British Railways period. Would anyone know of any pictures of these during BR service? Also, I have noticed several variants of these vehicles, such as the addition of an extra window and vents on each side. Is this the same diagram or something different? The first van is the one in question: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2321801 Many thanks.
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