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  1. Hi to Jason & Mike I'm in the process of producing a SVG drawing of Springs using the same method Jason explained in this Topic. The difference is I'm doing this in Gauge 1 for a 6 wheel GWR Milk Siphon. I'm using the latest version on Inkscape 1.0.1 and the Path Union has worked for me but there doesn't appear to be an Undo except using Ctrl Z several times. Break apart doesn't have any effect. Am I missing something. I only need the Springs and they will only be cosmetic. In G1 there are very few add extras available so this seems a good way to produce them. Dave
  2. Could some one tell me how to get to previous post numbers.
  3. kada33

    Hi Jason

    I've seen various posts with ref. to a particular person's post number. Can you tell me have to do this please.


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    2. kada33


      Hi Pilou

      I've tried your suggestion but it failed to goto the post. I entered 1622243 which was at the end of the hyper link.

      This should have gone to a JCL post on the 12th OCT 2014.



    3. Philou


      Hi Kada33,


      It seems you need the full link so you can change the number at the end. Perhaps if you put the question up in the site notices section (I think I have that right), Andy Y or some of the more clever ones than me might tell you how to do it - if it can be done!

    4. kada33


      Thanks for the reply Philou.


  4. See the John Lewis articles on Siphons in my link below. See also the 'Sparks' article of September 1929 on six wheeled siphons. https://djb-model-rly-articles.blogspot.com/ Dave
  5. This may be of interest to you all. The O2 was the only milk Siphon with a straight forward curved roof the rest were arcs of one sort or another. The O2 is easier to produce. The enclosed photo is of an O2 in G1 all made from nickel silver. I bought it as shown but have stripped it down and am currently in the process of re-building it. This can be seen in the 1.32 section on WT. Be aware there are several mistakes in the J. Slinn Siphon book. I have the wagon and coach lot book for references. Dave siphon corrections.pdf
  6. Hi Martin I have the Stop Press on the end of page 14, List 6 was my fault, page 8 ends with 13758/W List 10 ends on Page 11 with 15731/E, is this the same as you have? I shall be extracting the wagon and coach details from L10 today. I would like a copy of L23 through to 27046 please, the broad gauge would also be very useful as a lot of BG underframes were used for NG (SG) rebuilds. I'll PM you me details Dave
  7. Thank you Martin, I’ll get back to you tomorrow when I’ve checked my lists. dave
  8. Hi Jim As the photo shows you get the GWR lists of Swindon drawings. Recently I've been searching details for the BDV-Ts and in the lists 1,6,10 I have found the drawing numbers that refer to them. to give an example ref No. 8686 is the body GA drawing for BDVT on L463 for vans 118,9 & 121. If you go onto the HMRS site and put in the search bar 8686 you will get a hit stating the details I've listed above. So there are no drawing in the Lists just references to Swindon drawing covering Locos, coaches, wagons, and all aspects of GWR life. This is the first paragr
  9. What I didn't say in my last post was that I have a copy of the OPC list as a XLS file, this is 5 pages wide and a total of 1548 A4 pages! So looking at the file again today I discovered in the column 4 pages across it gives the OPC list number. 1,6,10 and also BR005 which at the time I wasn't interested in. So I'm no longer in need of information as asked for in my last post thank you. What I have been producing today is a new xlsx file just for Wagons & Coaches, one for each List1,6,10. I've just finished List1 and that is 56 pages. Dave
  10. Does anyone have any of the same as I've shown below. I have List GW1, 6, 10. But there are gaps between the following numbers. 7994 End of List 1 8237 Start of List 6 13236 End of List 6 13759 Start of L 10 Was List 10 the last of these Supplements? I would like to fill the gaps only if they cover GWR Coaches and Wagons. Dave
  11. For those interested in the Preserved BDVT & BDV have a look at my above Google Drive link as I've updated the spreadsheet with new items which are in Red. More will be added as and when I can verify the information. Dave
  12. If you look at my listing on Historical wagon and coach magazine articles you will be able to read all the Michael Longridge and J.ED Binney coach articles and see their drawings. Dave
  13. Here's the photo of my G1 Mink van as made from a Tony Riley body only kit. (10mm) measurements as follows to give some idea of the size. Over Buffers 19cm With 7.5cm Height to centre of roof 10.5cm
  14. Whether it’s right or wrong it still provides a lot of information for GWR modellers. i’ll post a G1 model I built of the same type tomorrow. dave
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