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  1. I'd like to add some additional information for you. The BDV & BDVT ( Break Down Vans, and Tenders) didn't have Diagram numbers, they came under the Pilot Van group. The OOC Pilot Vehicle was both an BDV & Tender combined and numbered 130 and here's the following data for it. Length 62ft 0in, width 8ft 0in, Height &ft 2in. W/B 54ft 6in wheels 8x 3ft 7½in. The following information was by John Lewis In the copy of the Pilot Vans that I'm in the process of updating. Incand. gas. 9ft volute spring bogies. Gangway officials compartment end (Alteration?). Drop light other end. Cushions in officials compartment. Stove, cupboards & lockers in workmen's compartment. Written " Loco, Carriage & Wagon Dept. Old Oak Common" (on roof board). Area with three windows modified by BR(W) in 1951. Sliding door substituted for two of three window group. Photos: RC2 Fig 427 (bogie). RCA2 Figs 442, 455. As modified RCA2 Figs 457, 458. RWA Fig 315. GWR Sheds in Camera Pl 191. When cond. to R&S Hayes, Bridgend Dave
  2. Hi Gareth I have two photos of the svr gpv that I took if you would like copies. Dave
  3. Check out Penrhos jct website. Short Coaches, brake third T20 there is a photo and a line drawing. Dave
  4. Does anyone have any information on BR lot numbers staring with 210 in October 1952 up to 254 in November 1954. They were used when GWR van/vehicles were converted to new vehicles in BR ownership. This will let me update the GWR Pilot van lists. Dave
  5. GWRJ No.44 (Autumn 2002) Page 233-236 covers in depth the West of England Stores Van No.2 in service and on the last page there is a side ways on photo of No.2 at Taunton. This is the first issue I would go for. Dave
  6. You may have a job doing that M.I.B as the magazine GWRJ is no longed published. You will have to search the second hand market for issues 43,44,46,47 & 58. Dave
  7. There is a photo of this vehicle in Russell's GWC appendix II Fig 459. It is easier to find by Figs than Page numbers. Dave
  8. A bit more information I’ve found from the Wagon Lot book as follows. L146 dia. M32/Q14, L 40’ 03/4” W 8’ 03/4” H 7’2” , w/b 32’, Tare 29.4.0, ordered 13.1.34 completed 20.1.45, Notes Converted from PBV 1113, 71/2 kw diesel set, 98 B cell batteries. Dave
  9. I don't think anyone has mentioned above 'The Prairie Papers'by Ian Sixsmith. Printed by Irwell Press. No.1 covers 3150-3190, 4100-4179 & 5100-5199. No.2 covers 3100-3104, 6100-6169 & 8100-8109. There are lots of photos and details about the classes, although no GA drawings, as K14 has said that is available from GWJ no.5. I do have a copy of this issue but you would be hard pushed to read any of the dimensions. Dave
  10. https://djb-model-rly-articles.blogspot.com/ This is a link to what I was describing in my last post. There is something for everyone in my blog site. Dave
  11. See my articles on my Google blog site, look on the GWR.org web site, latest, date from September last year. Two articles on 6 wheel Siphons first by ‘Sparks’ 1929. Second one by John Lewis, this includes a GA drawing. Dave
  12. The SVR Vehicle is 41990 of which are my photos. dave
  13. I have 4 photos of the one on the Severn Valley Railway, if anyone is interested I’ll post them. dave
  14. Following on from my last post, I’ve worked out how to create my own material types and what settings to use on 10thou & 15thou HIPS. I can get through 20thou far enough to be able to snap out what I’ve cut. I have bought a twin set of the 2mm Kraft blades with a view to using them on the 20 thou HIPS using the white adapter that comes with the Cameo 4 in holder 1. The machine recognises the blade type but the user has to set the blade depth manually. Has anyone successfully cut 20thou with a Kraft blade in a Cameo 4 and what settings did you use? From first views it looks like you have take the blade out after every run to change the blade depth, a tool is provided but you can’t get it on the holder because the scroll bar is in the way. Has anyone else come across this. dave
  15. I'm now the owner of the Cameo 4 as of this week, and I've have bought some sheets of 15thou HIPS. Can someone tell me what card type to chose for these or have I got to add a new type? and what settings should I start with, as the Autoblade wont be able to set it's choice. Dave
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