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  1. Hi Jamie, I wish I had the space, glad to hear that you've found somewhere, good luck with the move, Cheers Andy
  2. The arcade is coming along well and looks either the bees or the dogs, take your pick. How's the house move coming along, you not been chucked out on the street yet? Quick question regarding the Class 124, specifically the TSL. I've decided to start my build, at least the easier bits first so the TSL it is. I'm looking for an interior photo if possible, I need to know if there were windows in the sliding doors between the compartments and also windows either side of the doors as in most DMUs. My thought is there would be windows in the doors but not either side, but I can't find any evidence, Cheers Andy
  3. I tried to contact Jim regarding the destination box and drivers steps, but got no reply. I noticed that he'd removed them from his 'Goodies' page, so I guessed he's stopped doing them. I tried using card for my Class 114 conversion, but wasn't really happy with the outcome, so they got removed. I'm now using Plastruct solid rectangular strips, provided you don't want to light the box, I think it looks much better. Once sorted, I'll be able to stick the destination on and then cover with clear plastic.
  4. Hi Jamie, speak to Gareth, I know when I got mine he didn't have any with 12mm wheels, but he had the 14mm ones, so swapped them over for me. Cheers Andy
  5. Hi Barry, quick question regarding your Trans-Pennine unit, I'm following a similar method to Jamie, using the Worsley etches. I've already got one of the Replica chassis, but do you think I need to get in touch with Gareth for a second one? At the moment I'm think of putting the chassis in the griddle car, but don't have any inclines so hopefully I can get away with just the one but thought I'd ask, Cheers Andy
  6. Hi Jamie, just a quick update with gluing my brass sides to plastic body for Class 114. I was originally using Gorilla 2-part epoxy glue, but it seemed to dry quite rubbery and was supposed to dry hard and sandable! I don't know if it was the glue or a lack of suitable clamps or my ineptitude, but I didn't do a very good job, fortunately it was easy to separate and clean-up the sides and body, twice!! I have just started again but this time using araldite and some more clamps, don't know if it's because I've had plenty of practice now, but it was such much simpler, went on a treat and I think because it was the 90min drying type, it looks so much better as you get longer to manipulate the sides, just making sure it doesn't slip before it dries, Cheers Andy
  7. Really enjoying the layouts so far, just watched Phil’s interview with Tim Dunn which I thought was really good and just shows how good a program can be when its done by someone with massive enthusiasm for the subject. I don't know if it was just me, but has Phil's lockdown haircut started to go full Mohican!!
  8. Hi Mick, Congratulations, hope you and the missus get to manage some sort of celebration with the rest of the family, you'll need a big garden!! Hopefully see you sometime later in the year, Cheers Andy
  9. Anyone else wondering about RMweb Gold?

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    2. Joseph_Pestell


      If it's like TV, it will be repeats of the funniest posts on RMWeb.

    3. Andy 53B

      Andy 53B

      Won't be able to go as far back as Gold because of database issues :D

    4. SVRlad


      Who would present it though? Jonathan Ross?

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