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  1. Hi Mick, Congratulations, hope you and the missus get to manage some sort of celebration with the rest of the family, you'll need a big garden!! Hopefully see you sometime later in the year, Cheers Andy
  2. Hi Jamie, the casts are looking extremely good, I'll drop you a PM shortly. I haven't got round to doing anything with my etches yet, still in the middle of a Class 115, and four 4-car Class 104s! I'm using the Worsley Works etches for the Class 115 but I'm not entirely happy with how it's going gluing the sides to the body, mainly due to the rain gutter not looking right against the sides, so it'll be interesting to see how you get on. It probably won't be as big a problem with the non-DMCs as you won't have the cabs. Looks like I'd better get my order in to MJT PDQ! Cheers Andy
  3. Big thank you to Derek and everyone at Eileen's, ordered a load of stuff on Sunday and arrived today, brilliant service in trying times, thanks very much for the excellent service, Cheers Andy
  4. I have to admit, this is not one of mine, but one from Mick Nich. Gramophone needles, dirt cheap, used with a pin vice, really useful for scribing brass, plastic etc. but the benefit being they can easily be sharpened.
  5. Thanks for the info Clive, I think I've got nearly as much filler on mine as well!! Not all female, but still pretty good:
  6. and probably one of the best (photographically worst) rock photos ever taken
  7. I really do apologise for this, is this more appropriate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsPPVtWapgE
  8. Hi Clive, I wondered if I could pick your brain regarding DMU conversions. I'm currently converting a Lima Class 117 in to a Derby Class 114 using etched sides from Worsley Works, but I can't work out the best/easiest way to fabricate the headcode box. When you did yours, did you do it as a hollow box or as solid styrene lump, and then how did you get the destination blind fixed, Cheers Andy
  9. Thanks very much for those Clive, they'll be really useful, it'll give me something to do cross-referencing numbers with allocations. I've nearly always live in or around the Beverley area, but unfortunately the time period I'm modelling I was only 4 and by the time I started going regularly through to Hull everything had gone blue. It's really interesting (frustrating) trying to find info/pictures of Hull at this time, I'm still trying to find a definitive answer with proof when the first Deltic visited!! Thanks again Andy
  10. Hi Ian, I've already gone through these thanks Ian, really useful, though for my era, it doesn't really show many visiting locos being stabled overnight, Thanks Andy
  11. Hi Clive, I came across your post whilst looking at some Class 114 conversions, unfortunately I can't help with any spotting notes for your era, but I'm also in the process of building a Hull based layout during the period 1965-68. I wondered if you had any spotting notes from this era that may help in building a picture of visiting locos other than the Dairycoates based ones, Thanks Andy
  12. Have to agree with Rob, thoroughly enjoyable evening and good to see it so rammed, thanks very much Mick, Cheers Andy
  13. Morning Mick, I'll be there as usual, I would recommend anyone interested in the local area to go as it's always an enjoyable evening, Cheers Andy
  14. According to the website, he will be at a couple of Toy fairs a bit further North, maybe not a 'good bit'. He'll be at Doncaster on 30th December and Bolton the day after.
  15. Hi Mick, excellent and informative talk, as always!! I've sent you some mails hopefully with some photos you've not seen, any problems with them just let me know, Cheers Andy
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