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  1. I initially went with an Excel spreadsheet, then made an Access database a few years ago, but I never really populated it fully. However, this year I did this: Yes, I am that sad that I literally wrote my university dissertation on it. In this, I developed a web-based (SQL backend, PHP frontent) system from the ground up, did all the feasibility stuff, risk assessments, a bit of market research etc... And then wrote a 106-page, 20k+ word report on it. The most tedious thing I've ever written. But it did get me a First Class degree! This, coupled
  2. I saw this on the stand of a second-hand trader doing the rounds in the Midlands back in 2014. Also seen an Intercity one and a Regional Railways 45, still searching for photos of those.
  3. Very nice shop, knowledgable staff, plenty of stock (and good value second-hand stock too). Dropped in when I was in the neighbourhood a couple of weeks before lockdown. I was sure I recognised Martin from the local garden railway club years back, but wasn't quite sure enough to say hello. So there's good knowledge from larger scales and proper trains with real fire in their belly as well then! Not many shops can boast that.
  4. Denbigh station was also that line's headquarters, with a nice building (if sparsely photographed): http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/d/denbigh/ Also Ellesmere is worth looking at. Not an HQ, I think, but a large building for the station's size, could well have been used as such: http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/e/ellesmere/
  5. Have only just seen this; clearly I forgot to Follow the thread. I'd love to see this as well, if possible, please? :-)
  6. Hereford also have a couple of Bachmann K3s in LNER and BR liveries at 61.45 each. Well, they have one less now, anyway.
  7. I'm not sure about those extra-tall second and third chimneys in the dome and cab. Look like they might struggle with bridges and such.
  8. I'll go back and delete my other post, because, simply by being on-topic, it seems out of place here.
  9. Another shout-out for Bure Valley Models (no connection). Just bought a pair of Maunsell ex-LSWR coaches in sunshine green at £27.50 each (generally £40+, best I'd seen elsewhere was £33). http://www.burevalleymodels.com/s/maunsell/name/2 Also available in crimson+cream at the same price. Olive a bit more but still cheap. Also seeing Maunsell push-pull sets at £55. Secondly, if you're after a Peckett W4 (specifically, the blue PLA or green Forest Colliery ones), Derails (no connection) appear to be your best bet, at £77 (and £0 postage!). Over the last couple of mont
  10. For me it's the Great Central Improved Director, in original GC livery.
  11. I'd be willing to bet that there is one accurate photo, showing the colour perfectly, with proof of authenticity and everything. However, it will only appear once the model has been produced, and someone uses it as part of their complaint that the model is the wrong colour.
  12. It would appear they have. Their website now describes it as mahogany livery. https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=594
  13. A bit of a size comparison between my largest and smallest tank engines:
  14. My two arrived in today's post, now undergoing a bit of running in, one at a time, as seen in this very fleeting glimpse! clicky
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