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  1. Topp Trains of Stafford have announced on Facebook they'll be back open on Monday the 12th. The Hobby Goblin of Stoke-on-Trent (Burslem, if you want to be picky) have put on Facebook they'll be open on Tuesday the 13th. Trident Trains of Nantwich (Dagfields Antiques and Craft Centre)'s website states they'll be reopening on Wednesday the 14th. So no excuse for those in the North-West-Midlands!
  2. Out of interest, what's with the card with "STOP!" written on it? Might lead to breakages, if people infer this means it's hammer time.
  3. It leaves about as much space as that left by the average cat, so it's certainly workable.
  4. I'm spending the weekend hitting my legs with a hammer, to leave the same feeling (or lack thereof) in my legs usually attained by walking 30-something miles around the halls over the course of the weekend (including set-up day).
  5. I think it would help if we differentiate between "wrong" and "incorrect". People's skepticism is about to be proven incorrect, once the product is here and we all see how awesome it is. I don't doubt that at all. But their skepticism was not wrong. They were right to be skeptical, given the recent-at-the-time DJM debacle. A lot of people wasted a lot of money there, so were afraid of getting their fingers burnt again. Can we really claim that fear to be wrong? No, but we can now claim it to be incorrect, and then only based on information we have now/shortly, but did n
  6. Are you sure there's no pattern to it? Could be a Morse code message, programmed in by someone being held hostage in a factory in China...
  7. Mine would be Macclesfield, 14-15 March. Just as things were on the precipice. In fact, looking back through my photo album, it literally goes from one photo being of a layout at Macclesfield, to the next being of the working-from-home office I set up three days later as we went into the spiral towards lockdown 1.
  8. Hattons could always produce the Barclay tanks in all different company liveries for each rake of coaches. But then, no doubt, next January we'd see announcements for some new liveries on Pecketts... I know, both are tiny industrial shunters, but the P isn't generic enough and Hattons haven't made a bigger tank engine yet.
  9. No, none of us have the facts, but... In my opinion it's just too much to be a coincidence. For both to have come up with the idea of generic 4 and 6 wheel coaches, at similar time, with no "trigger" event* preceding them... It's both too big and too specific. My thinking is that Hornby were already planning to do the Stroudleys, had the scan booked etc, but, after Hatton's announcement and overall positive interest, decided to go down the generic route too. I'm generally an optimist and have been singing Hornby's praises for the last couple of years, with their Pecketts,
  10. Very disappointing that Hornby appear to have repeated their now all-too-usual tactics here. Seems very underhand and spiteful. As others have said, why not do pre-grouping bogie coaches instead? Even generic ones... In my case, all this announcement has done is push me to order even more of the Hattons offerings.
  11. The geometry quoted by Hornby, Peco, and various books isn't actually correct, weirdly. The outer curve of a curved point is actually equivalent to a 67mm straight folloed by a 2nd radius curve. 67mm is also the distance separation between tracks in SetTrack. This means you can get a standard track separation over a 90-degree angle, following each branch of the point with 2nd radius curves: However, this does mean a 67mm straight would need to be cut to make a crossover, so not much help there! Probably explains why the manufacturers use su
  12. It's making progress. Personally I'd second the previous suggestion of bringing the engine shed's point closer to the main line, to allow more space for the bay siding. Secdonly, I'd swap the goods yard entry point for a right-hander, to avoid too many reverse curves.
  13. There weren't any in my local big B&M, however B&Q are selling them at £22. If you're after any, get them soon as they obviously vanish very quickly after Christmas!
  14. I remember my dad once said that they weren't rakes of 36 when pulled by pairs of 20s too. A youtube video I found a while back (which also demonstrates their distinctive beat), shows a rake going through Stoke-on-Trent, either on its way to Meaford or Rugeley, I'd imagine, in which I counted 34.
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