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  1. You could always pretend there's been a shift in the earth's crust and the Pennines have been stretched southwards by a couple of hundred miles. Or start a sleeper service between Southampton docks and Scotland. Graham
  2. Might be a trick of the light but I'd say there's green showing through the yellow on the 90, just above the light cluster Graham
  3. Fran Unlike the idiots on the news who are claiming they aren't aware of the lockdown situation when they get raided by the police whilst holding a party, I'm sure all those on this forum can understand the circumstances around your announcement. Graham
  4. So the wand supports 2 functions: head or tail lights interior lighting on or off
  5. John Are you sure you have the wiring of the DPDT switches correct? Assuming green (C1) is +ve and blue (C1) is -ve, and grey (C2) is +ve and orange (C2) is -ve, then the 2 wires from each controller need to go to either the top 2 poles or the bottom 2 poles respectively. And the polarity needs to connect to the same side at each end so when you throw the switch either up or down then power is fed to the red / black wires connecting to the track consistently. So you need to swap the blue & grey connections on your diagram. Graham
  6. I agree - £50 for what seems like a very basic wagon seems a tad excessive with A/S selling highly detailed carriages for £45. Graham
  7. A 'rock you to sleep' feature - that's a first on a model
  8. You should be able to identify the sections by looking for insulated rail joiners (plastic fishplates) or gaps in one or both rails. Graham
  9. I think I might have the same problem since getting my layout running during last year's furlough. Dapol Pendo now just sits and whines with no forward / backward movement. But I can't figure out how to remove the body to look inside. I'm guessing there's clips along the side but how many and where are they? I think part of my problem might have been when I was trying to run a full 9-car set - it's far too heavy for one motor. Has anybody successfully managed to remove some weight from the carriages? Any help will be appreciated. Graham
  10. The hand-held units are used to connect to the main units so you only have 2 controllers in total Graham
  11. Unless they've changed the design since I bought one a few years' ago there's no centre click on the main unit - but there is on the hand-held units. Graham
  12. Well it's usually the quiet one so probably slipped off somewhere never to be heard of again Graham
  13. Perhaps the announcement will be the good people at A/S have had to go 'on the wagon' due to a very wet Xmas / New Year period Graham
  14. Shades of poor old Uncle Albert in OFAH
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