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  1. Any reason why the 37 is pulling the TPE by the DVT - connection issues at the other end?
  2. You must have very long arms to be able to get items on and off the shelves safely
  3. I presume you've read this thread ...https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/157958-york-station-in-the-1950s/#comments
  4. You wouldn't see the feather with a red light anyway
  5. "I still believe that the 66 and the 59 are being made in the same factory" What leads you to believe this?
  6. Might be better if you put this in the 'Wanted' section on the forum
  7. If you mean the flat bit which fits into 4 holes underneath then PM me your address and I'll post one out
  8. If there's a solution to a problem, then IMHO Hattons should be providing it FOC to all purchasers
  9. Have you tried contacting the publishers - Peco?
  10. I think I have a Dapol 56 interior bits if any good - don't know if it's 'super detailed'
  11. I've never thought of repeating the layout on the underside of the board to ease the positioning of the switches / wiring - very novel (at least I'm assuming that's what you've done)
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