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  1. Always a great show, one of the best one-dayers in SE. The school car park does fill fairly quickly on the morning so the 5 minute ride on free 1950s LT bus from the Handy Cross park and ride right next to M40 junction is a good alternative. Otherwise there is plenty of unrestricted parking in side streets immediately north of school entrance!
  2. A retailer has suggested to me that another batch of J50s are to be delivered to shops maybe this week? Does anyone know more and if so, is this a further run of the initial classes and liveries or maybe fresh pairings of class and number? Apologies if this is covered elsewhere!
  3. Nothing from Muz about these coaches! Presumably on holiday?
  4. Apologies if this has already been discussed, but, do we know if Bachmann are considering producing the 4 headlight 'prototype' version of the 101? As a GE section modeller it has to be that one!
  5. Modroc is not what it used to be. So unstable under exhibition lighting!
  6. I recall SK telling some 'disappointed' GWR modellers at a show a fews years ago that his new Bullied Q1 was the biggest Hornby seller in Scotland that year! Their ratio of 'never produced previously' to 'updates and repeats' in the rtr market has never been higher - surely that is good news and gives encouragement in terms of the future?
  7. I'm sure this question has already been answered somewhere on RMWeb so apologies! Am I right in assuming that the second run of Bachmann Derby Lightweights will be the build that flooded East Anglia in the late 1950s and 60s rather than their first release?
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