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  1. Well I’ve now weathered the wagon and it looks a lot better I think , but what does everyone else think ?
  2. Hi all well with the temperatures slowly starting to plummet it’s getting rather frost bitten in the shed so maybe time to have ago at something I’ve never done before, modelling heavy industry. Now I know I am not going to get a steel works in less that 4ft but if I can capture the essence of it or rather a wagon repair facility in the complex then I will be a happy chap . So I will be using the sms micro in a box boards and a peco loco lift to use as a cassette. But no idea on buildings etc so lots of research will be done and wagons bodged , I have taken great inspiration from Ruston and hi
  3. Small dockside layout ,Tight radius track work ? Or back of a loco shed / wagon works ?
  4. Gorilla glue , it does leave tiny air bubbles under the surface and can mark but is very easy and less pain than varnish .
  5. Believe it or not it’s glue . Put on with a spreader out in the midday sun .
  6. A few more quick pictures to show how it will vaguely look
  7. A little experimental layout for trying out techniques. On a scale model scenery 73cm long board for the wrapping paper box . Along way from finished . Ignore the stock it was just at hand .
  8. Follow up from email , Item not in stock refunded right away . regards
  9. I’ve ordered a Roco locomotive of them says in stock . payed with PayPal but had no conformation email from Osborns them selves just from PayPal , emailed and Phoned with no answer. Anybody had a similar issue ?
  10. I am just a little concerned it won’t be up to standard for here that’s all .
  11. I’ve recently been faced with a challenge that my younger brother wanted a small shunting layout and on looking for “entry level “ ideas thought that maybe with the influx of great industrial locos at the moment why not make an industrial layout , much like we see the “ train set layouts “ in the magazines etc. Would anybody be interested in this if I were to post progress pictures up on the site ? its about 10ft by 15” built using some old ikea hollow cupboard sides . Code 100 set track and a felix track , dcc and set in the 60s-70s . thanks
  12. Hi I purchased a open gauge grange which seems to be missing a left hand side cab step , anybody know where I might be able to purchase a set ? It is For the Hornby model . But I can fit any kit parts if easier . james
  13. A1X

    Lymebrook Yard

    Lovely looking layout, really nice scenes. I did like the goal post and wickets .
  14. Very well maybe ... Dohhh just noticed that the topic title was wrong damn you auto correct!
  15. Hi guys I recently got some grass mat of an old layout I recovered however o have no idea who’s it is and would like some more . Heres a pic image hosting sites it seems to be 6mm and is on a green backing . Any help would be great
  16. A1X

    Bermuda Road MPD

    Glad to see this layout back I haven’t been on for a few years so it’s great to see it again .
  17. Ahhh those Western region germs are attacking me !!!!

  18. That book is really worth it .
  19. off for my MRI scan now

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    2. Captain Kernow
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      thanks all , got into the waiting room to find ex wolves striker don goodman sat there .

    4. Crisis Rail

      Crisis Rail

      All the Best.

  20. swan morton in my finger before work YAY

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      oh yes a 20 minute old blade ,

    3. Crisis Rail

      Crisis Rail

      Been There Done That.


      ....it's an occupational hazard thing....

    4. Horsetan


      Making a decent stab of things....

  21. Hello all , i thought it was time I started a topic for my layout in planning and the rolling stock for it . mostly this will me detailing RTR and kitbuilt rolling stock . for the Saxthorpe and Beestonregis tramway / light railway . the layout is based on the wisbech and upwell tramway and some of the GER branches such as the snape branch . the layout has 3 time frames , 1940/48 LNER 1948/55 BR AND 1955/69 BR DIESELS /LATE STEAM . This layout is going to fill an alcove in mine and my brothers room yet high engough for him to see but not touch (the joys of a 18 nearly 1
  22. its a lovely sense of space, this layout . really effective . what you need tho is a beattie well tank or a J15
  23. Hi Alex , lovely looking layout. can i ask as to who makes the buffer stops you have used on the layout?
  24. i brought mine yesterday , lovely runner from the box , now weathered, coaled up and crew added . well worth the money .
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