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  1. When I went up to longbridge last week there was a MPV and two colas 37s on RHTT at kings norton no pics sadly HSTFAN13 Lee
  2. Yup that's the one Yes quite expensive but in the long run(can't remember there lifespan(20-30 years maybe)though they could be repowered)it could be very valuable to the UK grid HSTFAN13 Lee
  3. SSE plc/Southern and Scottish have put forward plans for a pump storage plant in Scotland but can't remember it's name at mo but should be on web HSTFAN13 Lee
  4. Yes there is but they've converted it so it can burn a wider range of similar fuels HSTFAN13 Lee
  5. The main reason why most biomass comes from the US is that there's not enough in UK for demand HSTFAN13 Lee
  6. The south of England is best for solar and the north of England/Scotland and/or offshore is best for wind Yes grid connected storage is needed but i think it's a few years off(they did a demo a little Barford and there's a UKPN demo at hemsby) I think the UKs power generation should be in the future... Wind onshore and offshore Solar both large scale solar farms and on most UK buildings(should be all) Hydro(pumped storage and non pumped) Tidal(should of been done years ago seems to be taking long) Gas(in gas turbines as it's flexible and can be used base and peak load and as small back
  7. What about small solar panels on top of your locos/units/wagons/coaches ? HSTFAN13 Lee
  8. Hi, I believe they(no dash for gas)got the case dropped by a petition and lots of media publicity about the case HSTFAN13 Lee
  9. Hey Jim Your correct they did do something similar a few years ago (2008?) but it wasn't Ratcliffe it was Drax HSTFAN13 Lee
  10. Saw this http://picturestocktonarchive.wordpress.com/2006/11/10/a-ladle-on-a-bogey-on-its-way-to-british-steel-at/ thought you might be interested HSTFAN13 Lee
  11. Yup they are that big but I'm not going to make the whole of Drax site with all 12 cooling towers also the Bachmann ones are low relief so may be tall but not a scale diameter of a cooling tower of which St. Paul's could fit inside one HSTFAN13 Lee
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