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  1. Thanks Wagonmaster, I feared that might be the case. Appreciate your response to clear that up.
  2. Hi Wagonmaster, I am very interested in your lighting 'fix' as detailed in your post of 2nd April and would appreciate hearing your thoughts on a couple of points. Firstly, do you think that the re-wiring of the front tail lights as described will work in dc/analogue mode? I want to have the head code discs lighting up when running forwards and the lower front tail lights lighting when running in reverse. Secondly, can you please clarify the cutting of the NF black wire close to the plug. I assume that the new extended wire is soldered to the loose end of the wire coming from the loco/tender connector before re-routing as described. This makes the original NF plug connection redundant. Your advice will be most appreciated.
  3. Further to the comments and advice from Wagonmaster, SGp and Barry O, I inserted diodes into the red and white wires at the front end of the loco immediately behind the LED housing unfortunately without any success solving the problem. In fact, they seemed to have no affect on the lights whatsoever. Both the headcode disc and lower directional lights performed as before. I did not put a diode in the black wire as this seemed to be a common return. I am now wondering if the exercise carried out by Wagonmaster on the Tender wiring to solve the problem for DCC operation might also work for DC operation but obviously without the ability to control use of same. Like SGP, I have blanked off the cab and rear (tender) tail lights to stop them showing when hauling a train, but really would like the front directional lights to show red and the headcode lights not illuminate when reversing onto the train. Unfortunately, I only have a basic knowledge of DCC ready / fitted wiring. Any further ideas would be most appreciated.
  4. My GT3 runs in DC/analogue mode and I am asking if anyone has solved the problem of the always illuminated directional lighting, in particular on the loco. I have seen the DCC fix suggested by Wagonmaster (page 78 of this topic) but am looking to sort out the headcode marker lights and the lower set of lights so as they only illuminate when the loco is moving in the appropriate direction. It will be easy enough to chage the colour of the lower lights from the current incorrect white to red. I have been wondering if the introduction of diodes into the relative wiring might solve the problem. Any thoughts or comments would be most appreciated.
  5. Can anyone confirm if GT3 ran with a one man or two man crew. I assume that a two man crew (driver and secondman) was more likely in the early 1960s.
  6. Likewise, would appreciate information re. removal of loco and tender bodies for maintenace purposes. Also access to cab interior for painting etc, Any information regarding control panel and seat colours would be most appreciated. Congratulations Keith and Michael on producing a stunning model of this iconic locomotive. Bodes well for future releases.
  7. Just got my T-o[F back from Grimy Times, having received a middle of the range weathering finish. I wanted to be able to see signs of the Brunswick Green finish under the grime. I think that Steve at GT has acheived this brilliantly. It looks even better in real life. I prepared the loco prior to weathering by applying two coats of Johnsons Kleer to liven up and darken the original Hornby green finish.
  8. Sounds like a similar problem I found with my ToF when trying to select the short tender drawbar position. The drawbar needs to be turned round so as the alternative position is at the forward / loco end to avoid fouling the power connector plug under the tender. The screw holding the drawbar under the loco was incredibly tight and took time to remove. When out, I observed that the thread was damaged / mis-shaped and had stripped the corresponding thread on the loco, pulling out a spring like coil. I had to Loctite the screw back into the chassis after selecting the shorter drawbar position. The screw should never have been used in the first place given its damaged condition. Peter.
  9. Good quesion, I honestly don't know. Suggest a trial on something not important / spare bit of plastic sheet before moving on to £170's worth. I've not had a problem in the past when spraying weathering finish onto Klear. Peter
  10. For comparisson purposes, I have treated my ToF to two coats of Johnsons Klear directly onto the out of the box Hornby rendition of Brunswick Green. I used a 10mm flat brush to apply the Klear to avoid possibility of streaking. The resulting colour is darker and certainly has a bit more life about it. I intend to weather the loco from it's current ex works appearance to an approx 4 weeks in service look and hopefully disguise the lining a little. Peter. I also took the opportunity to reduce the length of the cylinder draincock pipework to match the A2/2 locos.
  11. On 15/11/20 Pre Grouping Fan said; Before I send an email to KR models, is the website showing lower prices for anyone else (125 for DCC ready and 207.5 for DCC sound) Also under DCC Ready its showing BR green and Brunswick as liveries instead of Black and Green. Is it just me ? I think you will find that the prices shown on KR Models website are net of VAT. Addding 20% to these prices will bring cost up to the actual purchase level. P&P also needs to be added. Yes, for some reason. the website does offer the option of BR Green and Brunswick Green instead of Green and Black for the CC ready model. I am sure the former is an error which needs correcting by KR Models. I am certain that the correct livery options were shown when I placed my order earlier this year.
  12. I am amending appearance of my 3440 'City of Truro' to reflect the period it ran in BR days between 1959 to 1961 using photgraphs taken at the time. This has entailed removing the buffer beam number and also the need to repaint the 4 sand boxes in front of the splashers from GWR ( Brunswick ) Green to Indian Red to match the frames. Whilst the sides of the sandboxes were obiously Indian Red, does anyone know if the tops and filler caps were the same colour or perhaps Black. It is difficult to tell from contemporary photos due to the angle they were taken at. Comments appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the info John. Can you recall how you formed the hollow in the back without damaging the cap?
  14. Just a word of caution re. Bearing Cap covers supplied by Modelu. I ordered a set as back up in the event that KRM do not supply same ( fitted or for customer fitting ) with the loco. The caps received are small, solid, not recessed and I cannot see a way they could be adapted to fit over the crank pin nuts. They are almost certainly designed to fit Romford style crankpins.
  15. Need for caution duly noted. Thank you.
  16. Thanks for the info John. Regards, Peter-locoman462
  17. Thanks Gary, I think that i'll order a set just in case none are supplied with GT3. Regards, Peter - locoman462
  18. Posted 55 minutes ago (edited) 1 hour ago, KR Models said: We can't do that due to a sizing issue. Not sure that I follow that ! My model has conventional crankpins covered by resin-cast 'hub caps'; the 'hub caps' would be very easy to injection mould in polystyrene or ABS. They could be supplied as a owner-fitted accessory. John Isherwood. Edited 44 minutes ago by cctransuk I seem to recall some time ago that John posted about the 'hub caps' fitted to his kit built GT3 and mentioned were he had obtained them from. As I can't find the information now, can he enlighten us in the event that KR cannot supply same. Thank you.
  19. until
    A two day exhibition featuring 19 layouts in various scales, 8 Traders, 5 Show you How demonstrations and Club Shop and full refreshment service. Exhibition on two floors with disabled access to all areas. Raffle each day for exclusive framed railway print. There will be a free hourly vintage bus service running on both days (timings to be confirmed nearer the event date) between the North West Museum of Road Transport, Hall Street, St Helens and the exhibition venue in Rainhill. Please note that admission to the museum is not included but tickets can be purchased on the door. 1000 - 1700 Saturday, 1000 - 1630 Sunday. Admission £5.00 Adults, £3.00 Children, £13.00 Family (2+2). Layouts attending; Abbeyfields (N), Bewdley (00-DCC), Burnham on Sea (N), Clayton End Signalaman (00-DCC), Coed-Y Cledau (009), Colyer Street (00), Ddraig Gwarel (009), Dunnington DVLR (00), Goose Creek (On30), Letsby Avenue (00), Llwyn Grug (N), Many Gates (00-DCC), Masons Wharf (09), Midhurst Road Junction (00), Newbury Mills (00), The Sidings (00-DCC), Wainthrop Bridge (EM), Winziges Industriegebiet (H0-DCC), 34th and Vine (HO). Demonstrators attending: Pete Leyland (Architectural Modelling), Wyn Platt (Rolling Stock construction), Ned Banks (KATO Unitrack system), Brian Davis (Wagon Loads), Alan Massie & Alan Brenchley (DCC Demonstration). Traders attending: World of Motion, PL Models, SMTF, Todmorden Model Supplies, Railbus Transport Books, Powerbond, Rainhill MRC Club Shop.
  20. This is a family themed show utilising mainly Club and Club member's layouts in various scales . There will also be trade support, club shop and a full refreshment service. All children have the opportunity to visit Santa and receive a gift. Full disabled access to all areas. Additional attraction this year - Free admission to The Merseyside and South West Lancashire 009 Group Narrow Gauge Show. Opening times 1000 - 1700. Admission; Adults £3.50 Children £4.00 (which includes a visit to Santa and a gift). 13 layouts, 5 traders, 6 demonstrators plus 009 society layouts / trders / demos.
  21. I am at a loss to understand why the keyboard warriors / assassins out there, having made their choice not to invest in this project, seem to think that they have a God given right to continue posting negative comments regarding everything KR Models say or do. You are hardly showing any evidence of British fair play and it would seem that you are wishing the project to fail so you can shout out loud 'I told you so'! Will you still be around and big enough to say 'Well done, I got it wrong' when a good model of GT3 arrives next year? Give KR Models a break and keep your non invested comments to yourselves. Your negative attitude will hardly encourage future investors in our hobby.
  22. A one day model railway exhibition as part of Rainhill village's celebrations being held over the bank holiday weekend 25 - 27/05/19 to mark the 190th anniversary of the famous 1829 Rainhill Locomotive Trials. The NRM replica 'Rocket' locomotive will be on parade / display around Rainhill over the weekend. The model railway exhibition is jointly hosted by Rainhill MRC and the Stephenson MRG. Opening times; 1000 - 1600 Admission; Adults (incl 1 child) £3.00 additional children £2.00 Disabled access to all areas of the exhibition. Full refreshment service available. Layouts attending; Royston St Davids (0-16.5mm), Kingsmead (00), Lynhair (00-009), Makeshift Sidings (00), Rothampton (009), Todd to Swift (N), Enngauge Junction (N), North Mersey (00), Melrose End (00). Demonstrators attending; Brian Davis - Wagon Loads, Wynn Platt - Loco construction, Peter Leyland - Architectural Modelling. Traders attending; SMTF, World of Motion, Railbus. Information Stands; Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society, 502 Group, 009 Society. The Merseyside and South West Lancashire 009 Narrow Gauge Group will also have layouts / traders / demonstrators on display. For further information, please contact brian.anderton [email protected] OR stephensonmrg,[email protected]
  23. Regrettably, it is beginning to look like this project will hit the buffers in the next couple of weeks unless a sufficient number of modellers who may be sitting on the fence, sign up their expression of interest with KR Models. Please see statement on Facebook outlining current status. If you want a GT3, now is the time to act. Not next week, next month but NOW. I personably will be very disappointed to see this project fail and miss out on the chance of owning a model of this iconic locomotive.
  24. until
    Event Name: Model Rail 2019 Classification: Exhibition Address: Rainhill Vilage Hall,Weaver Avenue,Rainhill,Merseyside L35 4LU Day 1: 02/03/19 Opening times Day 1: 1000 - 1700 Day 2: 03/03/19 Opening times Day 2: 1000 - 1630 Prices: Adult £5.00Child £3.00Family £13.00 (2+2) Disability access: Yes Car parking: Yes Website: www.rainhillmrc.org.uk Organising body: Rainhill MRC Organiser: Brian [email protected] A two day exhibition with layouts in all the popular scales. Traders, 'Show-you How' demonstrators and Club Shop, Full refreshment service. Raffle on each day for exclusive framed railway print. Disabled access to all areas of the exhibition (2 floors). 16 layouts, 8 Traders, 4 Demonstrators, Society stands. Full details of the exhibition attendees can be found on our website at www.rainhillmrc.org.uk There will be a free hourly vintage bus service running on both days (timings to be confirmed nearer the event), between the North West Museum of Road Transport, Hall Street, St Helens and the exhibition venue in Rainhill, Travel on the bus is free but admission to the museum if desired, is chargeable on the door.
  25. Has anyone given any thought to or alternatively sourced a supply of limestone suitable to make up loads for these wagons? I never actually saw any of these trains in operation and all the photographs you see of the loaded hoppers suggest that the stone was very white in colour. None of the various types and colours of ballast / gravel etc. currently available seem to be suitable as an alternative.
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