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  1. thanks will be interesting to see what varieties are offered! tim
  2. looking forward to buying some of the new 9' and 10' wb wagons are they available to pre order yet? tim
  3. i have looked at quite a few pictures online and saw 08s, 09s, 33s, 37s and others. i wonder which loco wore the livery in service the longest? i can post the list of locos that wore the livery here when the old magazine arrives! tim
  4. very sorry to hear about your dad neil tim
  5. thanks steven! i have bought the magazine. tim
  6. hi does anyone have links to information about which locos carried the all over grey livery? what year was the livery first introduced? was it about 1989?? cheers tim
  7. ok great thanks dave!
  8. looking forward to these appearing in n gauge one day too!
  9. hi do the bogies just pull out? tim
  10. i have asked the retailer i ordered with but no answer. i paid up front for 2 models. i just thought maybe gm used the forum (as they posted to advertise an o gauge class 73 the other day for example...) but anyway its up to them if they do or don't want to use the forum... not trying to start a war, just would like to know if these models are still happening or not! i applaud gm for commissioning some n gauge models btw, just would be nice to have an update.... have a great bank holiday weekend everyone tim
  11. regarding the low speed try a different decoder increase the track voltage a bit (obviously be careful and try it just a v or 2 higher) tim
  12. thanks dungrange and ben! i will buy a 14.5mm back to back gauge. thanks for the info on this. i don't think i will mess with the tank engine wheels then! i know with diesels you can sometimes just push the wheels apart, but of course steam locos are more complicated. probably i will replace it with something better in the future, a loco with sound / smoke / and a stay alive... cheers for your help on this tim
  13. hi everyone could someone please direct me to a correct back to back gauge for ho scale for sale? (a uk seller if possible). this is just for normal modern stock and locos with rp25 wheels running on either peco, roco or tillig code 75, 83 or 100 track... also can you adjust the back to backs on a tank engine slightly, or do the coupling rods / valve gear impinge on this making it a bad idea to try it? i have an 0-6-0 which has a lot of sideways movement on the track and sometimes loses good power pick up. i appreciate it needs some sideways movement but
  14. when's the next announcement then? a summer 2021 announcement in may perhaps??? tim
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