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  1. I know it was released a good while back Nick. My reply was tongue in cheek!
  2. I guess it’s all about choice and this way we all have the best of both worlds. Also my DCC controller doesn’t have a neutral button!
  3. It’s the standard release Bachmann product Ray! I bought it in error and merely weathered it and sold it on. Not mine anymore. Maybe you could email Bachmann and point out the error of their ways.
  4. Have these all been sent out now to people that pre-ordered?
  5. Wow. Only just switched on to this and had a good look. The idea and build quality are amazing. I cannot wait to see and study and hear it at some point. It will literally be an exhibition in its own right. So much detail to see and over such a vast area. Keep updating us and keep plugging away, you (plus help) are doing an amazing job.
  6. A few more updated locos and wagons. GBRF 50049 has been back to the work bench for a few tweaks. It’s fitted with Hornby TTS sound with a roads and rails large square speaker and sounds great for a total of £46, bargain. Also Colas 37254 has been back for the start of its hand weathering. The airbrush aspects will be done at the weekend. I have also done the hand weathering of another 10 Revolution box wagons, leaving only 3 to do. Again these 10 will get the airbrush treatment at the weekend. I have also purchased a full set of loads for these. Going to look great when complete. This weekend I will also complete my other barrier coach, ROG 47813 and Colas 37521. Also started the next couple of locos.
  7. It’s the name of the road my brother used to live on. Since moved and this is a new layout but we liked the name hence the 2 part.
  8. Thanks Jack. I do indeed but think I will be waiting until the Accurascale Transpennine Express MK5’s get delivered. For now they will be a lightly loaded pair of locos. Andy
  9. The controller requires a load (motor) when programming a chip. Put powered car and dummy and code them together at the same time.
  10. Finally for today (will definitely update tomorrow again) we have 67004 in DB livery, a complete repaint from a Caledonian sleeper 67004. Fitted with Legomanbiffo sounds and detailed with driver added and loads of other bits and bobs done, obviously weathered. This will be kept busy on the MOD trains on Badgers Cross. Also I have weathered my first 2 Revolution JNA wagons. Stunning model and when weathered they looks amazing. Just need to do the other 13 now. More will be done this week.
  11. Colas 66846 has also had the extra details doing similar to GBRF 66745. Now looking well used as per the real loco. Also bought myself a WCRC 37248 in a mad rush only to realise after purchased that it’s a 37/0 and won’t renumber/nose change for any other WCRC 37, doh. eBay beckons for this one now it’s weathered.
  12. Some other locos have been back to the workbench for their final detailing and weathering. I tend to find that most the first ones I did I’m not happy with and they require more work which happens on the second off layout visit. Trying to nail all the new locos first time from now on. 56087 has had some coupling attention and further weathering enhancements. 66745 has had lots of detailing doing such as removal of Europorte circles and writing, detailing of lights and end painted over as per prototype. Also cab detailing, further weathering and painting of wheels and pickups! Being done on all locos now.
  13. So a decent update on some of the projects I have on-going. I have this week off so should achieve a lot, fingers crossed. first up 57305 and the first barrier coach are complete (50% of the train I’m modelling), all detailing done and weathered. Loads of details added and scratch built on the coach. The second coach and loco are coming on nicely!
  14. Great pics Jack and Mick the layout is looking super. Shows the modern scene so well.
  15. Thanks for the reply Mike. I will wait out. BTW the product is excellent, as I knew it would be or I wouldn’t have gone out on a limb in the first place. As were the TEA tankers I crowd funded.
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