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  1. The 69 is now fully painted (I have also nearly completed the transfers). Completed shell pictures tomorrow. Then I will start to modify the chassis.
  2. The GBRF 50’s head uphill just before Grampound Road heading south. Sounding and looking fantastic.
  3. You can definitely get some second hand. In the box you get an extra set if bufferbeams complete with buffers (every loco comes like this). I would offer some myself but use the buffers on various other projects so have no spare. Hopefully someone may be able to help.
  4. Some better pics of Colas 56090. Looks the business and is fitted with Legomanbiffo Loksound V5 sound file. I have also started painting the class 69! Hopefully have all the colours on by the end of the weekend.
  5. As always a shed loads of work going on. I have finally finished the Colas 56 and EMR purple HST power car as seen below. I will update more later in the week but just letting you know I’m still busy plugging away.
  6. Absolutely agreed on the Bachmann 166. I painted one in GWR and it was a torturous job. Looked good when done though. Keep up the great work Jerry.
  7. Great work Jerry. Question about the transfers for 43102 (Intercity): Where did you get them from? Thanks Andy
  8. I forgot to say, my journey was Truro to Stockport. My family all still live round there. Small world hey, keep the pics coming.
  9. Absolutely cracking job so far. Really good stock to run and plenty of it. I grew up in Cornwall and we always travelled up to Manchester on the train so Exeter was a regular pass through. Looking forward to more progress.
  10. I have some of these (yet to use them but they look great). Andy
  11. Excellent, thank you. I see the Colas one joining my fleet.
  12. I will be interested to see how fast (slow) these fans are going to spin. If they go too quick it will look like a disc (stroboscopic effect) thus making it pointless, not moaning just pointing out a fact. Still no mention of independent lighting functionality which is much more important than rotating fans.
  13. If Accurascale move at medium pace and produce their own 59, you should still beat Dapol to deliver the goods! Only funny because it’s true. I’m looking forward to the CDA’s Fran.
  14. Great announcement and will be following with interest to see what modern liveries appear. Have you anymore info on the lighting setup these will have?
  15. Mini update with more to come. I have sold my Colas 56’s and started to redo a pair to my new higher standards. Settled on 56090 as one of them which brings an interesting exhaust arrangement. 2 of the 4 exhaust ports are longitudinal and the other 2 are laterally positioned. See the picture below. Does anyone know why they are like this on 56090? (there may be others but not looked into it). Obviously I have copied the real loco and I’m super pleased with the look. Anyway painting has started as can be seen in the other picture. Will get the orange on tonight.
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