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  1. So the GBRF 69 has reached as far as it is going for now. The roof has had the cooler fans added with pipe work and lifting lugs. The noses have been flushed, with light units added and multiple working socket. The side has had the grill cut out put in with strengthening bars added. Any more detail bits will be done when more complete pictures emerge. I will replace the hand rails with wire. The aerials will be adjusted as per the prototype and the side grill with be added when I know what it looks like. I will get the paint prepped and get it primed and do some filling (not much to d
  2. Thanks. New update coming today as plenty of progress has been made.
  3. Just two pictures. I always plan on doing great stage check pictures and then get carried away actually doing it and take no pictures. Anyway the roof (basic, more detail work will be done) is complete. Next is to lower the positioning of it about 0.5mm to get the height right. I have the roof fans to go on and will test them tomorrow. After the roof major work being complete tomorrow I will move onto the side grill cut out and add the strengthening bars. Noses have been smoothed out and are ready for some filler. Then post smoothing I can make the light units and add the multiple
  4. Ha, rolling innuendo, great work. It is indeed, more pictures tonight. Plenty of hacking already taken place (plenty to do).
  5. New project started last night! More pics of progress coming soon.
  6. No. They are a base colour to represent the current condition run down/rusty ones. They have modern warning flashes.
  7. I received my 6 BLA wagons yesterday and have half weathered 3 of them already. Really nice wagon and comes alive with some grime. Next is some powders, Matt varnish and airbrush weathering to the lower half. Will have a nice rake of 14 wagons with my Accurascale JSA wagons. Going to look great behind a DB 60. Great job Cav and Alex.
  8. An absolute pile of work ongoing as per normal. I have finished a few projects and obviously started plenty more. One for now is 99% complete 31128 ‘Charybdis’. This is in 2020 condition and is just waiting for a driver and the sound chip to arrive. I do like a 31 and as the only one currently doing the rounds it had to be done. Nameplates are from Fox and are works of art.
  9. Thanks Colin. I would call the Colas 37 medium weathered but you are right that light weathering can be tricky. One of the main issues is that you don’t get the full effect of the work you have done until it’s finished and dry, by then of course you may be past where you intended to stop. Also I used to almost solely use the airbrush but nowadays I hand weather using paint, panel liner and powders and the airbrush is just the finishing touch.
  10. Finally got around to weathering Colas 37099 and also nearly finished Hattons G+W 66623. The details on the Hattons 66 are amazing especially when weathered. Still got a driver to add and some exhaust detailing.
  11. I would start by purchasing the Tamiya panel lines black and brown. Great products that can be used all over panels as well as the panel lines. Simply apply to a panel and remove what you don’t want by brush dipped in white spirit, or cloth with the same. You can apply rainwash type streaking very easily. I also use the Humbrol weathering powers which are good enough, better quality products are available though.
  12. Great and useful pics for non owners. Before anyone says they compare well, they really are poles apart. The Hattons one is so much better in detail and haulage capacity. For me the reasons for getting 3 Hattons ones was haulage capacity (Bachmann 66 doesn’t have what I require for certain trains I run), detail (Bachmann is ok but a league behind), Prototypical lighting options and fantastic sound at a good price. Saying that the Bachmann model is pretty good and I still have 9 that I intend to keep.
  13. Loads going on as per normal with no updates, standard. Anyway a few pics of some stuff that has been worked. Another weathered and graffitied Accurascale PCA wagon completed, still something like 7 to go. I have purchased the Hornby GWR latest HST pack and weathered them along with a rake of coaches (3 full HST sets now). I personally like the realistic gloss finish but I have Matt painted the roofs to look more in keeping, drivers still to be added. I have completed a few commissions (Dutch 37 is one such). Still requires buffer grease. More pics tomorrow of my Hattons G+W 66 n
  14. I can assure you if that were the case I would already be a millionaire. As for the darker orange colour being correct it isn’t to look at! It may well be the correct Pantone but on the mini loco it certainly looks too light.
  15. Received 66623 and 66780 and have tested them both today. No issues per se to see without running them. When running 3 of 24 axel boxes fell off, now back on. No big deal. Excellent running, sounds and lighting as expected. So for me I have had 100% success with my 3 Hattons 66 locos. As for the colour of 66623 I would say it is wrong but it isn’t anywhere near as light as 66413. I’m certainly happy with it.
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