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  1. I did cut and shuts on my ones using wire to add the strength back in. Works a treat.
  2. 69001 is just about there. Tiny amount of filler in a couple of spots. Will do this when I next have filler out for something. I went out on a cruise all a couple of weeks back and saw 60054 in its new HVO graphics and after purchasing a Hornby DB donor loco it had to be done. This is as far as I have got at the minute. Just needs sealing and then weathering.
  3. Class 69 has progressed to the body being in one piece with the original fixing lugs attached. This means it will still screw to a Hornby 56 chassis as per the original body. I have added roof aerials as per the prototype, metal hand rails and I have made the grill for the new body cutout. It now needs final skimming of filler in a couple of places then final primer coat and await the real item coming out the paint shop so I can copy it. I have also finished 60065 with a driver in each cab. Will put some pics up at some point.
  4. A few stills from a vid I have just taken at Goring today. GBRF 66793 with 47749 heading to Doncaster. Looked stunning.
  5. Thanks Rob. I just did it by hand with a brush using Flickr pictures for for the details.
  6. Thanks Jo. It was one that just had to be done. It was the details and general grubbiness that attracted me. Already a favourite and not even run it yet.
  7. Mini update. 60065 is nearly complete, just a driver to add when I order some. Literally just completed the weathering tonight. She looks stunning, really pleased with her. I have also just finished detailing and weathering my 8 Accurascale JSA wagons a which have turned out beautiful. Pics to follow. Running with these will be my 6 Cavalex BLA wagons and to this end I have been making the steel coils for these and painting them along with the AS ones (lots of work but nearly done). DRS 37423 is nearly complete and I have also just completed the weathering on Hatton DRS 66301
  8. Windows do not need to come out. The cab has lugs that slot into the bottom of the window as per Bachmann 47/57. Just gently separate window to cab join and it will start to come out.
  9. My first pair have arrived and they are stunning. Will start the weathering tonight. Packaging is very stylish as per my previous purchases. Very happy boy.
  10. Great work on the 90’s Jerry. What LL 56 are you doing? The cant rail grills are throwing me off.
  11. Here is mine. Just waiting on a few minor details and some paint.
  12. Seen today at Goring. I think this is a derivative of the Windhoff MPV. Please enlighten me as to its purpose (thinking OHL something or other).
  13. Looking forward to more come spring Mick. As some inspiration for you I took some pics of an aggregate train with plenty of interesting graffiti on it.
  14. Few pictures of my now finished 56091 in DC Rail livery. This is now weathered along with the ROG coaches. I have also finished weathering Dapol TPE 68032, Hattons FL 66593 and have finished the building of the 6 BTA wagons. These will get weathered this coming week. A few pictures below, anything with buffers was still waiting on grease effect being applied.
  15. 66605 and 66623 seen near Goring on Saturday 20/02/21, both on empty aggregate workings.
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