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  1. I would start by purchasing the Tamiya panel lines black and brown. Great products that can be used all over panels as well as the panel lines. Simply apply to a panel and remove what you don’t want by brush dipped in white spirit, or cloth with the same. You can apply rainwash type streaking very easily. I also use the Humbrol weathering powers which are good enough, better quality products are available though.
  2. Great and useful pics for non owners. Before anyone says they compare well, they really are poles apart. The Hattons one is so much better in detail and haulage capacity. For me the reasons for getting 3 Hattons ones was haulage capacity (Bachmann 66 doesn’t have what I require for certain trains I run), detail (Bachmann is ok but a league behind), Prototypical lighting options and fantastic sound at a good price. Saying that the Bachmann model is pretty good and I still have 9 that I intend to keep.
  3. Loads going on as per normal with no updates, standard. Anyway a few pics of some stuff that has been worked. Another weathered and graffitied Accurascale PCA wagon completed, still something like 7 to go. I have purchased the Hornby GWR latest HST pack and weathered them along with a rake of coaches (3 full HST sets now). I personally like the realistic gloss finish but I have Matt painted the roofs to look more in keeping, drivers still to be added. I have completed a few commissions (Dutch 37 is one such). Still requires buffer grease. More pics tomorrow of my Hattons G+W 66 now weathered and finally weathered Colas 37099. Plenty more inbound.
  4. I can assure you if that were the case I would already be a millionaire. As for the darker orange colour being correct it isn’t to look at! It may well be the correct Pantone but on the mini loco it certainly looks too light.
  5. Received 66623 and 66780 and have tested them both today. No issues per se to see without running them. When running 3 of 24 axel boxes fell off, now back on. No big deal. Excellent running, sounds and lighting as expected. So for me I have had 100% success with my 3 Hattons 66 locos. As for the colour of 66623 I would say it is wrong but it isn’t anywhere near as light as 66413. I’m certainly happy with it.
  6. Plenty more work progressing along the work bench. 3 WCRC Pullman coaches to add to the rake that is slowly coming together. These were from Hattons as a new unboxed bargain pack of 3 (2 pullmans and one BSK in choc/cream), I bought 2 packs as they were so cheap (£75). All were modern with cantrail lining and warning flashes so perfect for this application. I added the crests and names and then weathered them. I will add people to the whole rake when it’s complete. Also finished another 4 Revolution MMA wagons, no pictures but will add a video once the rake is complete. I also had a hankering for DRS 37401 in large logo after seeing it taking some greater Anglia coaches for scrap a few months back. As the large logo body exists already I didn’t want to paint one up so I kept my eyes peeled on eBay. In the end I purchased a new weathered 37427 body (£46.50), complete new DRS 37402 for the chassis (£75.00) and rainbow railways transfers and etched nameplates (£10.00). I sold the DRS body for £54 as I didn’t want it. So in the end it cost me a meagre total of £77.50 for all the bits. Spent a good while removing the shocking Bachmann factory weathering and then adding all the correct decals, details and then weathering. I have also added Legomanbiffo sound using a double iPhone speaker and it sounds superb. Anyway some pictures.
  7. Thanks for the update Dave. Whilst I am not bothered that the models will be a while longer yet I am intrigued as to the reasoning. I don’t think it good business practice to advertise every little delay and hiccup along the way. The but to that is you must give a decent reason when something that was minutes away is all of a sudden 6 months away, very strange. It could be a dropped container, scuttled ship, lorry crash, fire, who knows. I do think it best to say (broad brush, not specific) though. If you have an inquisitive mind like me you will come to all sorts of conclusions and as no money is taken in advance you could end up with many a cancelled order. I am a firm believer that knowledge is power.
  8. It also says free delivery in the description which is juxtaposed to the £9.90. Odd.
  9. Absolutely superb job James as per usual. Really loving 510, the Intercity livery sitting so well on a 37, especially one so grimy. Keep them coming.
  10. Andy7

    Class 59 in 00

    Yes and love how it looks. Can’t wait to get my Dapol DB 59206 and straight away repaint it into its latest colours.
  11. A couple more finished off. 33012 is complete and weathered. I still need to get a sound chip for this but for now that can wait. DCR 60046 is also complete. Very pleased with this big old brute. Also a visit to the railway beckons next weekend and a chance to play trains for the first time in a long while. Cannot wait.
  12. Very happy with my now weathered 33012 even if the white around the cab windows should be cream. Lovely model.
  13. The Colas 70 body is finished, it will end up with a little frame dirt overspray on the valances to tie it all together once I find a chassis. I have also been working on 31128 ‘Charybdis’, been thinking about doing it for a long while and decided I really wanted it and so pleased I did. Going to be a great old school but bang up to date loco on Badgers Cross. Can’t wait until it’s complete and weathered. Plenty more coming soon.
  14. Great job shoddy. Yeah get the remaining pics on your thread, I will check it out (again), have briefly looked over it before.
  15. A couple of other things that I have been working on. Just received my Heljan 33012 and I’m pleased with it. The white around the windscreens and cab is the wrong colour and should be cream but after nearly committing to doing it I have decided against it as for the gain I don’t think the work was worth it. The model is otherwise great. I have fitted a double iPhone speaker in the original tanks ready for sound, detailed the cabs and fitted a driver in each, hand weathered the roof and certain other details and painted the wheels brown ready for airbrush weathering. I have also started the first of my rake of West Coast Rail Company coaches, the buffet. It’s nearly done and is looking good. I have another one (BSK) to paint, have pre-ordered 4 Bachmann ones and I have 3 or 4 Pullmans to adjust as required. This will make a decent rake. Anyway hope you like the pics.
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