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  1. Andy7

    NEW OO gauge Crowdfunded Class 92 initiative

    I had already decided not to fund anymore payments before Christmas to this project. I literally cannot see this going through now after today’s announcement. Well done Accurrascale. If you faff and snooze on a project, you lose.
  2. Andy7

    RevolutioN announce MMA/JNA in OO

    Yes they are. Regularly see them behind an EWS/DB 66.
  3. Andy7

    Class 66 in OO Gauge - New Announcement

    That’s great but it’s too late! The models are having the liveries tweaked at this stage of the game. I would suggest the tooling is 100% complete and set in stone. As someone who ordered on the initial release date on RMweb I have been following from the start. i wish you luck getting your tweaks through at this late stage.
  4. Andy7

    Class 66 in OO Gauge - New Announcement

    With all the major issues that are being pointed out on the Hattons model I have decided that the Hornby model is definitely the best. I’m sure Hattons will be happy to start again with some new tooling, especially as they are at the livery checking stage! I think I will cancel my pre-orders because the Wipac lights are a nats nadger too big. Obviously I won’t and it also won’t stop then selling out at the rrp. Almost nothing in the world is perfect but this is very good. You need to remember it is only a foot long and your very critical eyes probably have glasses on them. It looks fantastic and will clearly be the ultimate 66, great job Hattons. I’m very excited to get my hands on them and I certainly won’t be moaning in the slightest. Btw I think that all 3 models have their place and will continue to sell. I’m not getting rid of my Bachmann 66’s and have one on pre-order.
  5. Finally finished off GBRF 60095 with all the Bogie details picked out, driver added and wire loop couplings added. The livery really suits the big 60. I have also been prepping a 50 to become 50007 in GBRF colours, just need the real one to be started on now. I have also been doing a fair bit of weathering of locos and these are nearing completion (pics when complete). As always a 1000 other items on the to do list.
  6. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
  7. Thanks for that as I hadn’t seen it. Looking really good Mick. A full rake with a 60 on the front will be spot on.
  8. Fancy a race to complete a repaint Mick? Ha. My model is already waiting for paint.
  9. It’s an open market and they are in business to make money. Now they have a pair of locos suitable and not regularly engaged on existing contracts they will probably tender for for some stock moves against ROG.
  10. Same loco. One side is 007 the other is 006.
  11. The curved ends are the old europorte livery that is now obsolete.
  12. It is under the guise of 006 but is in fact 007. I have a donor loco waiting for repainting! Bring it on.
  13. Andy7

    ESU Loksound V5

    My above reply was to this post but every word has since been changed! I’m wondering what your reason for this is Wiggy?

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