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  1. As a reminder from an earlier post of mine, all class 46s had the lower body panel replaced by a grille, as did 45008/19/22/6/41/56/102-9,12,4/21-2/34 and 45141. No peaks had the grille plated over, the lower bodyside grille was a modification. Kevin
  2. Not forgetting D870 ZULU with the 'Whizzo style' cab roof air horn cowlings ;) Kevin
  3. Hi all I had a chat with one of the reps in the BCC members' club lounge yesterday. There are two EPs on display in the cases, the one shown above has the original trapezoid access panel below the long bodyside grille, which is correct for 45040/46/49.The other is identical except that it has the trapezoid grille in place of the panel, correct for 45022/41. Note that neither has the square moulding which was noted on an EP at a previous exhibition). Improvements noted include wire handrails on the noses (previously these were moulded), single-piece nose side grilles wi
  4. Sorry, that's not correct. The orange end; as Mark says above; indicated the end with a rotary coupling, so all of the inners and half of the outers were orange at one end. Also for obvious reasons the orange ends all faced the same way. Kevin
  5. Both sets are on the website now. Search Manufacturers, Cavalex and you will find them. Running numbers are:- Pack A 910026/75/45 Pack B 910161/267/342. Kevin
  6. As was 046. But Royal Fusilier's painted name was on a blue background (with Tinsley white rose in place of the regimental badge). The actual 'plates had a red background when they had been in place (when loco was blue with sealed beams). Will Bachmann print the name on blue? I doubt it. Kevin
  7. E-mail from Oxford confirms it will be 12014 and 12030 (in ScotRail).
  8. Of the 45s so far announced by Heljan in the standard range, only 45106 had the trapezoid grilles fitted. Locos with the grilles were (original numbers):- D11/8/21/33/43/51/3/9/60/1/82/5/6/90/1/4/106/16/20/6 TOPS numbers:- 45008/19/22/6/41/56/102-9/12/4/21/2/34/41. As far as is known, no other 45s ever carried trapezoid grilles. This was a modification (see above) which was made to all 56 class 46s and just the above 20 class 45s. 45119 is not in the above list, so the model should be a standard one with the original trapezoid access panel.
  9. Another typo now corrected. Is was of course 45134; not 143; which retained WR and LMR headboard brackets but not the horizontal handrails. That is all for tonight.
  10. That's right, the later 45122 of course.
  11. Ok, edited my response to suit. My guess is the additional ventilation proved to be of little or no benefit, so they cancelled the mod, which was what I suspected. Reminds me of the headcode box mods on a few late English 24s. Also done by Derby at around the same time...
  12. That makes sense as only 20 class 45s received trapezoid grilles. Derby obviously decided the mod was not required so left the rest of the 45s as they were built. Quite a few 45s received single piece centre headcode boxes at Derby, including 45001/11/5/6/8/24/6, all early split box built machines.
  13. Yes, I think a few were done at Derby so they didn't receive grilles. Some mods at one end would be crash repairs, like no1 end of 44009. This seems to have been a whole new cab since it had shorter handrails at that end. But I digress.
  14. Sorry, typo, should be 46049, not 46047. Will correct. Also will add 45071 to the list. I was confused by a photo which was stated as 45071 but can't be because it has a trapezoid grille. Kevin
  15. That's interesting, I have noticed that the 45s which received the trapezoid grille also had their headcode boxes modified to single piece, suggesting that Brush were most likely responsible for those as well. That explains a great deal.
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