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  1. It's looking great Ade,I'm enjoying watching everything coming together.
  2. It seems every time I come on here it is so slow and quite often it doesn't open at all. I'm getting to the stage of giving up with it.All other websites I use have no problems.
  3. Very nice indeed Dave,a fine piece of work.
  4. I was told you have to drill holes in it to be totally safe Rod Regards Alistair.
  5. I got mine from NB models a few years ago.
  6. I've only just discovered your blog Dave,probably because I model 7mm and tend not to take in too many other posts. The standard of modelling is quite superb and as an East end boy I'm familiar with the area you are basing it on. I've spent some time looking back through your build and I will now be following your blog.Looking forward to next instalment. Best regards Alistair.
  7. Nice timing Compound,I'm getting ready to install a wagon turntable.
  8. Passed through Biggar two weeks ago and thought it was for something like that.
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